Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in India – Courses, Fees, Location, Admission, and Facilities

Digital Marketing Training Institute in India – Courses, Fees, Location, Admission, and Facilities

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Education is the most important weapon in everyone’s life. Education turned out to be easier in recent days because online education takes place everywhere. It helps us to solve every problem.

There are various online courses available in India based on the infrastructure and facilities. Anyone from everywhere can opt for online education who wants to upskill their knowledge. Everyone can now learn through an online institute without any difficulty and can upbring their skills to their respective fields. One of the best features of online courses is that one can access them from anywhere at any time. There are over more then 100 online courses available in India. Some of them include, Digital Marketing, Programming, Foreign language, Data Science, Business Intelligence, etc.

Digital Marketing Institute in India

Top 10 Institutes which provide Digital Marketing Courses online/offline in India

Sl. No.Institutes
1Digital Scholar 
3Digital Vidya
4Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) 
6Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)
8ITTCD (Best Digital Marketing Course Institute in Delhi)
9All India Management Association (AIMA)
10Optron Academy

1. Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is a top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

Digital Scholar is one-of-a-kind Digital Marketing institute in India, founded by Sorav Jain situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was established in the year 2019. It is one of the top 10 online digital marketing courses in India, which is the best online course for digital marketing.

Name Digital Vidya
FounderSorav Jain
LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu.
Type Private
Contact no+919513632705
Email[email protected]
Duration4 months

Digital Marketing Course Details:

Digital Scholar offers a 4-month online digital marketing course, which covers all the curriculum of digital marketing. It provides complete package of digital marketing.

  • Content writing
  • WordPress Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Automation
  • Landing Page
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Instagram for Business
  • Digital Design Mastery

Fees Structure:

  • Program Fee – INR 45,000 (Incl. of Taxes)
  • Fee for Base Program + 3 Specialisations.
  • Total learning duration – 4 months
  • For Online Digital Marketing Course – INR 45,000 
  • For Offline Digital Marketing Course – INR 75,000
  • Short-term Courses with Certification – INR 699

2. EduPristine

EduPristine is a Top 2 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

EduPristine is one of the Best leading Digital Marketing Training Institute in India. It consists best digital marketing courses, with expert trainers and more than 10 courses. It was established in the year 2007, and the founders include Pawan Prabhat, Paramdeep Singh, Atul Kumar, and Sarita Chand. It is situated in various parts of India, it includes centers: New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Pune. It is the best digital marketing course with certification.

Company NameEduPristine
FoundersPawan Prabhat, Paramdeep Singh, Atul Kumar and Sarita Chand
LocationNew Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune.
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
ProductsDigital Marketing Certification
Contact number1800 200 5835
Email[email protected]

Digital Marketing Course Details:

They offer both online and offline training courses. The courses they provide are:

  • Course on digital marketing
  • CFA-Program
  • FRM Course
  • ACCA Course
  • Web analytics
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • PPC marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Lead management and growth hacking
  • Mobile marketing
  • Project review

Fees Structure

  • Rs 24,000 to 36,000 + GST Charges

3. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a Top 3 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

Digital Vidya is one of the top institutes which provides the best Digital Marketing Certification Courses to grow and upskill your career. Digital marketing courses are available here with 100% placements. Digital Vidya was founded in 2009. Pradeep Chopra is the CEO and Co-founder of Digital Vidya. It is one of the best online digital courses in the world. Digital Vidya is now having a partnership with various other online institutes. So, Digital Vidya is regarded as one of the leading institutes of Digital Marketing.

Company NameDigital Vidya
CEOPradeep Chopra
FoundersPradeep Chopra, Kapil Nakra
LocationMumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Noida
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
ProductsDigital Marketing Certification
Contact number08010033033
Email[email protected]
Course Duration4 to 7 months

Course Details:

Digital Vidya provides a course duration of 4 to 7 months. It provides multiple courses on digital marketing. It provides courses such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Certification Course
  • Growth Hacking Certification
  • Mobile App Marketing Certification

Fees Structure:

  • If you opt for CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master Course) it will cost you Rs 49,000 + Service tax

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4. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE)

Indian Institute of Digital Top 4 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in IndiaEducation is a

IIDE is India’s no one, top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in India. It is one of the Digital Education institutes offering online and offline marketing courses. Karan Shah is the Founder and CEO of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education. IIDE is an institute that provides all the digital needs of a business in today’s digital world. IIDE was established in the year 2016, it has four centers located at Andheri, Mulund, Churchgate, and Navi Mumbai.

Company NameIndian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE)
Founder & CEOKaran Shah
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
CentersAndheri, Mulund, Churchgate and Navi Mumbai
ProductsDigital Marketing
Contact number09619958615
Course Duration4 to 5 months

Course Details:

  • Online Content Marketing Course with Certification
  • Certification in E-commerce Management
  • Media Planning
  • MBA in Digital Marketing (11 months)
  • Online Digital Marketing Course (4 months)

Short Term Certification:

  • Facebook Ads Course
  • SEO Course Online
  • Social Media Marketing Course Online
  • Learn Google Analytics Course Online
  • Online WordPress Course
  • Ad Designing Course
  • Copywriting Course online
  • Email Marketing Course Online
  • Google Ads Course 
  • Online E-commerce Course
  • Media Planning Course
  • Content Marketing Course Online

Fees Structure:

  • It will cost you INR 84,999

5. UpGrad

UpGrad is a Top 5 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

UpGrad was started in the year 2015. Ronnie Screwvala is the CEO and Co-founder. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. UpGrad has four Co-founders, Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravjot Chugh, and Ronnie Screwvala. It is one of the most popular companies in India providing Digital Marketing Courses.

Company NameUpGrad
Founder & CEORonnie Screwvala
Co-foundersMayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravjot Chugh and Ronnie Screwvala
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India.
CentersGuwahati, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Indore, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, West Bengal, Noida, etc.
ProductsDigital Marketing
Contact number18002102020
Course Duration7 to 11 months

Course Details of Digital Marketing:

  • 5-month PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication program
  • Website building
  • SEO Course Online
  • SEM 
  • Display
  • Social Media Course 
  • Remarketing Course
  • Email Marketing Course Online
  • Mobile Marketing Course Online
  • Inbound Content
  • Analytics
  • Sales Integration
  • Digital Communities
  • Building Digital Marketing Plans

Fees Structure:

  • Their mode of teaching is completely online and will cost you Rs. 70,000 + GST 

6. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a Top 6 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

DSIM is the best institute for Digital marketing courses in India. It is a private company providing the best online Digital Marketing Institute in India. Kunal Choudhary is the founder of DSIM. It was established in the year 2011. DSIM is the marketing institute that is the best online courses for digital marketing.

Company NameDelhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)
FounderKunal Choudhary
HeadquartersNew Delhi
CentresKolkata, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gurgaon, Indore, Pune, Jaipur
ProductsDigital Marketing Courses
Contact number08800290309
Email[email protected]
Course Duration4 or 6 months

Course Details of Digital Marketing:

  • Effective Email Marketing
  • Email Automation
  • Consumer Acquisition Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media for SEO
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising

Specialisation Modules:

  • Media Buying and Planning
  • How to Grab Freelancing Projects
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing

Fees Structure:

  • It will cost you a total of INR 50,000 + GST charges

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7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

Simplilearn was started in the year 2009. Krishna Kumar is the founder and CEO of Simplilearn. It is one of the best online education companies and is recognized as the best online digital marketing courses in the world. It has various centers located in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Bengaluru. It is one of the world’s leading institutes of online training for Digital Marketing and many other technologies.

Company NameSimplilearn
Founder & CEOKrishna Kumar
HeadquartersBangalore, India
CentersWest Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Bangaluru
ProductsDigital Marketing
Contact number18002127688
Course Duration2.5 + hours e-learning

Course Details of Digital Marketing:    

  • Digital Marketing
  • Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Technology
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Customer Lifecycle Management
  • loT Marketing

Fees Structures:

  • It will cost you Rs. 12,999 to 20,999

8. ITTCD (Best Digital Marketing Course Institute in Delhi)

ITTCD is a Top 8 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

ITTCD is one of the best and the top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in India which provides the best online Marketing Training Program. ITTCD offers 100% job placement after pursuing the digital course. ITTCD is one of the India’s professional institutes which was started by Mr. Manish Kumar Singh in the year 2013. It is located in Delhi, India.

Company NameITTCD
FounderMr. Manish Kumar Singh
HeadquarterNew Delhi, India
CentreLaxmi Nagar, New Delhi, India
ProductsDigital Marketing Course
Contact number+91-9971050903
Course Duration3 months Duration

Course Details of Digital Marketing:

  • SEO Course
  • PPC Course
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • They also offer various other courses.

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Fees Structure:

  • The fee structure is simple and affordable. It will cost you Rs. 21,000/- with 48 modules and 15 certificates.

9. All India Management Association (AIMA)

AIMA is a Top 9 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

AIMA is one of the greatest institutes in India with Digital Marketing Courses. AIMA stands for All India Management Association. If one wants to opt for an online digital marketing course you can definitely go for AIMA, which is now one of the leading institute for digital marketing courses in India. AIMA was started in the year 1957 by Biran Kim.

Company NameAIMA
FounderBiran Kim
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
CentresNew Delhi, India/Private
TypeStatutory Professional Body
Contact number011 2464 5100
Course Duration4 months (Online)

Course Details of Digital Marketing:

  • Orientation to Digital Marketing Course in India
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEM Marketing/Google
  • Analytics and Display ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics

Fees Structure:

  • It will cost you INR 70,800.

10. Optron Academy

Optron Academy is a Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

Optron Academy is one of the Digital Marketing institutes in Mumbai providing digital marketing courses. Optron is one of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. It offers both offline and online training for students and professionals who are seeking jobs with placements. Optron Academy was established in the year 2007. Bhavesh Gudhka is the CEO and the Founder of Optron Academy. Abhishek Singh is the Soft Skills Trainer and Sunit Lad is the Lead Trainer.

Company NameOptron Academy
Founder & CEOBhavesh Gudhka
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
CentresMumbai, Maharashtra
Contact number09833189090
Email[email protected]
Course Duration3 to 12 months

Course Details of Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Foundation Course
  • 3 Months Digital Marketing Course
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 12 Months Digital Marketing Course

Other Courses:

  • SEO 
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • WordPress Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing etc.

 Fees Structures:

  •  Advance Digital Marketing Program (3 months) – 45,000 (Online Learning Program)
  •  Digital Marketing Program (45 Days) – 17,000 (Online Learning Program)

Some of the Best Digital Learning Institutes in India

  • Digital Marketing Course by IIM 
  • NIIT 
  • Talentedge 
  • Henry Harvin 
  • Internet Marketing School 
  • Learning Catalyst
  • Manipal Pro Learn
  • EduKart
  • ISB 
  • Udemy
  • MCTA
  • Internet and Mobile Research (IMRI) etc.

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  1. Is Digital Marketing being a good career to choose?

Ans: Yes, digital marketing is a good career to choose. If one has a good interest in Business and in marketing then they can definitely go for digital marketing as their career. Nowadays digital marketing has great career options and moreover, there is a massive growth in digital marketing. So, I think it is one of the best career options who are seeking jobs and it also provides a great job opportunity without any failure if you complete your course with durability.

  1. Can Digital Marketing Course be obtained online?

Ans: Yes, there are various institutes in India that are providing Digital Marketing Courses online. The system of online learning gained much popularity after the covid 19 pandemic. So, nowadays it’s been very easy for everyone who can learn online from anywhere and anytime. Online learning has created many advantages for every learner and professional. Without any further delay, you can join an online course if you want to pursue a digital marketing course online. Some of the institutes which are providing online courses are mentioned above you can scroll through up and check them out.

  1. What is the fees structure for an online Digital Marketing Course?

Ans: The fees structure for online digital marketing courses depends on the institutes you choose. For further details you can check it out above, we have mentioned the fees structures of some of the private institutes.

  1. Mention some of the advantages of Digital Marketing.

Ans: Some of the advantages of digital marketing are as follows:

  1. It is easy to learn
  2. It provides a good career option
  3. Can gain knowledge about Marketing Plans
  4. Multiple job opportunities
  5. Can gain knowledge about Business Plans etc.

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