Class 9 English Chapter 3 The Little Girl

Class 9 English Chapter 3 The Little Girl, NCERT/SCERT Class 9 English Beehive Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SEBA ইংৰাজী Class 9 Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 English Beehive Prose Chapter 3 The Little Girl Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

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Class 9 English Chapter 3 The Little Girl

SEBA Class 9 English Chapter 3 The Little Girl Notes covers all the exercise questions in Assam Board SEBA Textbooks. The SEBA Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 3 The Little Girl provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

The Little Girl

Chapter – 3



Thinking about the Text

I. Given below are some emotions that Kezia felt. Match the emotions in Column A with the items in Column B.

1. fear or terror(i) father comes into her room to give her a goodbye kiss
2. glad sense of relief(ii) noise of the carriage grows fainter
3. a “funny” feeling, perhaps of understanding(iii) father comes home(iv) speaking to father(v) going to bed when alone at home(vi) father comforts her and falls asleep(vii) father stretched out on the sofa, snoring

Ans: 1. fear or terror – (i) father comes into her room to give her a goodbye kiss, (iii) father comes home, (iv) speaking to father. (v) going to bed when alone at home.

2. glad sense of relief – (ii) pise of the carriage grows fainter, (vii) father stretched out on the sofa, snoring

3. a “funny” feeling, perhaps of understanding – (vi) father comforts her and falls asleep.

II. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

1. Why was Kezia afraid of her father ?

Ans: Kezia was afraid of her father because he was a strict disciplinarian. He always reprimanded her for being as she was and constantly corrected her in a strict manner rather than with love.

2. Who were the people in Kezia’s family ? 

Ans: Kezia’s family consisted of her father, mother, her grandmother, and Kezia herself.

3. What was Kezia’s father’s routine ?

(i) before going to his office ?

Ans: Before going to work, Kezia’s father came into Kezia’s room and gave her a casual kiss.

(ii) after coming back from his office ?

Ans: After coming back from office Kezia’s father had Kezi take off his boots for him as a reward for being a good girl, then had his evening cup of tea, after which he settled down to read the paper.

(iii) on Sundays ?

Ans: On Sunday afternoons, Kezia’s father lounged on the drawing room sofa, with a handkerchief on his face and his feet on the cushions. 

4. In what ways did Kezia’s grandmother encourage her to get to know her father better ? 

Ans: On Sundays Kezia’s grandmother used to send her to the drawing room, where her father slept on the sofa, to try an talk to him, in an effort to facilitate conversation between th two of them. She also encouraged Kezia to make a gift for fo father, again with a hope to facilitating conversation between them.

III. Discuss these questions in class with your teacher and then write down your answers in two or three paragraphs each.

1. Kezia’s efforts to please her father resulted in displeasing him very much. How did this happen ?

Ans: Kezia was terrified of her father and tried to be in his good books. But everytime she tried to do things in a way to please him, she inadvertently managed to do just the opposite. Even while talking to him, she tried hard to speak properly but Ended up stutteri Once on her granny’s suggestion she tried to make um a pin cushion for his birthday. Working with double cotton Kezia laboriously stitched three sides of it. Looking for something to fill her pin cushion with, she went in to her mother’s bedroom to find something suitable. On the bed table she discovered a great many sheets of fine paper which she tore into very small pieces and filled her case and stitched up the fourth side.

Little Kezia was unaware of the fact that in her eagerness to please her father, she had torn up his very important speech. Later when Kezia’s father discovered that Kezia had torn up his speech, he was very displeased and ordered for her to be sent to her room. He even gave her a beating for it.

2. Kezia decides that there are “different kinds of fathers”. What kind of father was Mr. Macdonald, and how was he different from Kezia’s father ? 

Ans: Mr. Macdonald, played with his children and laughed with them; so he seemed to be a friendlier and happier father to Kezia as compared to her own father who scared the wits out of her. From the one scene that Kezia saw of the Macdonald family she must have noted the following differences between Mr. Macdonald and her father―

(i) Mr. Macdonald laughed a lot while her father was usually stern.

(ii) The Macdonald children did not fear their father, while her father filled her with so much dread that she avoided him.

(iii) Mr. Macdonald played with his children, while Kezia’s father never played with her. 

(iv) Mr. Macdonald did not scold his children even when they sprayed water on him, while Keiza’s father reprimanded her for everything, even for being herself.

(v) Mr. Macdonald obviously loved his children and showed it, while her father did not express his love openly

3. How does Kezia begin to see her father as a human being who needs her sympathy ?

Ans: Once Kezia’s mother was in hospital and her grandmother was looking after her there; Kezia was left in the care of the cook, Alice. At night Kezia was worried that she might have a nightmare and then she would not have her granny to soothe her. When she mentioned this to Alice, she advised her to stay quiet and not disturb her father.

As she had feared, Kezia did have a nightmare that night, and she called out for her granny in her sleep. Suddenly she woke up shivering to find her father standing beside her bed. He took her to his room and carefully tucked her into bed. As Keiza snuggled herself under his arm she reflected on this new side of her father. She realised that her father loved her too. If he did not play around with her like Mr. Macdonald did, it was because he was a very busy man. Kezia also realised that he was not so huge and needed someone to look after him or do his work and she now knew she had done him a great wrong by tearing up his papers. It was then that Kezia understood that her father, notwithstanding the fact that he was a strict disciplinarian, was just a human being like everyone else and indeed had a loving heart. He too needed her sympathy, like she did his.

Thinking about Language

I. Look at the following sentence.

There was a glad sense of relief when she heard the noise of the carriage growing fainter…

Here, glad means happy about something

Glad, happy, pleased, delighted, thrilled and overjoyed are synonyms (words or expressions that have the same or nearly the same meaning.) However, they express happiness in certain ways. Read the sentences below.

She was glad when the meeting was over.

The chief guest was pleased to announce the name of the winner.

1. Use an appropriate word from the synonyms given above in the following sentences. Clues are given in brackets.

(i) She was ____by the news of her brother’s wedding. (very pleased) 

(ii) I was ____ to be invited to the party. (extremely pleased and excited about)

(iii) She was ____  at the birth of her granddaughter.(extremely happy)

(iv) The coach was ____ with his performance.(satisfied about)

(v) She was very ____ with her results. (happy about something that has happened)

Ans: (i) She was overjoyed by the news of her brother’s wedding. 

(ii) I was thrilled to be invited to the party.

(iii) She was elated at the birth of her granddaughter. 

(iv)The coach was content with his performance.

(v) She was very pleased with her results. 

2. Study the use of the word big in the following sentence.

He was so big―his hands and his neck, especially his mouth…. Here, big means large in size.

Now, consult a dictionary and find out the meaning of big in the following sentences. The first one has been done for you. 

(i) You are a big girl now. ____

(ii) Today you are going to take the biggest decision of your career. ____

(iii) Their project is full of big ideas.____

(iv) Cricket is a big game in our county.____

(v) I am a big fan of Lata Mangeshkar._____

(vi) You have to cook a bit more as my friend is a big eater.____

(vii) What a big heart you’ve got, Father dear.____

Ans: (i) You are a big girl now. ― older

(ii) Today you are going to take the biggest decision of your career.― most important 

(iii) Their project is full of big ideas. ― excellent

(iv) Cricket is a big game in our county ― popular

(v) I am a big fan of Lata Mangeshkar. ― great

(vi) You have to cook a bit more as my is a big eater. ― eats a lot

(vii) What a big heart you’ve got, Father dear ― kind

II. Verbs of Reporting

Study the following sentences.

“What!” screamed Mother.

“N-n-no”, she whispered. 

“Sit up,” he ordered.

The italicised words are verbs of reporting. We or report what someone has said or thought by using a reporting with Every reporting clause contains a reporting verb. For example

he promised to help in my project.

“How are you doing ?” Seema asked.

We use verbs of reporting to advise, order, reports, thoughts, intentions, questions, requests, apologies, manner speaking and so on.

1. Underline the verbs of reporting in the following sentences.

(i) He says he will enjoy the ride. 

(ii) Father mentioned that he was going on a holiday.

(iii) No one told us that the shop was closed. 

(iv) He answered that the price would go up.

(v) I wondered why he was screaming. 

(vi) Ben told her to wake him up. 

(vii) Ratan apologised for coming late to the party.

Ans: (i) He says he will enjoy the ride.

(ii) Father mentioned that he was going on a holiday.

(iii) No one told us that the shop was closed. 

(iv) He answered the price would go up.

(v) I wondered why he was screaming.

(vi) Ben told her to wake him up.

(vii) Ratan apologised for coming late to the party.

2. Some verbs of reporting are given in the box. Choose the appropriate verbs and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

were complaining           shouted          replied    Remarked          ordered      suggested

(i) “I am not afraid”,____ the woman.

(ii) “Leave me alone”, my mother____ 

(iii) The children____ that the roads were crowded and noisy.

(iv) “Perhaps he isn’t a bad sort of a chap after all”,____ the master.

(v) “Lets go and look at the school ground”,_____ the sports teacher. all the passers-by to keep

(vi) The traffic police____ off the road.

Ans: (i) “I am not afraid”, replied the woman.

(ii) “Leave me alone”, my mother shouted.

(iii) The children were complaining that the roads were crowded and noisy.

(iv) “Perhaps he isn’t a bad sort of a chap after all”, remarked the master.

(v) “Lets go and look at the school ground”, suggested the sports teacher.

(vi) The traffic police ordered all the passers-by to keep off the road.


Form pairs or groups and discuss the following questions.

1. This story is not an Indian story. But do you think there are fathers, mothers, and grandmothers like the ones portrayed in the story in our own country.

2. Was Kezia’s father right to punish her ? What kind of a person was he ? You might find some of these words useful in describing him:

Undemonstrative      loving       strict       hard-working
Responsible     unkind   disciplinarian  short-tempered
Affectionate    caring    indifferent

Suggested Answer:

(An example is given below. Students are to develop their own ideas. They can even cite their personal experiences if it helps them explain their points)

1. Yes there are definitely parents and grandmothers like the ones portrayed in the story even in our own country, India. Irrespective of the state or country, parents and grandmothers usually play the same roles. In such cases, fathers are found to be strict disciplinarians, who love their children but at the same time maintain a distance and are not too affectionate. And it is usually the mothers and the grandmothers who display their love for the children and often try to bridge the gap between them and their fathers. 

But nowadays, some fathers have changed and are friendlier and easier to approach. Even after a tiring day, some of them take out the time to help their wards with their projects or lessons. But as a rule, fathers are still the more feared of the lot, while mothers and grandmothers are perceived to be embodiments of love and understanding.

2. Kezia’s father was right to punish her considering the fact that she had torn up important documents which she should not even have touched without permission. It was his anger and displeasure at having lost his speech that made Kezia’s father discipline Kezia. But at the same time, he expected her to learn a lesson from this incident and punished her to make sure she did not repeat such an act ever again.

Kezia’s father was a hard-working and responsible man. Even though he seemed like a strict disciplinarian to Kezia truth he was a loving father. But he was also strict and did no. believe in showing affection all the time. He cared for Kezia and anted her to grow up into a ine young woman. He was also a bit short-tempered and punished Kezia now and then, but it wa to help her realise and mend her mistakes. Overall Kezia’s father was a loving and caring man but a little undemonstrative when it came to showering affection on Kezia.


Has your life been different from or similar to that of Kezia when you were a child? Has your perception about your parents changed now? Do you find any change in your parents’ behaviour vis-a-vi yours? Who has become more understanding? What steps woul you like to take to build a relationship based on understanding ? Write three or four paragraphs (150-200 words) discussing these issue from your own experience. 

Suggestion :

Write this from your own experience. There is no right or wrong answer for such questions. Just put down your memories and you thoughts. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on the way you loo at your parents. Analyse whether your feelings towards them a genuine and whether you truly appreciate what they do for you. Wor on how you can work to build a strong relationship with them base. on mutual understanding.


Answer the following questions :

1. Why did Kezia stutter when she was with her father ? 

Ans: Whenever Kezia was with her father she got nervous trying hard not to do anything that would displease him, and this nervousness of hers caused him to stutter.

2. What did Kezia’s grandmother suggest she do for her father’s birthday ?

Ans: Kezia’s grandmother suggested she make a pin cushion to gift her father on his birthday.

3. Why did Kezia’s father beat her ? How would you have reacted if you were in his place ?

Ans: Kezia’s father beat her because she had torn up an important speech of his to use as stuffing for the pin cushion she was making. 

If I were in place of Kezia’s father I too might have lost my temper but would control it and would have tried explaining to Kezia where she had gone wrong. And made her realise that if she touched others things without permission, she might land in a lot of trouble and even cause much damage to the person involved.

4. Who lived next door ? How many children did they have ? 

Ans: The Macdonald family lived next door. They had five children, three sons and two daughters.

5. What did Kezia dream about ? 

Ans: Kezia had a recurring dream about a butcher with a knife and a rope, who came nearer and nearer to her with a dreadful smile on his face. And she could do nothing but stand rooted to her place and cry as the butcher drew nearer.

6. “Oh, a butcher-a knife-I want Grannie.”

(i) Who said this and to whom ?

(ii) What is she describing ?

(iii) Where was her “grannie” ? Why did she want her ?

Ans: (i) Keiza says the given words to her father.

(ii) She is describing the nightmare she had just had. 

(iii) Her grannie was with her mother who had been hospitalised. Keiza wanted her grannie because whenever she had a nightmare, her grannie took her to her bed and comforted her.

Reference to the context

1. “She never stuttered with other people….but only with father.”

(a) Who is ‘she’ referred to here ?

Ans: Kezia, a little girl is referred to as ‘she’ here.

(b) Why did she stutter when with father ? 

Ans: Kezia stuttered when with her father because she was frightened of him and so tried too hard to say the words right. 

2. “Kezia, I suppose you didn’t see some papers on the table in our room ?”

(a) Who is the speaker ?

Ans: The speaker is Kezia’s mother.

(b) What papers are being referred to here ? 

Ans: The papers referred to belonged to Kezia’s father and were his speech for the Port Authority.

(e) Did Kezia see the papers ? What did she do with them ?

Ans: Yes Kezia did see the papers. She tore them up and used them to stuff the pin cusheen she was making for her father.

3. “What did God make fathers for ?”

(a) Who is the speaker ? Who is she talking to ?

Ans: The speaker is Kezia. She is talking to her grandmother.

(b) Why does she put up such a question ? 

Ans: She has just been punished with a ruler-beating on her little palms by her father. Too little to understand her mistake, she asks this question.

(c) How did her grandmother console her ? 

Ans: Kezia’s grandmother rocked Kezia in her arms and told her t sleep, assuring her that she would forget about it in the morning She said she had tried to explain to Kezia’s father but he was too upset.

4. “Oh, a butcher- a knife – I want Grannie.”

(a) Has Kezia seen a real butcher ?

Ans: No Kezia has just had a nightmare where a butcher approaches her with a knife and a rope, smiling a dreadful smile. 

(b) Does she get her ‘Grannie’ ? Who comes to her ?

Ans: No she does not get her ‘Grannie’. Her father comes to her.

(c) What does this person do to console her ? 

Ans: Her father carries he to his own room and tucks her up i bed, next to him. Snuggling close to him she no longer feels afraid.

Multiple Choice Questions :

 1. To Kezia, her father was

(a) a figure to be loved. 

(b) a figure to be feared and avoided.

(c) a high office of the Port Authority. 

(d) a per on she loved spending time with.

Ans: (b) a figure to be feared and avoided.

2. On Sunday afternoons, Kezia was sent down to the drawing room to

(a) study with her mechanical teacher.

(b) make a pin cushion.

(e) play with her mother. 

(d) have a nice talk with her father and mother.

Ans: (d) have a nice talk with her father and mother 

3. Kezia was making a pin cushion for her father because

(a) her grandmother had suggested that as a birthday gift.

(b) she had destroyed his speech for the Port Authority. 

(c) she wanted to gift her father something on his birthday.

(d) her mother asked her to make one.

Ans: (a) her grandmother had suggested that as a birthday gift.

4.Kezia’s father punished her because

(a) she made him a pin cushion.

(b) he did not love her.

(c) he wanted her to learn that she must not touch others things.

(d) she stuttered while talking to him ns.

Ans: (c) he wanted her to learn that she must not touch others things

THINKING ABOUT LANGUAGE (Additional Exercises)

1. Here is a list of some words with their synonyms.

1. Rich        ― wealthy, well-off.

2 Old           ― ancient, aged.

3. Funny      ― comical, humorous.

4. Weak       ― frail, infirm.

5. Happy       ―  joyful, content.

6. Fair            ―  just, impartial.

7. True            ― genuine, real.

8. Beautiful        ― pretty, lovely.

9. Intelligent         ― smart, bright.

10. Important         ― essential, critical.

 Now match the following to the above list.

upbeat, affluent, feeble, unbiased, hilarious, antiquated, clever, vital, reliable, attractive.

Ans: upbeat― 5

affluent ― 1

feeble ― 4

unbiased ― 6

hilarious ― 3

antiquated ― 2

clever ― 9

vital  ― 10

reliable ― 7 

attractive  ― 8

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct verbs of reporting. 

(i) The stranger_____ where the post office was.

Ans: enquired or asked.

(ii) Raj ____ Rita to pick up the broom.

Ans: ordered or commanded.

(iii) She ____ them to be quite.

Ans: urged or requested.

(iv) The teacher _____ him saying that he had done well.

Ans: praised.

(v) She ____ that she had to leave.

Ans: said or announced.

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