AJB Class 8 English Chapter 16 The Ant and the Grasshopper

AJB Class 8 English Chapter 16 The Ant and the Grasshopper, Assam Jatiya Bidyalay | অসম জাতীয় বিদ্যালয় English Class 8 Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SEBA so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Assam Jatiya Bidyalay | AJB Chapter 16 The Ant and the Grasshopper Class 8 English Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

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Jatiya Vidyalaya Class 8 English Notes covers all the exercise questions in Assam Jatiya Bidyalay SEBA Textbooks. The AJB Class 8 English Chapter 16 The Ant and the Grasshopper provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams. All the Jatiya Bidyalay English Class 8 Solutions provided here are provided by subject experts as per the Latest NCERT Guidelines. You can click on the Chapterwise AJB Class 8 English Chapter 16 The Ant and the Grasshopper.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Chapter – 16

অসম জাতীয় বিদ্যালয়



Answer the following questions : (উত্তৰ দিয়া)

(a) How did George Ramsay look while sitting in the restaurant ? (জর্জ ৰামছেক ৰেষ্টুৰেণ্টত বহি থাকোতে কেনে দেখা গৈছিল ?)

Ans: While George Ramsay was sitting in the restaurant he looked like greatly depressed as though the burden of the whole world sat on his shoulders.

(b) Who was Causing George trouble ? (জৰ্জক কোনে সমস্যা দিছিল ?)

Ans: Tom Ramsay his brother was the cause of George’s trouble.

(c) Why did Tom leave his work ? (টমে কিয় তাৰ কাম এৰি দিছিল ?)

Ans: Tom wanted to enjoy himself so he left his work.

(d) What did Tom do when his money was spent ? (টমে তাৰ টকা খৰচ হৈ গ’লে কি কৰে ?)

Ans: Generally Tom was depended on his brother George for money when he spent. Sometimes he borrowed from his friends also. 

(e) How old were George and Tom ? (জৰ্জ আৰু টমৰ বয়স কিমান ?)

Ans: Tom was forty six years old and his brother George was only one year elder than him.

(f) How did Tom became rich ? (টম কিদৰে ধনী হৈ পৰিল ?) 

Ans: Luckily Tom became engaged to an old woman, when she died she left him everything she had which made Tom a rich man.

2. Give brief answers to the following question. ( চমু উত্তৰ দিয়া।)

(a) What did Tom Ramsay do after leaving his job ? (টমে কাম এৰি কি কৰিছিল ?)

Ans: After leaving his job Tom Ramsay enjoyed his life. He went to the various capitals of Europe and he passed his time by gambling. dancing, eating in expensive restaurant and dressing beautiful dresses. 

(b) How did Tom blackmail George ? (টমে জৰ্জ অক কি দৰে ব্লেকমেইল কৰিছিল ?)

Ans: Tom blackmailed George by saying that if he did not give him money than he would drive a taxi or work in a bar to eain, because it was their prestige issue George being a respectable lawyer.  

(c) What did Tom Ramsay do for most part of his youth ? (টম ৰামছে তেওঁৰ ডেকা বয়সত কি কৰিছিল ?)

Ans: In his youth Tom Ramsay was a perfect businessmen, he got married and had two children. He had a decent career and known to all. He was a most amazing companion.

(d) Why was George happy at the approach of old age ? (বয়স বঢ়াৰ লগে লগে জর্জ কিয় সুখী হৈছিল ?)

Ans: George became happy when he approached of old age because there was only one year difference between their age. And he thought that Tom could not run his life so easily and he would be bankrupt and Tom would end in the gutter. 

(e) What did George call unfair ? (জর্জে কি ঠিক নহ’ল বুলি কৈছিল ?)

Ans: George called unfair the justice of luck as he had worked hard through out his life but Tom was an idle though by luck he became more richer with a half million pounds. 

3. How was George Ramsay’s lifestyle ? (জৰ্জ ৰামছেৰ জীৱন কেনে ধৰণৰ আছিল ?)

Ans: George Ramsay was a man of hard working, decent, respectable, and straight forward. He had never taken more than a fortnight’s holiday in a year. He worked in the office from morning to evening as he was honest industrious and worthy. 

4. Write a note on Tom Ramsay’s character. (টমৰ চৰিত্ৰৰ ওপৰত এটা টোকা লিখা।)

Ans: Tom Ramsay was an idle person. Worthless and dishonourable. In his youth he had a decent career, an established business with a family including wife and two children but latter he has changed his mind. As he wanted to enjoy himself. So he left everything.

He passed time by playing, gambling dancing and attending restaurants. He misused all the money he earned even his brother’s money also. Even he blackmailed his brother for money.

But, he was an amusing companion for his friend. At last, he was found a lucky one and became a millionaire.

5. Fill in the blanks with words from the text. (খালী ঠাই পূৰণ কৰা।)

(a) You must know by now that he’s quite hopeless.

(b) He always looked as if he had just stepped out of a band box.

(c) Poor George, only a year older than his brother looked sixty.

(d) You’re not going to day that all my life I’ve been hard working, decent, respectable and straight forward ? 

Grammar and Usage (ব্যাকৰণ আৰু ব্যৱহাৰ)

6. Rewrite the following sentences using capital letters, comma, full stop or question mark where necessary : 

Ans.(a) The Kamakhya temple is on of the Nilachal hill.

(b) Do you know, how to swim?

(c) Rina, Pori and Anu have gone to shillong.

(d) I had my meal washed my hands and left Romen’s house. 

(e) Are they coming here on sunday.

(f) Who wrote “My experiments with truth.”

7. Edit the following passage using appropriate punctuation marks where necessary

Ans. “Have you finished your homework, Jolly? Said, Mrs sarma to her daughter. “No mother, “replied Jolly sadly. “Why not iny darling? “Because I ain not well, Mother, said, “I have fever”. Mrs sarma began worrying, “I must make a call to Dr. Baruah immediately. “She said to herself and rushed out the room Jolly went to bed and tried to have a good sleep.


8. Find out the odd word from the following words.

(a) Glad, happy, gloomy, pleasant, joyful.

Ans: Gloomy.

(b) Hard-working, respectable, decent, dishonourable, honest, 

Ans: Dishonourable

(c) Shelley, keats, wordsworth, dickens, Blake.

Ans: Dickens.

(d) Cricket, grasshopper, beetle, woodpeckers bee.

Ans: Cricket.

(e) Glazier, omithologist, archeologist philately geologist.

Ans: Glazier.


There was a family in a remote village. The poor father worked hard to rear the family. There were five members all together. Two brothers and a sister. But one day the poor father died and the responsibility came up on the mother. She looked after with equal love and care. But a difference had been seen in the brother’s character. The younger brother was not a good boy he was wicked from his children and could not complete his school later on he was found in a factory working.

But the elder brother was kind and honest. He studied well and got a govt. job and looked after his sister and old mother in her old age.

যতি চিন (Punctuation Marks) সমূহ উল্লেখ কৰা হ’ল।

1. Comma(,)
2. Semicolon(;)
3. Colon(:)
4. Full stop or Period(.)
5. Note of Interrogation(?)
6. Note of Admiration or Note of Exclamation(!)
7. Dash(―)
8. Hyphen(-)
9. Inverted comma(” “)
10. Brackets[()]
11. Apostrophe(‘)
13. Parenthesis0
14. Etceteraetc.

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