A Climate for Change PDF Book

A Climate for Change PDF, I have great pleasure in presenting to you one of the first UNDP National Human Development Reports concerning the most prominent challenge of our time – climate change and its impact on our society and economy. It is a breakthrough report for Croatia and the first of its kind following the new analysis released by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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More reports from other countries will follow in the coming years and will highlight the vulnerability of individual countries and the issues that the South and Central European region faces.

A Climate for Change

A Climate for Change

Climate change is not only about polar bears and glaciers and it does not happen just because somebody else is burning more fossil fuel than we are, meaning that they should act first and we can follow later. It is not only about complying with the Kyoto Protocol or new European Union targets.

It has far more to do with the quality of life and with the choices of every Croatian citizen. Its impacts will be felt in Croatia even though Croatia’s greenhouse gas emissions account for only about 0.1% of global emissions.

The impacts of climate change bring significant risks for the future and perhaps some opportunities for each of us. We have a responsibility to do something about it, manage that risk, and mitigate the damage in the most effective way.

It is a scientifically proven fact, recognized by a Nobel Prize last year, that the climate is changing and humans are at least in part responsible. It is obvious that the consequences of that change and climate variability are already being felt all over the globe. Croatia is not an exception.

With this Report, we have accounted for and quantified the damages in several sectors of the Croatian economy over the past several years as a result of climate variability. Agriculture, fisheries, health, hydropower, tourism, and the coastal zone – the sectors we have analyzed – represent 25% of the Croatian economy, employ almost half the working population and represent a total annual GDP of 9 billion Euro.

Because climate change is such a broad-based and multi-sectoral issue, the Government, business, and civil society will need to be engaged in the discussion on what Croatia does to address it. Our aim is to inform those involved in this discussion, to break the silence, and illustrate the linkages between climate change and human development, ranging from health impacts to economic damage.

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