NCERT Class 8 English Chapter 15 Princess September

NCERT Class 8 English Chapter 15 Princess September Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NCERT Class 8 English Chapter 15 Princess September and select need one. NCERT Class 8 English Chapter 15 Princess September and After Question Answers Download PDF. NCERT English Class 8 Solutions.

NCERT Class 8 English Chapter 15 Princess September

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Also, you can read the NCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Book guidelines. CBSE Class 8 English Solutions are part of All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NCERT Class 8 English Chapter 15 Princess September and After, NCERT Class 8 English Textbook of Honeydew and It So Happen. for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

Princess September

Chapter: 15


Textbook Questions With Their Answers


Q. 1. How many daughters did the royal couple have?

Ans. The royal couple had nine daughters. 

Q. 2. Why were they named after the months of the year? 

Ans. They were named after the months of year because the queen could not remember so many names.

Q. 3. The king had a peculiar habit. What was it? Why is it called peculiar?

Ans. The king had a peculiar habit that he gave gifts on his birthday rather than receiving them. This habit was peculiar because people usually receive gifts on birthdays. 

Q.4. (i) What was Princess September’s reaction to the loss of her parrot?

Ans. Princess September took the loss of her parrot to heart. She wept continuously. She didn’t even eat anything and was put to sleep without supper.

(ii) What was her mother’s reaction to it?

Ans. Her mother said that Princess September’s crying was only nonsense. She told her maids to put Princess September to sleep without supper.

(iii) What do the reactions indicate about the nature and temperament of each? 

Ans. The Princess was very sensitive and soft-hearted. She could not bear the loss of her parrot. The queen mother was not moved at all when the parrot died. She was very practical. She did not even seem to care that Princess September was going to sleep without having supper.

Q. 5. What pulled the Princess out of her gloom? 

Ans. The coming of little song bird into her room comforted the Princess and pulled her out of her gloom.

Q. 6. How did the Maids of Honour come to know that the Princess and the bird had become intimate friends?

Ans. The Maids of Honour brought in Princess’s breakfast. The bird ate rice out of her hand and he had his bath in her saucer The Maids of Honour were very delighted to hear the song of the bird. They were surprised to find Princess September so happy. Thus they were convinced that Princess and the bird had become intimate friends.

Q. 7. The new bird was full of new songs but the old parrots always repeated themselves. What did they say? 

Ans. The old parrots repeated only what they had been taught. They could only say “God save the King’ and ‘Pretty Polly’ 

Q. 8. What is the king’s opinion about his councillors? Why did he form that opinion?

Ans. The king had a low opinion about his councillors because they said the samething in seven different ways and it was always meaningless 

Q. 9. (i) The eight princesses made an offer to Princess September. What was it? 

Ans. The eight Princess offered September their pocket money to buy a new parrot.

(ii) Why in your opinion did they do it? 

Ans. In my opinion they did it because they were jealous of her bird as he could sing different songs melodiously and their parrots could only say a few words.

Q. 10. What did the sisters advise the Princess to do about her bird?

Ans. The sisters advised the Princess to put her bird in the cage and not to take any risk of him leaving her.


Q. 1. In the following sentences elaborate the parts given in italic. Under the circumstances it was a very unfortunate remark for the bird to make.

Ans. Princess September’s sisters had already made her cautious that the little bird might not come back from his father-in-law’s house. The bird came back and told her that all of them at his father-in-law’s house wanted him to stay back for the party.Such a remark was really unfortunate.

Q. 2. (i) What did Princess September do to ensure the safety of her pet?

Ans. Princess September put the bird into the cage to ensue the safety of her pet.

(ii) How did the bird react to it?

Ans. The bird was taken a back. He couldn’t sing. However, he hoped that he would be freed in the morning.

Q. 3. Why did the bird refuse to be taken out in her cage?

Ans. The bird refused to be taken out in her cage. The rice fields and the lake looked quite different and dull when seen through the cage bars.

Q. 4. (i) What persuaded Princess September to give the bird his freedom again? 

Ans. Princess September found the bird in the morning with his eyes closed, lying still in the cage She was moved, and she opened the cage. The bird explained that he could not sing unless he was free and if he could not sing he died. So Princess September decided to give the bird his freedom again lest he should die in captivity.

(ii) How did the bird react to it?

Ans. The bird got very happy to enjoy his freedom again. He assumed Princess September of his love and promised that he would come back. Then he opened his wings and flow into the sky.

Q. 5. Princess September kept her window open day and night.

(i) How did it help the bird? 

Ans. It helped the bird because the bird could come into her room whenever he wanted.

(ii) How did it help the Princess herself?

Ans. It helped the princess herself, she grew extremely beautiful. 

Q. 6. The eight sisters kept their windows shut. How did it affect them? 

Ans. Since eight sisters kept their windows shut, they grew extremely ugly as well as disagreeable. 


Discuss the following questions in small groups. Write their answers later: 

Q. 1. Are the sisters unkind and cruel to the new bird? Find evidence in the text to support your idea.

Ans. Yes, the sisters are unkind and cruel to the new bird. They advised their sister, Princess September, to put him in a cage. When the bird was put into the cage, he resisted. The eight Princesses didn’t mind if the bird died in the cage. 

Q. 2. Which, to you, is the most important idea in this story, and why?

(i) importance of music.

(ii) value of freedom. 

(iii) beauty of nature.

Ans. The value of freedom. Freedom is a basic need of all living beings.


  • There are two ways to study butterflies: chase them with nets then inspect their dead bodies, or sit quietly in a garden and watch them dance among the flowers.
  • Freedom practises its own logic. It puts a bouquet of rights in your right hand and a basket of duties in your left hand. This is merely to help you walk straight.
  • To be free is to be disciplined. Who knew it better than a young enthusiast walking down the road swinging his arms wildly. When he accidentally hit an old gentleman on the tip of his nose, the man asked “What do you think you are doing?” “I’m sorry”, said the enthusiast, “but it’s a free country. I am swinging my arms.”
  • “Remember,” advised the old man, “your freedom ends where my nose begins.”


Read the passages carefully and answer the questions that follow:


“I knew I was right to send you to bed without any supper,” said the Queen.

“This bird sings much better than the parrots,” said the King. 

“I should have thought you got quite tired of hearing people say “God save the King”, said the Queen. “I can’t think why those girls wanted to teach their parrots to say it too.”

“The sentiment is admirable,” said the King. “and I never mind how often I hear it. But I do get tired of hearing those parrots say “Pretty Polly”.

“They say it in seven different languages,” said the Princesses.

“I daresay they do,” said the King, “but it reminds me too much of my Councilors. They say the same thing in seven different ways and it never means anything in any way they say it.”

The Princesses were vexed at this, and the parrots looked very glum indeed. But Princess September ran through all the rooms of the palace, singing like a lark, while the little bird flew round and round her singing like a nightingale.

Things went on like this for several days and then the eight Princesses put their heads together. They went to September and sat down in a circle round her. “My poor September,” they said, “we are sorry for the death of your beautiful parrot. It must be dreadful for you not to have a pet bird as we have. 


1. “I knew I was right to send you to bed without any supper.” 

(a) Who said this to whom?

Ans. The Queen said this to Princes September. 

(b) Why did the speaker say this? 

Ans. The Queen said this because Princess had found the bird which sang beautifully. 

2. What was the King’s idea?

Ans. The King said that the birds sing much better than parrots.

3. What did the Princess say in favour of the parrots saying–-“Pretty Polly”? 

Ans. Princesses said that the parrots said “Pretty Polly” in seven different languages.

4. Why were the parrots sad?

Ans. The parrots were said because the king told that he was not happy with what the parrots had learnt and said.


It seemed to Princess September that her little bird had been away a long time. Something might have happened to him. What with hawks and with snares you never knew what trouble he might get into.

Besides, he might forget her, or he might take a fancy to somebody else. That would be dreadful. She wished he were safely back again. 

Suddenly September heard a “tweet-tweet” just behind her ear and she saw the little bird sitting on her shoulder. He had come in so quietly and alighted so softly that she had not heard him.

“I wondered what on earth had become of you,” said the Princess.

“I thought you’d wonder that,” said the little bird. “The fact is I very nearly didn’t come back to night at all. My father-in-law was giving a party and they all wanted me to stay, but I thought you’d be anxious.”

Under the circumstances this was a very unfortunate remark for the little bird to make. 

September felt her heart go thump against her chest, and she made up her mind to take no more risks. She put up her hand and took hold of the bird.


1. What fears did Princess September have in mind?

Ans. Princess September feared that her little bird might have got into some trouble with hawks or with snares. She also thought that he might forget her.

2. Why had September not heard little bird coming in?

Ans. September had not heard little bird coming in because he had come in so quietly and alighted very softly.

3. Why do you think September decide to take no more risk?

Ans. I think September decided to take no more risk because her sisters had already warned her and the bird also fold that his family-members wanted to stay for father-in-law’s party. 

4. What did she do at first to avoid risk of losing the bird?

Ans. She put up her hand and took hold of the bird.


Q. 1. What things did the bird sing About?

Ans. The bird sang a beautiful song about.

(a) the lake in the King’s garden. 

(b) the willow trees that looked at themselves in the still water. 

(c) the goldfish that glided in and out of the branches that were reflected in it. 

Q. 2. How did Princess September carry the bird to her eight sisters?

Ans. Princess September stretched out the first finger of her right hand which served as a perch. The little bird sat on it and she carried it to her eight sisters.

Q. 3. How did the little bird try to come out of the cage?

Ans. The little bird tried to slip through the bars of the cage, he could not. He beat against the door also but he could not open it.

Q. 4. What did eight princesses tell September when they saw the bird in the cage?

Ans. Eight princesses told Princess September that she had been very wise to take their advice. They also told that the bird would soon get used to the cage and in a few days would quite forget he had ever been free.

Q. 5. What reason did September give to the bird for putting it in cage?

Ans. September told the bird that she had put him in cage because she was very fond of him. She further told that she knew what was good for him much better than he did for himself. 


Tick (✔) the correct option 

1. Who said this to whom?

“I will come because I love you, little Princess.”

(a) The green parrot said this princess. 

(b) The little bird said this to princess.

(c) The Queen said this to little princess.

(d) None of these.

Ans. (b) The little bird said this to princess.

2. “Good gracious me, how stiff I am”. 

(a) The little princess said this to herself.

(b) The parrot said this to himself. 

(c) The bird said this to himself.

(d) The Queen said this to herself. 

Ans. (c) The bird said this to himself.

3. “Don’t be such an old silly.”

(a) The eight princesses said this to the Princess September.

(b) The bird said this to Princess September. 

(c) Princess September said this to the bird.

(d) None of these.

Ans. (c) Princess September said this to bird.

4. “What’s the joke?”

(a) The bird said this to the Princess September.

(b) The eight Princesses said this to September.

(c) September said this to the bird. 

Ans. (a) The bird said this to the Princess September.


Use the following words in sentences of your own:

(i) get used to.

(ii) vexed at. 

(iii) tired of. 

(iv) admirable. 

(v) charming.

Ans. (a) get used to: The people in Simla get used to the immense cold atmosphere.

(b) vexed at: My father was vexed at the misbehaviour of my brother. 

(c) tired of: The poor old man was tired of adversities in life.

(d) admirable: The audience applauded her admirable dance performance on the stage.

(e) charming: Everybody was impressed by the charming personality of the bridegroom.

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