NCERT Class 12th Sociology Part 1 Indian Society

Class 12th Sociology Part 1: New syllabus for class 12 CBSE is now available in you can download/read NCERT Class 12th Sociology Part 1 Indian Society here in one click, The curriculum for exams is designed by CBSE, New Delhi as per NCERT text books.

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Class 12th Sociology Part 1

Class 12th Sociology Part 1

NCERT Class 12th Sociology Part 1 Indian Society

Class 12th Sociology New Syllabus

Unit 1: Introducing Indian Society: 10 Periods

  • Colonialism, Nationalism, Class and Communits

Unit 2: The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society: 10 Periods

  • Theories and concepts in demography
  • Rural-Urban Linkages and Divisions

Unit 3: Social Institutions: Continuity and Change: 12 Periods

  • The Caste System
  • Family and Kinship

Unit 4: Market as a Social Institution: 10 Periods

  • Sociological perspectives on markets and the economy
  • Globalization – Interlinking of Local, Regional, National and International Markets

Unit 5: Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion: 20 Periods

  • Caste Prejudice, Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes
  • Marginalization of Tribal Communities
  • The Struggle for Women’s Equality
  • The struggles of the Differently Abled

Unit 6: The Challenges of Cultural Diversity: 20 Periods

  • Cultural communities and the nation state
  • Problems of Communalism, Regionalism and Casteism
  • The Nation state, religion related issues and identities
  • Communalism, secularism and the nation state
  • State and Civil Society

Unit 7: Suggestions for Project Work: 16 Periods

Class 12th Sociology Part 2

Unit 8: Structural Change: 10 Periods

  • Colonialism, Industrialization, Urbanization

Unit 9: Cultural Change: 12 Periods

  • Modernization, Westernization, Sanskritisation, Secularization
  • Social Reform Movements and Laws

Unit 10: The Story of Indian Democracy: 16 Periods

  • The Constitution as an instrument of Social Change
  • Panchayati Raj and the Challenges of Social Transformation
  • Parties, Pressure Groups and Democratic Politics

Unit 11: Change and Development in Rural Society: 10 Periods

  • Land Reforms, Green Revolution and Emerging Agrarian society
  • Agrarian Structure : Caste & class in Rural India
  • Land Reforms
  • Green revolution and its social consequences
  • Transformation in Rural Society
  • Globalization, Liberalization and Rural Society

Unit 12: Change and Development in Industrial Society: 14 Periods

  • From Planned Industrialization to Liberalization
  • Getting a Job
  • Work Processes

Unit 13: Globalisation and Social Change: 10 Periods

  • Dimensions of Globalization

Unit 14: Mass Media and Communication: 14 Periods

  • Types of Mass Media: Radio, Television and Print Media
  • Changing Nature of Mass Media

Unit 15: Social Movements: 18 Periods

  • Theories and Classification of Social Movements
  • Class-Based Movements: Workers, Peasants
  • Caste-Based Movements: Dalit Movement, Backward Castes, Trends in Upper Caste Responses
  • Women’s Movements in Independent India
  • Tribal Movements
  • Environmental Movements

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