How To Write A Better Thesis Free Pdf Books Downloads

How To Write A Better Thesis

Table of Contents

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How To Write A Better Thesis Thesis writing can be challenging for students and supervisors, but one of the many rewards for both parties is to receive positive examiners’ reports. I was there when Brian found out that his Ph.D. thesis required just a few minor corrections. He was clearly relieved after years of hard work to discover he had passed with little fuss, but he shouldn’t have been too surprised.

     Brian had written a thesis that, from the start, was well-motivated and purposeful; it was well situated in the field and fluent in the current debates in the discipline; was based on sound principles for data collection; presented results that made it clear what he had achieved; and concluded with his own insightful contributions to the field and observations on how others could pursue further research in the area.

How To Write A Better Thesis Free Pdf Books Downloads

How To Write A Better Thesis Free Pdf Books Downloads



  1. What is a Thesis?
  2. Thesis Structure.
  3. Mechanics of Writing.
  4. Making a Strong Start.
  5. The Introductory Chapter
  6. Background Chapters
  7. Establishing Your Contribution
  8. Outcomes and Results
  9. The Discussion or Interpretation
  10. The Conclusion
  11. Before You Submit
  12. Beyond the Thesis

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Overview of this Books

  You stated the aim of the research project in your first chapter. These conclusions must indicate how you fulfilled that aim and must arise inescapably from the argument in the discussion chapter. Researchers often state conclusions that they have failed to argue for. They had become convinced of them in the course of their research but, because they did not follow a process such as the one I described in the previous chapter for structuring the discussion, they had omitted to back them up in their writing.

If you followed the suggestion I made in the last chapter, you will have a set of conclusions that emerged out of each section of your discussion, rather than the ones that you dredged out of your unconscious mind when you started the procedure.

You can now write these down as the conclusions to your research, knowing that you have argued vigorously for all of them and that you have got them in perspective through your argument. Also, if you put them down in the order in which they emerged in the discussion, they will be in a logical order, because you arranged the discussion in a logical order.

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