Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Black Aeroplane

Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Black Aeroplane The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NCERT Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Black Aeroplane and select need one.

Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Black Aeroplane

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Black Aeroplane Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

The Black Aeroplane

Chapter – 7


Thinking about the text: 

1. “I’ll take the risk” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it? 

Ans: The risk here refers to the risk of flying an old Dakota plane in the storms and black clouds.

The narrator took the risk because he wanted to meet his family and was planning a long holiday with his family.

2. Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm. 

Ans: The narrator was flying his old Dakota aeroplane at ease. As soon as he crosses Paris, he gets a look of the dark clouds that were a sign of the upcoming storm. Everything gets dark. He is unable to see, all his direction instruments stopped functioning and he lost control of the plane. But he saw another plane that had no lights. The pilot of that plane guides the narrator to the airport. He safely landed but was astonished to see that the plane was gone.  

3. Why does the narrator say, “I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota…… “?

Ans: The narrator says that he was not sorry because he lost nothing. He had a very horrific and scary experience flying that plane. He was happy that he had landed the plane safely with the help of the strange black aeroplane. That is why he was not sorry to walk away from it. 

4. What made the woman in the control centre look at the narrator strangely? 

Ans: The woman in the Control Centre looked at the narrator strangely because the narrator asked her about the black aeroplane but she saw no plane except the narrator’s plane in the sky during the storm. The woman saw only the Dakota in the radar. 

5. Who do you think helped the narrator to reach safely? Discuss this among yourselves and give reasons for your answer.

Ans: This suggests that the narrator was hallucinating and there was actually no second pilot who helped him land safely. Because the narrator was in severe danger to his life. The mysterious plane seemed to know everything. It was probably the narrator’s own conscience that came to his aid in a difficult situation. 

Thinking about language: 

1. Study the sentences given below. 

(a) They looked like black mountains. 

(b) Inside the clouds, everything was suddenly black. 

(c) In the black clouds near me, I saw another aeroplane. 

(d) The strange black aeroplanes was there. 

The word ‘black’ in sentences (a) and (c)  refers to the very darkest colour. But in (b)  and (d)  (here) it means without light/with no light. ‘Black’ has a variety of meanings in different contexts. For example :

(a) ‘ I prefer black tea’ means ‘I prefer tea without milk’. 

(b)  ‘With increasing pollution the future of the world in black’ means ‘with increasing pollution the future the world is very depressing without hope’. 

Now try to  guess the meaning of the word ‘black’ in the sentences given below. Check the meanings in the dictionary and find out whether you have guessed right. 

1. Go and have a bath; your hands and face are absolutely black. ————

2. The taxi-driver gave Ratan a black look as he crossed the road when the traffic light was green. ————

3. The bombardment of Hiroshima is one of the blackest crimes against humanity. ———–

4. Very few people enjoy Harold Pinter’s black comedy.——–

5. Sometimes shopkeepers store essential goods to create false scarcity and then sell these in black. ———

6. Village had beaten the criminal black and blue. ——

Ans: 1.  black in colour; dirty. 

2. Angry look.

3. The most heinous crime. 

4. Comedy with tragic elements or basic pessimism. 

5. Unlawful selling of goods especially for the purpose of making maximum profit. 

6. Black and blue means covered with bruises. 

2. Look at these sentences taken from the lesson you have just read:

(a)  I was flying an old Dakota aeroplane. 

(b)  The young seagull had been afraid to fly with them. In the first sentence the author was controlling an aircraft in the air. Another example is :

Children are flying kites. In the second sentence the seagull was afraid to move through the air, using its wings. 

Match the phrases Given under Column A with their meanings given under Column B. 

1. Fly a flag-move quickly /suddenly.
2. Fly into rages– Be successful.
3. Fly along– Display a flag on long people.
4. Fly high– Escape from a place.
5. Fly the coop– Become suddenly very angry.

Ans: 1. Fly a flag – Display a flag on a long pole. 

2. Fly into rage- Become suddenly very angry. 

3. Fly along – Move quickly, suddenly. 

4. Fly high – Be successful. 

5. Fly the coop – Escape from a place. 

3. We know that the word ‘fly’s  (of birds/insects)means to move through air using wings. Tick the words which have the same or nearly the same meaning. 

Swoop               flit                paddle              Flutter   

Ascend              float             ride                   skim  

Sink                   dart              hover                glide  

Descend            soar             shoot                spring  

Stay                   fail                sail                   flap 

Ans: The following are the words that have the same or nearly meaning of ‘move through air using wings’. 

Swoop                flit                 flutter               ascend  

Hover                 glide              soar                 sail  



Have you ever been alone or away from home during a thunderstorm? Narrate your experience in a paragraph.


The Thunderstorm 

One year ago I went to my best friend’s house for a birthday party. I went with my brother and my school friend Nayan. Her brother took us in his car. We reached there at 7 pm. We celebrated and enjoyed returning from there at 10 pm. On the way back the car got stopped due to some problems. All of us got disturbed because it seems that rain or storms will come at any time. Heavy wind started blowing. My brother and my friend Nayan’s brother were trying to fix the car and they succeeded. It rained heavily, so we waited for some time. After some time we reached home safely. 

Additional Questions & Answers

1. How did the other Pilot help the Author?

Ans:- When the author thought that he was lost in the storm, he saw another plane in the sky. The pilot looked at him and the pilot raised one hand and waved to the author, as if to say ‘Follow me. He slowly turned his plane to the north, in front of the authors’ Dakota, so that it would be easier for him to follow. After some time he saw a runway and landed successfully. 

2. What features do authors mention about the Black Aeroplane?

Ans:- Author saw another aeroplane. It had no lights on its wings, but the author could see it flying next to the author’s plane through the storm. Author could see the pilot’s face turned towards him.

3. Why was the author shocked when he went to the control room to thank the other pilot for helping him?

Ans:- Because when he asked about the other plane he found that there were no planes flying that night, Only one plane was in the sky. She saw it in the  radar from the control room. Thus, this made the author surprised.

4. How was the weather when the author was about to fly?

Ans:- The moon was coming up in the east, and stars were shining in the clear sky. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

5. How has the weather changed? What happened next?

Ans:- When Paris was about 150 kilometres behind, the author saw the Storm clouds. They were huge. They looked like black mountains standing in front of the author across the sky. Author knew that he could not fly up and over them, and he did not have enough fuel to fly around them to the north or south.

The compass was turning round and round and round. It was dead.The radio was dead.The other instruments were suddenly dead too. The radio, compass were not working; he thought that he was lost in the storm.  

A. Choose the correct options for the following:-

1. The moon was coming up in the ______

(i) North

(ii) East

(iii) West

(iv) South

Ans:- (ii) East

2. The ______ were in the sky?

(i) Clouds

(ii) Birds

(iii) Stars

(iv) None of the above

Ans:- (iii) Stars

3. The author was flying an aeroplane from Paris and headed towards ________?

(i) London

(ii) U.S.A

(iii) England

(iv) Africa

Ans:- (iii) England

4. When it reached ___ Km away from Paris it suddenly confronted huge black clouds.

(i) 125 km

(ii) 150 km

(iii) 130 km

(iv) 140 km

Ans:- (ii) 150 km

5. Paris control, Dakota DS ___ here, Can you hear me?

(i) 086

(ii) 808

(iii) 088

(iv) 087

Ans:- (iii) 088.

6. Who is the author of the lesson “The Black Aeroplane”?

(i) Liam O’ Flaherty.

(ii) Robert williams

(iii) James 

(iv) Frederick Forsyth.

Ans:- (iv) Frederick Forsyth.

7. “I can hear you ought to turn twelve degrees west now, DS 088 over.”Who said this line.

(i) Author

(ii) The author pilot

(iii) The voice from the radio

(iv) None of the above

Ans: (iii) The voice from the radio

8. The ________ was turning round and round and round ?

(i) Compass

(ii) Clouds

(iii) Aeroplane

(iv) Radio

Ans:- (i) Compass

9. He turned his Aeroplane slowly to the north. Who does “He” refer to here?

(i) The author

(ii) The other pilot

(iii) Someone other

(iv) The voice from radio

Ans:- (ii) The other pilot.

10. She looked at me very strangely. Why?

(i) Because she is busy.

(ii) Because she was in a hurry.

(iii) Because the pilot was asking about the other pilot who helped him in the storm.

(iv) Because the pilot was talking about his journey.

Ans:- (iii) Because the pilot was asking about the other pilot who helped him in the storm.

11. “I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota”, Why did the pilot say this?

(i) Because he is in a hurry. 

(ii) He didn’t care for other

(iii) Because he landed safely

(iv) Because he was searching for another pilot.

Ans:- (iii) Because he landed safely.

12. Why was the pilot shocked when he went to the control room and asked about another pilot who helped him in the storm?

(i) Because he was in danger.

(ii) Because he is worried about him

(iii) Because there were no planes flying that night, Only one plane was in the sky. She saw it in the  radar from the control room.

(iv) Because the storm was very heavy.

Ans:- (iii) Because there were no planes flying that night, Only one plane was in the sky. She saw it in the  radar from the control room.

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