Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 17 Listen to the Mountain

Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 17 Listen to the Mountain Sankardev Sishu Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 17 Listen to the Mountain Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one.

Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 17 Listen to the Mountain

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Sankardev Class 8 English Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination. Assam Board Sankardev Sishu Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 17 Listen to the Mountain gives you a better knowledge of all the chapters. You can get solutions to questions of both basic and advanced levels.

Listen to the Mountain

Chapter – 17



Q.1.Describe the character and life of the Grandmother.

Ans :- The grandmother in the play ‘Listen to the mountain’ is a ninety year old woman, fragile by health but strong by mind. She has spent all her life in her little village on the slopes of mountain Dharmagiri. Her character has seen the transition of time and the transformation of man. She understands the fragile eco- system of the world around us and knows that any attempt at tempering with it would lead to colonial repercussions.

Q.2.What sort of business was Sagar talking about?

Ans :- Sager, the contractor, was speaking of bringing tourism business to the area by building a five-star hotel on the Dharmagiri mountain.

Q.3.How did Sager try to play down the alarm of building the hotel? 

Ans :- Sager tried to play down the alarm of building the hotel by saying that the village will not be harmed in any manner. The people who would lose their house due to construction would receive monetary compensation, he had said. Further, Sager said that the best engineers and architects of big cities have been consulted for construction of the hotel.

Q.4.What sort of a person was Mr. Dixit?

Ans :- Mr. Dixit was a leading industrialist of the country. His character is portrayed as a proud person, who holds contempt for common people, without the riches.

Q.5.Why was building on the mountain dangerous? 

Ans :- Building on the mountain was dangerous as the earth there could not hold a structure taller than thirty feet. It was dangerous to dig deep for foundation.

Q.6. The Grandmother is simple and rustic. Yet she is an environmentalist. Explain.

Ans :- The Grandmother’s environmentalist frame of mind could be gauged from her deep love and understanding of the nature around her. When she learnt of the plan to construct a hotel on the mountain, she cried out for the birds and animals that would become homeless. She feared the filth and foul that will fill the river. The grandmother maintained that nature spoke to those who cared to listen to them over the pollution and noise of modern inventions.

C. Write True or False :

(1) Sagar was happy to stay for only six months as Dharmagiri was a sleepy dump.

Ans :- True.

(2) The mountain top of Dharmagiri had a view of close-by cities.

Ans :- False.

(3) The winding path up to the mountain was narrow.

Ans :- True.

(4) Ramanna sold unbeatable dosas and idlis.

Ans :- True.

(5) There were many temples on the mountain.

Ans :- False.

(6) The mountain spoke for everyone to hear.

Ans :- True.

E. Fill in the blanks using adverbs chosen from the brackets :

(1) Your daughter sings …………. (Sweet/sweetly)

Ans :- Your daughter sings sweetly.

(2) Shanti …………. hard before her examinations (hard/hardly)

Ans :- Shanti works hard before her examinations.

(3) May we go ………….. for lunch today (out/everywhere) ?

Ans :- May we go out for lunch today ?

(4) The hawk swooped ………….. to carry off my lunch packet (downwards/outwards).

Ans :- The hawk swooped downwards to carry off my lunch packet.

(5) Rinku is studying …………… (good/well).

Ans :- Rinku is studying well.

(6) It is ………… early …………. go out (to/too)

Ans :- It is too early to go out.

(7) My teacher was looking ………… at me (strange/strangely)

Ans :- My teacher was looking strongly at me.

(8) Come …………. so that we can have a lot of fun (soon/sooner)

Ans :- Come soon so that we can have a lot of fun.

F. Creative Writing :

(1) Write how environment needs to be protected and greening improved.

Ans :- Man’s existence is dependant on the preservation of our environment. We should adopt an environment friendly way of life by minimising damage to the natural world around us. We should protect the greenery around us and plant more trees. The water bodies must also be preserved and we must desist from throwing waste into water bodies. All construction works must be done after assessing how much damage these are likely to do to the environment. A concerted and coordinated effort of all quarters is necessary to protect the environment and increase the greenery around us.


Deliberate   –  ইচ্ছাকৃত।

Primitive   –  প্ৰাচীন।

Gorgeous   – গাম্ভীৰ্যপূৰ্ণ।

Industrialist   –  উদ্যোগপতি।

Clinched   –   খামোচ মাৰি ধৰা।

Bumpkin    –   জধলা মানুহ।

Terrific   –  ভয়ংকৰ।

Tragedy   –   দুখজনক ঘটনা।

Landslide   –  ভূমিস্খলন।

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