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Yatharth Geeta In English – This is the Gita Shastra which gives a complete description of the year in India, the place of origin of all the prevailing religious judgments in the world. According to this scripture, God is one, the act of attainment is one, the compassion of the traveler on this path is one and the result is one.
Then the vision of the Lord, the attainment of the form of Bhagavata, and eternal life in time. Read the Gita properly.

Yatharth Geeta In English
Yatharth Geeta In English

Yatharth Geeta In English

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Shri Maharshi Ved Vyas- Shri Krishn Era

Before the advent of Maharshi Ved Vyas, no text of any pedagogical discipline was available in the text form. Departing from this tradition of oral and perceiving words of wisdom and knowledge, he compiled the antecedent physical as well as spiritual knowledge in the textual form of four Vedas, Brahmasutra, Mahabharat, Bhagwad, and Geeta and proclaimed that, “Gopal Krishn has condensed the conclusion of all the Upanishad in Geeta to enable the humanity to alleviate itself from pangs of sorrow.

’’ The Heart of all Vedas and the essence of all the Upanishad is Geeta, which was elicited by Krishn and provided sustenance to distraught humanity of reasoned doctrine and approach to perceive the Supreme Being. This has endowed humanity with the ultimate means of Peace.

The sage, from among all his works, earmarked Geeta as the treatise of knowledge and remarked that the Geeta is suitable for being earnestly taken as the driving philosophy, of one’s activities of the life. When we have the treatise given to us which was uttered by Krishna himself, why ever shall we need to store other scriptures?


Meaning there is only one holy writ which had been recited is by Lord Krishna, the son of Devaki. There is only one spiritual entity worth emulating and the truth which has been specified in that commentary is – the soul.

There is nothing immortal other than the soul. What chant has been advised by that sage in Geeta? Om! “Arjun, Om is the name of the eternal spiritual being. Chant Om and meditate upon me. There is only one Dharm-to serve the spiritual being described in Geeta. Place him in your heart with reverence. Therefore, Geeta has remained your own scripture.

Krishna is the messenger of the holy sages who have described the divine creator as the Universal truth over the thousands of years of age. Many sages have said that one may express their corporeal as well as eternal desires from the God, be awed by the God and not to believe in other deities- has already been proclaimed by many sages, but only the Geeta explicitly shows the way to attain spirituality and fathom the distance on the way of attaining it – refer to “Yatharth Geeta”. Geeta not only gives spiritual peace, but it also makes it easier to attain eternal and enduring alleviation. In order to perceive it please refer to the universally acclaimed commentary.

“Yathartha Geeta’’

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