Sustainability and National Security Pdf

Sustainability and National Security PDF, In a world that has finite resources and is increasingly experiencing high competition for these resources, the military has embraced sustainability as both a vital strategic security element and as a mission enabler. This book addresses how security organizations throughout the world are or could be approaching sustainability.

Sustainability and National Security Pdf Download

Sustainability and National Security Pdf Download

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Table of Contents

This book explores the sustainability concept at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. At the strategic level, the book explores the importance of focusing international and national priorities on identifying and preserving the resource base necessary to maintain security and stability and discusses the importance of proactively mitigating threats to these resources.

At the operational level, it examines the great savings that can be achieved by applying sustainable principles and practices throughout military installations, systems, and operations; Operational Energy is a fine example.

At the tactical level sustainability is reducing risks to military warfighters by reducing the logistic burden of transporting fuel and water to the tip of the fighting spear, and by minimizing the overall logistics footprint at base camps.

In the field, the military is additionally a catalyst for the enhancement of sustainable communities through its application of green technologies and human capacity building.

Sustainability is simply a management approach applying a systematic framework with a focus on the wise use of resources (economic and natural) while acting socially responsible.

Through the application of sustainable practices and principles demonstrated in this book by various organizations, the military is not only getting stronger but playing a vital role in driving new innovations and technologies critical to the military’s future success.

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