d.el.ed update official news registration 2018

d.el.ed update official news registration 2018

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d.el.ed update official news registration 2018


Teacher (शिक्षक) Section (अनुभाग)

Information for Registered In-Service Teacher

Exam / Study CentreCorner

Study Centre Corner for all the activities.

For Regional Centre/State
Regional Centre/State Nodal Officer/State Coordinator for monitoring

Dash Board

For MHRD, NIOS DPC Coordinator -To view Various Reports for Day to Day Monitoring.

“National Open Schooling Institute”, ie NIOS, is running a 2-year Diploma in Elementary Education Course for untrained teachers. For this, it is necessary for the candidates to register of II year admission fees.




  1. Study material for NIOS D.El.Ed 2-year course can be downloaded in PDF formate through online

devlibrary.in . NIOS has made available study material for the D.El.Ed examinations conducted in 2 years. Since the first year examination of D.El.Ed is begin on 27th may. Therefore, the concerned person who is going to participate in the first semester, download the study material timely and prepare the first year according to the study materials available by NIOS.

2. For the 1st year, 1st semester, the D.EL. Ed Course Module 501, 502 and 503 have been set by NIOS.

Similarly, for the 1st year, 2nd semester is set to course module 504 and 506. Course module 506 and Course Model 507 for D.El.Ed 2nd year, 3rd semester has been set. While the course module for the 2nd year 4th semester has been set 508, 509 and 510.

3. D.El.Ed semester examination will be conducted on the basis of this course model. The candidate who

fails in any subject of any semester can do the examination of that subject in the forthcoming semester. Candidates, who will successfully complete all semester exams, the will be given Certificate of D.El.Ed 2 year diploma course.

You Can Download Notice Click here

Notice for Submission of II Year Registration Fees

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d.el.ed update official news registration 2018

Online Submission of II Year Registration Fees (Only for already registred Teachers)

Chairman’s Message

Dear Learner
The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an autonomous
organization under the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource
Development (MHRD). It is the largest open schooling system in the
world with around 2.02 million learners currently on roll at the secondary
and senior secondary level. NIOS has national and international network
with more than 15 Regional Centres, 2 Sub-Centres and about 5,000 study
centres for its Academic and Vocational Programme within and outside
the country. It provides access to learner centric quality education, skill
up-gradation and training through open and distance learning mode. The delivery of its programmes
is through printed material coupled with face to face tutoring (Personal Contact Programmes),
supplemented by use of Information and Communication Technology- Audio/Video Cassettes, Radio
Broadcast and Telecast etc.
NIOS has been vested with the authority to train the untrained teachers at Elementary Level.
The training package for D.El.Ed. Programme has been developed by the NIOS in collaboration
with other agencies working in field. The Institute offers a very innovative and challenging Two-year
Diploma in Elementary Education Programme for in-service untrained teachers in different states
according to RTE 2009.
I take the pleasure of welcoming you all to this Diploma Course in Elementary Education
Programme of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). I appreciate your contribution in
elementary schooling of the children of your state. As per RTE Act 2009, it becomes essential for all
school teachers to be professionally trained. We understand that your experience as a teacher has
already given you requisite skills needed to be a good teacher. Since it is now mandatory by law, you
will have to complete this course. I am sure your knowledge and experience, so far accumulated by
you, will certainly help you in this Programme.
This D.El.Ed. Programme is through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode and provides you
ample opportunity to be professionally trained without being disturbed from your regular working as
a teacher.
The self-instructional materials developed specifically for your use would be helpful in creating
understanding and help you in becoming a good teacher apart from becoming qualified for your job.
Best of luck in this great endeavour!!
Chairman (NIOS)



Programme Guide:


You Can Visite Official Site: https://dled.nios.ac.in


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