NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 29 Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls

NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 29 Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls, Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NIOS Study Material of Class 12 English Chapter 29 Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls and select need one. NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 29 Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 12 English Notes Paper 302.

NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 29 Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 29 Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls, NIOS Senior Secondary Course English Solutions for All Chapter, You can practice these here.

Controlling Strategies And Out-Going Calls

Chapter: 29



Intext Question 29.1

1. Study the following dialogues and in-dicate controlling strategies used in them Please note: More than one strategy may be used in each.

A. Mariam : What’s the average cost of a hotel in Tokyo?

Nakatane : I’m not sure, as I don’t live in Tokyo. I suppose about 15,000 to 30,000 (yen), but I never stay in hotels so I sure about it.

Mariam : So that’s 15,000 for .. good ho tel?

Nakatane : No, that’s not quite right. For a good hotel you pay about.    

 30,000 yens. 

Marian : I see. Thanks.

Ans: (i) Mariam asks Nakatane to repeat the key facts.

(ii) It indicates his understanding of the mes sage. 

(iii) It indicates that he seeks correct information.

B. Journalist : I see. What about sales out-side Europe?

Industrialist : Twenty million. OK.

Journalist : I’ve got one final question. Is it true that M.F. Husisan designed your wrappers?

Industrialist : Absolutely. It was in the late 70’s (Seventies). 

Ans: (i) The journalist asks the Industrialist to repeat the key facts.

(ii) It indicates that the journalist has made checklist of points to be consulted before the call.

(iii) It indicates that he seeks correct infor-mation.

II. Write the dialogue you will have with the caller in each of the following situations:

(a) A client calls your office and asks to speak to a colleague who isn’t in the office.

Ans: Client: I’ll like to speak to Nanak Singh, please.

Overall Questions

Q. 1. You are the operator in Sassoon Hospital, Pune. The head of Plastic Surgery Department asks you to put a call through to a friend who is getting married. At the same time there’s call from the Emergency. Which one will you attend first? Decide and prepare the conversation.

Ans: I’ll attend the emergency call first.

Mr. Kumar : Connect me to Anil. I’ve to congratulate him for his mar-ringe. 

Operator : OK, Sir, just a moment (within this period emergency call comes). 

Nurse : Get me connected to Dr. Rao, It’s an emergency.

Operator : (To Mr. Kumar) Sir, I apolo-gize. As there is an emergency call. I’ve to call Dr. Rao. I hope you wouldn’t mind. I’ll connect to your friend after Dr. Rao.

Mr. Kumar : Oh no! No problem. Please first see to emergency.

Operator : Thank you, sir.

Q. 2. You are the operator in a University. The Head of the Physics Deptt. has asked you to find out where some books (give names, authors, publishers) are available with the local book sellers.

Ans: Operator: Sir, the books list you gave me are available on the Arora Book Depot, Kamla Nagar. I’ll send order by fax.

Q. 3. The Personnel Manager wants you to find out all necessary details and make arrangements so that he will be able to reach Delhi from Hyderabad by 1 Jan. 99, 10.30 a.m. for a Labour Union Meeting.

Ans: Necessary details about flights from Hyderabad to Delhi to be found out specially about the morning flight on 1″ April, 2008.

Writing Reports


Intext Question 29.1

Q. 1. You have made a surprise visit to a hospital. Write a report on the working of the hospital. You may address your report to your senior supervisor. Use your exercise book to write this report.

You may use the following points:

Cleanliness and hygienic condition of the hospital, stock of medicines, number of doctors and nurses on duty, Cash book, etc.


To: Mr. L.D. Bhardwaj (Senior Supervisor). 

From: Raghuvansh Dev (Assistant Supervisor Medical).

Subject : Report on the working of Government Hospital, Tilak Nagar. 

I have given a surprise visit to Government Hospital, Tilak Nagar 10, March. I found some desperate conditions in the hospital. My report is as follows:

(i) Hygiene and Cleanliness: It was hopeless. Blood stained cotton pads and gauzes could be seen lying on floors. outside operations theatres. O.PDs are worst affected. Only a few sweepers were found on duty.

(ii) Attendance of doctors and nurses: Although at the time to report the duty is 7.30 a.m. but nobody observes it. Most of the doctors and nurses were not available.

(iii) Stock of medicines: When stock of medicines was checked it was not found up to date. Many necessary medicines were not available although they have been supplied sufficiently Patients are not properly given free medicines.

(iv) Recommendations: Over all conditions of the hospital is found to be miserable and need an immediate action. All doctors and representatives of nurses and lower staff should be called for a briefing and necessary disciplinary actions should be taken against the careless employees.



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