NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist

NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist and select need one. NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist Question Answers Download PDF. NCERT English Class 9 Solutions.

NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist

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Also, you can read the NCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Book guidelines. CBSE Class 9 English Solutions are part of All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist and After, NCERT Class 9 English Textbook of Beehive and Supplementary Reader (Moments). for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

The Accidental Tourist

Chapter: 30



Q.1. Bill Bryson says, “I am, in short, easily confused.” What examples does he give to justify this? 

Ans: Bill Bryson frankly admits that he is easily confused. He gives an example of his silly behaviour at the cinema. While looking for the lavatory he finds himself in a blind alley, the door of which is locked from outside. While putting up in a hotel he cannot remember his room number. He has to enquire about it two or three times a day.

Q. 2. What happens when the zip on his carry-on bag gives way? 

Ans: Bryson was flying to England with his family. He carried a card in the bag hanging around his neck. He tried to open the zip. It was jammed, he pulled hard on it. It gave way suddenly the bag flew open, and all the contents thereof were scattered over a large area. These included his papers, passport, magazines and money.

Q. 3. Why is his finger bleeding? What is his wife’s reactions?

Ans: Bryson pulls hard on the jammed zip. It only gives way. But this exercise causes a cut on his finger which starts bleeding. His wife look at him not in anger or frustration, but in wonder. She says that she can’t believe he is so awfully bad at doing simple things.

Q. 4. How does Bill Bryson end up in a ‘crash position’ in the aircraft?

Ans: Bryson was in the aeroplane. He leaned over to one side to tie a shoelace. Just then the man seated ahead of him threw his seat back. Bryson was caught up in the crash position. He freed himself with the help of the fellow passenger in the next seat.

Q. 5. Why are his teeth and gums navy blue?

Ans: Bryson’s worst experience on a plane flight was when he sucked on the end of his pen unintentionally. After twenty minutes of conversation with a sweet lady, he went to the lavatory. He discovered that the ink had leaked out into his mouth. 

Q. 6. Bill Bryson ‘ached to be suave’. Is he successful in his missions? List his ‘unsuave’ ways.

Ans: No, he is never successful on behaving as a sophisticated and polished person. When he rises from a dinner table, his movement and actions appear rough. While getting into a car and closing the door, he leaves 14 inches of his coat outside. He often soils his trouser by sitting on ice cream or motor oil or pl chewing gum. 

Q. 7. Why do you think Bill Bryson’s wife says to the children, ‘take the lids off the food for Daddy’? 

Ans: Bill Bryson’s wife is very much particular about her husband’s ways of travelling in an aeroplane. On having a safe journey she asks her children: “Take the lids off the food for Daddy”. It is because he may strike with one thing or the other. He has to sit very particularly and carefully while travelling with the family lest there should be some liquid mischief.

Q. 8. What is the significance of the title “The Accidental Tourist?

Ans: Title of the story ‘The Accidental Tourist’ has got an ample significance for the readers. The author has delineated his own experiences of travelling in an aeroplane. He gets confused at the simplest point since he is not good at living in the real world. He is a habitual person of forgetfulness and has to look for the lavatory time and again.

When the zip over his bag jams, he tries his best to open it. But the zip gives way and his belongings fall like a cascade. The zip even pricks his finger and thereby the blood gushes out. He is immediately put in a panic made. While leaning to tie up his shoelace he finds himself in the crash position. At another occasion he knocks a soft drink on to the lap of a lady sitting beside him.

The sucking of pen end and its leakage cause the author to have his mouth, gums and teeth in navy blue colour. Being troubled he has to remain polite. Thus the title cautions us to learn and remain submissive, well behaved, careful, full of patience and to avoid untoward situations otherwise we will be put in a funny situation like the author.

Q. 9. “To get confused and behave “in unsuave “ways like Bill Bryson is normal and human.” Tell your class about any similar situation that you found yourself in.

Ans: To get confused and impolite ways like Bill Bryson is normal and human. Once I was invited by my friend’s father to a marriage party at Talkatora. I reached the place late. I forgot to take with me the marriage card. There were three places where the people had gathered. First I entered one pandal and took soft-drink. I couldn’t find any acquaintance there. I asked a woman whose marriage party it was. It was Gupta’s son. Then I went to join another party. I met with the same fate. Finally I reached the actual party where I had to go. It all happened because I was late and had forgotten to carry the marriage card with me. How impolite I was!



Answer the questions in about 30-40 words each:

Q. 1. What happened when the author was checking in the Logan Airport in Boston?

Ans. When author was checking in at the Logan airport in Boston, he remember that he had recently joined British Airways’ frequent flyer programme. He also remembered that he had put the card in the carry-on-bag that was hanging around his neck.

Q. 2. What did the author’s carry on bag contain? What happened to them?

Ans: Author’s carry in bag contained frequent flyer programme. The zip on the bag was jammed. So the author pulled on it with grunts and frowns. So he pulled harder and hard. At once the zip gave way. From the bag flew out loose papers, newspaper cuttings, magazines, passport, english money, film etc.

Q. 3. How did author injure his finger? What happened thereafter?

Ans: Author had injured his finger while he was trying to open the zip of the bag. Blood was being shed in a lavish manner. The author was not very good when blood was flowing and that also his own. He was confused and unable to help. His hair went into panic mode. 

Q. 4. When the food was delivered, how did the author’s wife Conduct?

Ans: Once the author was with his family on a plane. There came the turn of delivering the food. Since his wife knew her husband’s state of confusion, she pointed to their children to take the lids off the food. She advised them to put their mouths up. This is because her husband might not put them in a troubled situation.

Q. 5. How does the writer’s wife react when she sees him crying loudly?

Ans: When she sees him crying loudly, she looked at him with an expression of wonder. She was neither angry nor annoyed. She was just shocked to see him crying for a living. It was very embarrassing for her at a public place.

Q. 6. What happened when author presented his card to the clerk when on a flight to Australia?

Ans: When the author presented his card to a clerk on a flight to Australia, he was told that he was not entitled to any air miles. Though he had expected zillion air miles. The reason was that ticket was in the name of B. Bryson and card was in the name of W. Bryson. So he did not get any air miles.

Q. 7. Give an example from the story which shows that Bill’s memory was not sharp.

Ans: There are different instances in the story which show that Bill’s memory was not sharp. Firstly, his returning to hotel desks two or three times a day asking about his hotel room number. Also, he kept searching for lavatory in the cinema hall.

Q. 8. While travelling with the family the author remained particular. Give reason.

Ans: The author remains very careful while travelling with the family. It is to avoid any kind of untoward happening. When he is with the family he neither eats nor drinks. He never leans to tie up the lace. He never puts a pen in his mouth. 

Q. 9. Why did Bill’s ‘hair went into panic mode’?

Ans: The author wanted to use his flyer card to avail privilege on his England trip. He tried to open his bag but the zip of the bag was jammed. On being pulled forcibly, it gave way. Everything within came out and fell on the ground. It also wounded his finger. It panicked the author and he started shouting. He got confused and unable to help; his hair went into panic mode.

Q. 10. Bill Bryson could be another synonym for ‘clumsy’. Give one example which shows that Bill indeed is clumsy.

Ans: There are various examples which prove that Bill Bryson was very clumsy. For example, when the author wanted to use his flyer card to avail privilege on his Lore England trip, he tried to open his bag. But the zip of the bag was jammed. On being pulled forcibly, it gave way. Everything within came out and fell on the ground. It also wounded his finger. The author got panicky and started shouting.


Study the following Questions: 

Q. 1. The traveller is travelling by compulsion. He has many shortcomings but he humanises the situation by taking everything in his stride. How can he make his ordeal less stressful? What are the steps to reduce or remove stress?

Ans: Bill Bryson is a person who is easily confused. Every act he does goes topsy turvy. He has a very careless attitude and forgets everything. He himself faces many difficulties like making everything fall from the bag, dropping soft drinks over him, making ink leak etc. He should start acting in a thoughtful and well organized manner. He should accept his weaknesses and try to remove them. It is thus necessary that he should become more balanced.

Q. 2. The author of the story ‘The Accidental Tourist’ has accepted his failure with a very positive attitude. What values of life you learn from the author’s experiences?

Ans: The author though full of many weaknesses has many shortcomings. He is fickle minded and makes things going topsy turvy. He created a lot of catastrophes but all in a light manner. The positive quality which he enjoys is that he regards everything in light hearted manner. He does not feel bad even when his wife makes fun of him. He felt ached when he saw that his gums, mouth, tongue, teeth, chin all in navy blue. But still he took everything in right humour. He copes up with every situation.

Q. 3. How could Bill Bryson have saved himself from embarrassment at the airport after his bag-belongings spread when he opened his bag forcefully?

Ans: Author had the bag whose zip was jammed. The author pulled it very hard and this led to all the loose papers, newspaper, passport, English money flew out. It was very difficult and awkward situation. The author could have saved himself from embarrassment by putting the things in organized manner. He should have kept the frequent flyer programme in ale separate zip pouch. By this he would not have had to open the bag again and again. He should also have kept the things in organized manner.

Q. 4. Bill Bryson could not collect his bing points because of his absent mindedness. Have you faced such situation in your personal life? What are the qualities we can develop in ourselves to avoid absent mindedness?

Ans: Bill Bryson was always confused. When he gave his card on a flight to Australia, he was told that he was not entitled to any air miles. In fact the card and ticket were in different names. To avoid such absent mindedness we should live in the moment. We should always pay attention to the work we have in our hand rather than thinking about other odd tasks. The foremost thing is that we should learn to have faith in ourselves and preplan our task.


Answer the questions in about 100-150 words each:

Q. 1. Why does the author never get his frequent flyer miles?

Ans: The author is keen to be the frequent flyer miles. For this purpose card is issued indicating distance. The author never finds his card in time. This causes a real frustration in his mind. Once he desires to have a flight of 1,00,000 miles a year. But he had only accumulated 212 air miles duly divided between twenty three airlines. While going to Australia he wanted to use frequent flyer miles. But he was not entitled as the card belonged to W. Bryson and ticket was for B. Bryson. The author tried to explain close relationship between Bill and William but all in vain.

Q. 2. Flight attendants and air hostesses serve the passengers in a plane with a smile on their lips. Which values do you think motivate them? Discuss with reference to the story ‘The Accidental Tourist.’ 

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory for the flight crew to go out of their way to ensure the comfort of the passengers. It is the decorum which is taught to the flight crew during their training. The flight crew is supposed to expect any kind of passenger of flight – the old, young, haughty, naughty, sick, ill-mannered, clumsy – and the like. The crew members are taught to be polite, soft-spoken, good mannered, quick, helpful and be adept in all etiquettes. Here, in this story also, we can get a glimpse of the dutiful air crew. Mr. Bill Bryson, was once on a flight. As always, he was up for some trouble. This time, he knocked a soft drink onto the lap of a lady sitting beside him. The flight attendant cleaned her up and then brought Bryson a replacement drink without any fuss. The fact that Bryson instantly knocked that down too, was another point. These flight attendants get a handsome pay for their services and have the right to appeal to their higher authority for action if any passenger goes beyond control, or in unruly, uncouth or ill-mannered.

Q. 3. On a long flight in an airplane, which values should be your guiding principles with respect to your conduct with fellow passengers? (The Accidental Tourist’)

Ans: On a long flight in an airplane, it is important to follow some principles in respect to our conduct with fellow passengers. First, it is important not to create inconveniences for our co-passengers and make a mess of things as Bill Bryson did. He leaned over to tie a shoelace just at the moment someone in the seat ahead of him threw his seat back into full recline. So Bill found himself pinned helplessly in a crash position. Again, he disturbed his co-passenger by clawing his leg to get himself freed. On another occasion, he spilled a soft drink onto the lap of a sweet little lady sitting beside him. Even after the flight attendant came and cleaned her up and brought him a replacement drink, he again spilled it onto the woman.

Again, we must be careful not to adjust the coding as per our convenience or using the reading lights when we want to read while our co-passenger is asleep. Even drawing our seat back into full recline also may prove to be an inconvenience for those seated behind. Snoring while sleeping, making noise while eating, spilling food or spreading our food containers, wanting to go to the wash room frequently (being a window seater) are also to be avoided as these activities will prove us to be a nuisance for our co-passengers.

Q. 4. Give the character sketch of Bill. (The Accidental Tourist).

Ans: Bill Bryson has been portrayed as the most confused person. The whole passage gives us an idea that how everything goes topsy-turvy. Bill admits that in the hotel he asks twice or thrice for his room number. He is also very forgetful and this makes him forget to carry flyer programme. His careless attitude is also shown in the way in which he opens his bag and every thing is scattered. His most awkward behaviour is shown when he travels. One moment he throws his seat in a crash position and in the next he drops soft drink on lap of the woman sitting next to him. He takes the acts of his foolishness in right spirit. His family also always makes fun of him.

Q. 5. Bring out the humorous incidents in the story ‘Accidental Tourist’.

Ans: The story ‘Accidental Tourist’ is full of humour in which we experience Bill’s acts. When he went looking for lavatory he landed up in alley. It is a sight to watch all the articles such as newspaper cuttings, tin of tobacco pipe, magazines, passport, English money, film flawing out of the bag. The next moment blood is gushing out of his finger. The other catastrophe is when author spills cold drink on the lap of lady sitting next to him in the aeroplane. It is funny to find that ink had leaked from his pen and his mouth, chin, tongue, teeth and gums were striking navy blue. Imagine the whole family putting up hoods up when daddy is opening the lid. So the whole story is full of humorous incidents.

Q. 6. Justify the title “The Accidental Tourist’.

Ans: In the ‘Accidental Tourist’ the author humorously relates his experiences as a traveller who had always been in trouble due to his confused state of mind. Once when he was on a tour with his family, he suddenly remembered his frequent flyer card to be shown during checking. It was in his bag. The zip was jammed as he pulled hard, it gave way and all the contents in his bag got strewn over. Once on an aeroplane he leaned to tie his shoelace and got almost crushed when at the some moment the man ahead pushed back his seat to recline. On another occasion, he knocked his soft drink twice in succession onto the lap of his co-passenger, a sweet lady. At another time, he accidentally kept sucking his pen while talking to a lady only to find later that he got his entire mouth blue stain. Also, it was quite usual for him to take off the lid of the food, getting it fly and let his meat leap over other’s heads.

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