NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 23 Reading With Understanding – 9

NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 23 Reading With Understanding – 9, Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NIOS Study Material of Class 12 English Chapter 23 Reading With Understanding – 9 and select need one. NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 23 Reading With Understanding – 9 Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 12 English Notes Paper 302.

NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 23 Reading With Understanding – 9

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 23 Reading With Understanding – 9, NIOS Senior Secondary Course English Solutions for All Chapter, You can practice these here.

Reading With Understanding – 9

Chapter: 23



Intext Question 23.1

Q. 1. On the basis of reading Rajamani’s case history complete the following:

Ans: (i) He was given Intramuscular, (ii) Abscess of injections site (iii) Pimple on nose (iv) began to get skin lesions leg (v) ill with TB (vi) Blood test for HIV (vii) and found positive (viii) Cause-contaminated needle or syringe.

Q. 2. Find words used in the passage which mean similar to the following. Write those words/phrases:

(a) tried to obtain            (Para 2)

(b) a swollen and infected area   (Para 2)

(c) damage to skin           (Para 2,4)

(d) dirtied                            (Para 4)

Ans: (a) tried to obtain – sought

(b) a swollen and infected areas – abscess

(c) damage to skin – infection 

(d) dirtied – contaminated

Intext Question 23.2

Q. 1. Answer the following questions: 

(a) Name the theatre group that is working to combat AIDS. AIDS 

Ans: Phakama.

(b) How is the UNESCO fighting the AIDS menace?

Ans: UNESCO is using education and awareness as weapons to fight against the menace of the AIDS.

(c) Mention two main points of the UNESCO education strategy on AIDS. 

Ans: UNESCO education strategy has two main points: (i) battling complacency and (ii) advancing commitment. 

(d) Why are schools so important in UNESCO’s fight against AIDS?

Ans: Schools are important in fighting against AIDS because they have children between age group of 10 to 25 coming in it. Which have new infections every year. If they are educated to prevent AIDS, then more infections can be controlled. 

(e) Why is it important to control AIDS?

Ans: It is important to control AIDS because it is a fatal disease and causes great loss to human capital. 

Q. 2. Give below are some words. They are opposites of some words used in the passage. Find those words and write them in the blanks given: 

(a) narrow _____

(b) contain _____

(c) not important _____

(d) enlarge _____

(e) neglect ____

Ans: (a) Narrow               ― wider

(b) Contain                       ― advance

(c) not important            ― important

(d) enlarge                        ― lesson

(e) neglect                        ― protect

Short Answer Type Questions

Q. 1. Why did Rajamani discontinue his studies?

Ans: Rajamani’s father had died. He had to help his mother in running her teashop. So, he had to discontinue his studies after sixth class.

Q. 2. What happened to Rajamani six months ago? What did he do? 

Ans: Rajamani had an infection in his eyes six months ago. He then took medical assistance. Some intramuscular injections were given to Rajamani for treatment. 

Q. 3. What started happening with Rajamani during his treatment?

Ans: Rajamani got an abscess at the place of infection during his treatment a couple of months later, he developed a pimple on his nose which slowly became septic and it started spreading on rest of the face. He also fell ill with TB. 

Q. 4. What was finally diagnosed as Rajamani’s illness?

Ans: After testing Rajamani’s blood, it was finally found that Rajamani was infected with HIV.

Q. 5. How was probably Rajamani infected with HIV?

Ans: Rajamani was infected with HIV due to infected needles and syringes when he was injected to treat eye infection.

Q. 6. What does the theatre group (Named Phakama) use theatre for?

Ans: Theatre group Phakama use their theatre to educate people about HIV/AIDS, NO that spreading of AIDS can be prevented.

Q. 7. What is UNESCO’s strategy for HIV/AIDS?

Ans: UNESCO’s strategy for AIDS is to educate people about causes and prevention of AIDS. It states that impact of disease on society can be reduced by making people compliant committed and caring. 

Q. 8. What are the critical factors for a renewed and effective strategy for HIV/AIDS.

Ans: Massive, rigid and successful support at all levels and support of political authorities are the critical factors of an effective preventive strategy for HIV/AIDS.

Q. 9. How according to UNESCO misconceptions regarding AIDS be removed?

Ans: According to UNESCO educating people and providing them with correct and simple information about the effects by AIDS on one bodies can remove misconception about AIDS.

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