The Oxford History of World Cinema Pdf

The Oxford History of World Cinema

The Oxford History of World Cinema This book has been a long time in preparation and in the course of it, I have received help from many quarters. I am grateful first of all to my contributors, and in particular to those who, as well as diligently writing their own contributions to the book.

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The Oxford History of World Cinema Pdf

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General Introduction

The cinema wrote the documentarist Paul Rotha in the 1930s, ‘is the great unresolved equation between art and industry’. It was the first and is arguably still the greatest, of the industrialized art forms which have dominated the cultural life of the twentieth century.

From the humble beginnings in the fairground, it has risen to become a billion-dollar industry and the most spectacular and original contemporary art. As an art form and as a technology, the cinema has been in existence for barely a hundred years.

Primitive cinematic devices came into being and began to be exploited in the 1890s, almost simultaneously in the United States, France, Germany, and Great Britain.

Within twenty years the cinema had spread to all parts of the globe; it had developed a sophisticated technology, and was on its way to becoming a major industry, providing the most popular form of entertainment to audiences in urban areas throughout the world, and attracting the attention of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and politicians.

As well as for entertainment, the film medium has come to be used for purposes of education, propaganda, and scientific research. Originally formed from a fusion of elements including vaudeville, popular melodrama, and the illustrated lecture, it rapidly acquired artistic distinctiveness, which it is now beginning to lose as other forms of mass communication and entertainment have emerged alongside it to threaten its hegemony.

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