Concise History of the Middle East Pdf

Concise History of the Middle East

Concise History of the Middle East This textbook, sometimes called “classic,” is now co-authored by Arthur Goldschmidt, who has retired from teaching, and Lawrence Davidson, professor of history at West Chester University.

Concise History of the Middle East Pdf Download

Concise History of the Middle East Pdf

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Teachers and students need a book that reflects current scholarship, does not hide its ideas behind a pseudo-scholarly style addressed to pedants, and does not reinforce political or ethnic biases.

Students—and members of the wider English-speaking public—deserve clear explanations of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Middle East’s role in the energy crisis, the Islamic resurgence, and the war in Iraq.

The book has gone through eight previous editions and, despite the appearance of other general histories, has become ever more widely used in universities.

More and more scholars, both Middle Eastern and Western, are enlarging what we know about the history of the area. We can—and we must—share their findings with university students, both to arouse their interest in the Middle East and to make them more aware of themselves by exposure to other lifestyles, other areas, and other eras.

Teachers and textbooks cannot free themselves from bias, but both authors want to make sure our students see more than one side of the burning issues of the present and the past. Let us also reveal what we know to the wider public. Many people—not only students—care about what is going on now in the Middle East and how things came to be that way.

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