SSC quantitative aptitude book | ssc higher maths by Lucent’s

SSC quantitative aptitude book:- SSC higher maths by Lucent’s, Complete Mathematics by lucents, SSC free bookcat exm ebooks. Are you prepare a UPSC, CAT, MAT, SSC, BANK etc. ebooks you can free download here.

SSC quantitative aptitude book

SSC quantitative aptitude book

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Table of Contents


  • Based on the previous papers
  • Contains each and every chapter from which questions are asked
  • Fully solved so that it is easy to comprehend
  • Uses student-friendly language
  • Provides concepts, quicker techniques etc.
  • Essential for every CAT, MAT, SSC, Bank, MBA etc. aspiranr.

SSC quantitative aptitude book


  1. Algebraic Identities
  2. Indices and Surds
  3. Graphical Solution of Linear Equation
  4. Lines and Angles
  5. Congruent and Similar Triangles
  6. Center of Triangle
  7. Quadrilateral
  8. Circle and its Trangent Lines
  9. Measurement of Angle: Radian and Degree
  10. Trigonometric Ratio of Specific Angles
  11. Elementary Trigonometric Identities
  12. Height and Distance
  13. Advanced Trigonometric Identities

How to Prepare for MATHS

(Using this book for Competitive Exams)

  1. Importance of Maths paper(SSC, UPSC, Bank)

Quantitative Aptitude is a compulsory paper. You can’t neglect, so make sure you are ready to improve your mathematical skills.

Each Question values 1 marks whereas each question of Reasoning values only 1 marks in any competitive exam. So, if you devote relatively more time on this paper you get more marks. Also the answers of maths questions are more confusing. Most of you feel it is a more time-consuming paper, but if you follow our books guidelines, you can save your valuable time in examination hall.

Quantitative aptitude free ebooks

Other Exams: There are very few Competitive exams without maths paper. SSC, UPSC exams have different types of Maths paper. The mains exam of SSC , UPSC, PO, LIC, Railway contains Objective type Question paper. Keeping this in mind, I have also given the details methods of each short-cut or Quicker Method given in this books.

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