Bird Ecology and Conservation PDF

Bird Ecology and Conservation PDF, we decided to produce this book, as we were aware of the difficulties of providing information on the methods available to field ornithologists or conservationists. We also believed that the difficulties of accessing methodology were hindering the development of the science and the enactment of effective conservation.

Bird Ecology and Conservation Pdf Download

Bird Ecology and Conservation Pdf Download

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Thus when we were asked how to conduct a project involving say foraging behavior or breeding biology, we could point out a few papers and describe some methods but had no source that would outline the major techniques in a comprehensive manner.

Our target audiences are young biologists starting a research or conservation project involving birds, or more established researchers who may be familiar with some but not all of the more useful methods available.

This is the first in an intended series of books devoted to methods in ecology and conservation. Each book will either treat a taxonomic group, as this book does or a broad subject area. We also thank the authors for their efforts and, not least, for putting up with our various idiosyncrasies.

We are donating two hundred copies of this book to ornithologists and libraries outside Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan who would otherwise be unable to obtain a copy. We will donate another hundred with each reprinting.

We thank Ian Sherman at OUP for organizing this, the British Ecological Society for funding the postage and the bookstore for coordinating the distribution. Suggestions for recipients for copies can be made at the Gratis books website. We thank Ian Sherman of Oxford University Press for his enthusiasm and efficiency. Working with him has been a pleasure.

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