Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

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Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering is an alternate version of my text, Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, Fifth Edition. The contents of both are the same, but the order of presentation differs and Fundamentals utilizes newer technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

With regard to the order of presentation, there are two common approaches to teaching materials science and engineering—one that I call the ‘‘traditional’’ approach, the other which most refer to as the ‘‘integrated’’ approach.

With the traditional approach, structures/characteristics/properties of metals are presented first, followed by an analogous discussion of ceramic materials and polymers. Introduction, Fifth Edition is organized in this manner, which is preferred by many materials science and engineering instructors.



With the integrated approach, one particular structure, characteristic, or property for all three material types is presented before moving on to the discussion of another structure/characteristic/property. This is the order of presentation in Fundamentals.

Probably the most common criticism of college textbooks is that they are too long. With most popular texts, the number of pages often increases with each new edition. This leads instructors and students to complain that it is impossible to cover all the topics in the text in a single term.

After struggling with this concern (trying to decide what to delete without limiting the value of the text), we decided to divide the text into two components.


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