deled English medium book | Diploma in elementary education online pdf books

deled English medium book: The English medium D.el.ed pdf Book , Diploma in elementary educationyou can Reads this ebooks and free Downloads here…

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deled English medium book



  1. Study material for NIOS D.El.Ed 2-year course can be downloaded in PDF formate through online . NIOS has made available study material for the D.El.Ed examinations conducted in 2 years. Since the first year examination of D.El.Ed is begin on 27th may. Therefore, the concerned person who is going to participate in the first semester, download the study material timely and prepare the first year according to the study materials available by NIOS.

deled English medium book

2. For the 1st year, 1st semester, the D.EL. Ed Course Module 501, 502 and 503 have been set by NIOS.

Similarly, for the 1st year, 2nd semester is set to course module 504 and 506. Course module 506 and Course Model 507 for D.El.Ed 2nd year, 3rd semester has been set. While the course module for the 2nd year 4th semester has been set 508, 509 and 510.

3. D.El.Ed semester examination will be conducted on the basis of this course model. The candidate who

fails in any subject of any semester can do the examination of that subject in the forthcoming semester. Candidates, who will successfully complete all semester exams, the will be given Certificate of D.El.Ed 2 year diploma course.


deled English medium book

Course 501 – Elementary Education in India: A Socio- Cultural Perspective.

Block 1: Elementary Education in India: A

Block 2: Elementary Education in India in the Cotemporary Context-I

Block 3: Elementary Education in India in the Cotemporary Context-II

Course-502 : Pedagogic Processes in Elementary Schools.

Block 1: Learning and Teaching Process.

Block 2: Management of Learning-Teaching Process.

Block 3: Emerging Issues in Classroom Learning.

Block 4: Learning Assessment

Course-503: Learning Languages at Elementary Level

Block 1: Understanding Language.

Block 2: Skills Associated with Language Learning.

Block 3: Language Learning in the classroom.

Course-504: Learning Mathematics at Elementary Level

Block 1: Importance of Learning Mathematics at the Elementary Stage of Schooling.

Block 2: Enriching Contents and Methodology.

Block 3: Learner Assessment in Mathematics.

Course-505: Learning Environmental Studies at Primary Level

Block 1: Importance of Teaching-Learning of EVS at primary level.

Block 2: Curriculum and Pedagogy of EVS.

Block 3: Assessment of learning in EVS

Course-506: Understanding children in inclusive context

Block 1: Child Growth and Development: Basics.

Block 2: Personality Development of Children.

Block 3: Inclusive Education.

Block 4: Girl Child and Child Right.

Course-507: Community& Elementary Education

Block 1: Society, Community and School.

Block 2: School System.

Block 3: Managing School Community Interface.

Course-508: Learning in Art, Health & Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level

Block 1: Art Education.

Block 2: Health and Physical Education.

Block 3: Work Education.

Course-509: Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level

Block 1: Understanding Social Science as a Discipline.

Block 2: Social Science Subjects and Concepts.

Block 3: Issues in Pedagogy of Social Sciences.

Course-510: Learning Science at Upper Primary Level

Block 1:Understanding Science.

Block 2: Managing & Measuring Science Learning.

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  1. Hi can I use this English medium ded material to prepare for trt exam in telangana I am unable to find text books in English medium for methodology and perspectives in education for ded expecting reply thanks you

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