Class 9 English Chapter 2 The Sound of Music

Class 9 English Chapter 2 The Sound of Music, NCERT/SCERT Class 9 English Beehive Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SEBA ইংৰাজী Class 9 Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 English Beehive Prose Chapter 2 The Sound of Music Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

Class 9 English Chapter 2 The Sound of Music

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SEBA Class 9 English Chapter 2 The Sound of Music Notes covers all the exercise questions in Assam Board SEBA Textbooks. The SEBA Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 2 The Sound of Music provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

The Sound of Music

Chapter – 2


Part – I

Evelyn Glennie Listens To Sound Without Hearing It


Thinking about the text:

1. Answer these questions in a few words or a couple of sentences each.

Q.1. How old was Evelyn when she went to the Royal Academy of Music?

Ans. Evelyn was sixteen years old when she went to the Royal Academy of Music.

Q.2. When was her deafness first noticed? When was it confirmed?

Ans. Evelyn’s deafness was first noticed when she was Eight- years- old. It was confirmed when her marks deteriorated. Then she was eleven.

II. Answer each of the questions in a short paragraph (30-40 words)

Q.1. Who helped her to continue with music. What did he do and say?

Ans. Ron Forbes, percussionist, saw the potential of Evelyn. He took two large drums to different notes and beat them. He asked her not to listen to their sounds through her ears. She should try to sense it in another way. Evelyn sensed certain notes in different parts of her body.

Q.2. Name the various places and causes for which Evelyn performs.

Ans. Evelyn delights her audiences and says she has just got to work. She demonstrates at the different concerts. She gives her free concerts in prisons and hospitals. She gives much preference to classics for young musicians. It is to give Inspiration to the deaf children. She moved to Royal Academy of music in London for a three-year course. Then moved from Orchestral work to solo performance. She captured most of the top awards. 

III. Answer the question in two or three paragraphs (100-150 words)

Q.1. How does Evelyn hear music?

Ans. Evelyn was a good looking girl. When she was eight years old, her mother noticed something wrong with the girl. Then suddenly her marks started deteriorating. Evelyn tried to hide her growing deafness. The headmistress urged her parents to take her to a specialist. They advised for hearing aids but Evelyn didn’t give up. Ron Forbes, percussionist, saw her talent. He began turning two large drums to different notes. He advised her to sense not through ears but sum other way. She felt the higher drums from the waist down after repeating it, Evelyn realised certain notes in different parts of her body. She learned to open her mind and body to sounds and vibrations.

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