Biography of Barsha Rani Bishaya

Barsha Rani Bishaya is one of the most popular and strong actresses in the Assamese film industry. Since the early 20th century, Barsha Rani Bishaya has been suppressed in the Assamese film industry, through her talent in the mobile theatre world. She has been able to take a permanent place in the inner soul of many audiences through acting. Barsha Rani is also an Enterprising Woman. She is also very politically conscious. She has never stopped despite facing many troubles in her personal life. Barsha Rani Adhikari is a strong woman who has been able to retain her talent through sadhana/skills by accepting a lot of hardships and sacrifices.

Biography of Barsha Rani Bishaya

Biography of Barsha Rani Bishaya

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NameBarsha Rani Bishaya[1]
Date of BirthSeptember 20,1982
Place of BirthGuwahati, Assam
ParentsAshok Kumar Bishaya(father), Happymoni Bishaya(mother)
Husband’s NameBhaskar Baruah
Education1/School education – Guwahati St Mary’s School
2/Bachelor’s Degree – Cotton College (In Political Science)
Awards1/ Prag Cine Award (2013) – Best Actress Award for Me &My Sister Films
2/ Prag Cine Award (2016) – Nominated for Best Actress Award for Khel-the-Game
3/ Prag Cine Award (2021) – Best Actress Award for Ratnakar

Early & Personal Life

In the Assamese film industry, Barsha Rani with her acting, is able to capture the hearts of the audience with her performances in mobile theatre, drama, VCD. Acting is the only love of Barsha Rani Bishaya. She is always precious, single, and unique in the field of acting. Even though various challenges occurred, Barsha Rani has never stopped despite the challenges. According to her, she has been able to keep herself strong and confident through acting even during the tough times that she had suffered in life. However, Barsha Rani Bishaya who never thought of becoming an actress and dreamt of becoming a police officer in childhood is a strong actress today.

Growing up in a cultural family, a cultural atmosphere prevailed all the time in her house, which attracted her towards dance and acting. Her father Ashok Kumar Bishaya is a producer, director while mother Happymoni Bishaya, aunt Nikumoni Baruah, brother Ankur Bishaya are closely involved in the field of acting, which Barsha Rani saw since her childhood.

However, Barsha was attracted to dance instead of acting during her childhood. She performed Bihu on the Bihu stage in Latashil at the age of three. She was also trained in Bharat Natyam with Indira PP Bora. However, because of some difficulties instead of Indira PP Borah, she received a degree in Bharat Natyam by training with Pushpa Bhuyan. Barsha, who moved on to this field of dance, dreamt of becoming an established classical dancer in childhood.

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Married Life

Barsha Rani Adhikari got married again on February 22, 2021 and gave a new message to the society. She was earlier married to a young man named Avinash Saikia but because of Avinash Saikia’s untimely death, caused a lot of mental injury to Barsha Rani. But later she was able to overcome the mental injury and started a new life with Bhaskar Baruah, a resident of Bahana in Jorhat.

Positively, the greatness of her former husband late Avinash Saikia’s family in the second marriage of Barsha Rani Bishaya played a major role and will always remain ideal for people from every strata of the society for supporting her in her second marriage.

Professional Life

Barsha got an atmosphere of acting at home even though she dreamt of becoming a dancer. She grew up watching Nikumoni Baruah’s stellar performance. Which is why she had some weakness for acting in her subconscious mind yet Barsha never thought of acting.

But for the reason she first acted in a serial called ‘Dapon’ under the direction of Charu Kamal Hazarika and produced by Ashok Kumar Bishaya while studying in Class VII/VIII. She played the role of actor Vikram Hazarika’s sister in the seriel.

This was followed by Barsha Rani Bishaya directed by father Ashok Kumar Bishaya made her debut in the film ‘Joubane Amoni Kore.’

After Joubone Amoni Kore film she acted in films Bukur Majot Jole, Asene Kunuba Eyat etc. Though she acted in such films, Munna Ahmed’s first directorial film ‘Jun Jole Kapal’ released in 2000 was the turning point in Barsha Rani Bishaya’s acting career.

Barsha Rani Bishaya also acted in more than 30 films like – I Love You, Mitha Mitha Lagan, Maghot Mamanir Biya, Arpan, Juman Human,‌Ujanir Dujani Gavharu, Bidhata, Senai Mur Dhulia, Dhunia Tirutabur, Tumar Khabar, Pale Pale Ude Man, Tejimala, Tumi Ahibane, Raktabij, Ratnakar etc.


Importantly, the film Vasundhara, directed by Hiren Borah, played by Barsha Rani Bishaya, won the best Assamese film award at the 57th National Film Awards.

Apart from these films, Barsha Rani Adhikari has acted in a film titled “Rajniti/Politics” the story of Abhijit Bhattacharya.  However, this film is yet to release. In this film along with Barsha Rani actors like Tapan Das, Zubin Garg, Gitavali Rajkumari etc. also acted in this film.


1. When and where was Barsha Rani Bishaya born?

Ans: She was born on September 20,1982 at Guwahati, Assam.

2. Who is the husband of Barsha Rani Bishaya?

Ans: Bhaskar Baruah.

3. Who was the first husband of Barsha Rani Bishaya?

Ans: Avinash Saikia.

4. Name some of the films where Barsha Rani Bishaya acted.

Ans: She had acted in many films like – I Love You, Mitha Mitha Lagan, Maghot Mamanir Biya, Arpan, Juman Human,‌Ujanir Dujani Gavharu, Bidhata, Senai Mur Dhulia, Dhunia Tirutabur, Tumar Khabar, Pale Pale Ude Man, Tejimala, Tumi Ahibane, Raktabij, Ratnakar etc.

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