NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 12 If I Were You

NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 12 If I Were You, Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NIOS Study Material of Class 12 English Chapter 12 If I Were You and select need one. NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 12 If I Were You Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 12 English Notes Paper 302.

NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 12 If I Were You

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 12 English Chapter 12 If I Were You, NIOS Senior Secondary Course English Solutions for All Chapter, You can practice these here.

If I Were You

Chapter: 12



Intext Question 12.1

Q. 1. Did the Intruder try to frighten Gerrard?

Ans: Yes, the Intruder tried to frighten Gerrard.

Q. 2. Did the Intruder succeed?

Ans: No, he did not succeed.

Q. 3. What was the Intruder’s first question to Gerrard?

Ans: The Intruder first asked Gerrard, “Do you live here alone?” 

Q. 4. Why do you think he wanted an answer to the question?

Ans: He wanted to know if Gerrard lived alone. He wanted to kill Gerrard.

Q. 5. If Gerrard did not answer, what would the Intruder do?

Ans: The Intruder in that case would hurt Gerrard.

Intext Question 12.2

Q. 1. Is Gerrard successful in finding out the Intruder’s name? How many times does he try?

Ans: No, he was not successful. He tried thrice. 

Q. 2. Does Gerrard have a car? Where does he keep it?

Ans: Yes, he keeps it in a garage.

Q. 3. List at least 3 facts about Gerrard that the intruder had found out before coming to his house.

Ans: They are:

(i) Gerrard had a car.

(ii) He never saw trades-people.

(iii) His cottage was at a lonely place.

Q. 4. Refer to two incidents that prove that the Intruder is boastful.

Ans: The Intruder says boastfully:

(i) I have got brains.

(ii) He reveals that he will kill Gerrard and take his place.

Intext Question 12.3

Q. 1. Why was the Intruder a hunted rat?

Ans: The Intruder had killed a policeman. The police were after him. He was trying to dodge them. 

Q. 2. What did he plan to do as Vincent Charles Gerrard? 

Ans: The Intruder resembled Gerrard. He wanted to kill him and live freely as Gerrard.

Q. 3. Which of the following remarks of Gerrard suggest that Intruder will not kill him?

(a) “Your idea is to elude the police by killing me taking on my identity.” 

(b) “You will not kill me for a very good reason.”

(c) “Your clothes will let you down if you’re not careful.”

Ans: (b) You, will not kill me for a very good reason.

Q. 4. (i) Who gives away any more information about himself, Gerrard or the Intruder?

(ii) Is it a strength or a weakness? 

(iii) Does it show that he was:

– nervous ?-

– clever? 

– boastful?

– queer?

Ans: (i) The Intruder gives more information about himself.

(ii) It is weakness: 

(iii) Boastful.

Intext Question 12.4

Q. 1. Gerrard told the Intruder that:

(a) he had killed someone and was wanted by the police.

(b) he was a Sunday school teacher. 

(c) he was friendly with the police.

Ans: (a) He had killed someone and was wanted by the police.

Q. 2. (i) Describe the disguise outfit. 

Ans: It consisted of false moustaches, long coat, etc.

(ii) Who was it for? 

Ans: It was for a stage artist.

(iii) Why would he use it?

Ans: The actor needed for stage performance.

Q. 3. (i) What does Gerrard do for a living?

Ans: He writes and direct plays for the theatre.

(ii) How do you know? 

Ans: He reveals it himself.

Q.4. (i) Did the telephone bell ring? 

Ans: Yes, the telephone bell rang. 

(ii) Who did Gerrard say was coming to His cottage?

Ans: Police was coming to arrest him. 

(iii) Did the Intruder go with Gerrard willingly or unwillingly?

Ans : Unwillingly.

Q. 5. (i) Where did Gerrard push the Intruder into?

Ans: Gerrard pushed him into a cupboard.

(ii) What happened to the Intruder’s revolver?

Ans: Gerrard knocked the revolver out of his hand. 

(iii) Who was cleverer-Gerrard or Intruder?

Ans: Gerrard.

Overall Questions

Q. 1. (i) What is the title of the play? 

Ans: ‘If I Were You’? 

(ii) If ‘T’ in the title stands for Gerrard, the title can be completed like this: If I were you I would not talk so much. 

Ans:  If I were you, I would not talk so much.

(iii) Now, suppose ‘I’ in the title stands for the Intruder. Complete the title as in (ii)

Ans: If I were you, I would drive your car.

Q. 2. Answer the following in about 50- 55 words: 

(i) Why had the Intruder come to Gerrard’s house?

Ans: The Intruder had already killed a policeman. The police were after him. He was fed up with the chase. He was trying to escape. The Intruder reached the Gerrard’s house. He resembled Gerrard. Therefore, he want to learn his movement, expression and style. He wanted to take his position. Therefore, he studied everything. After that he would kill Gerrard and take his identity to dodge the police.

(ii) Could the Intruder carry out his plan? If not, why?

Ans: No ‘the Intruder could not carry out

his plan. Gerrard proved smarter than him. He told the Intruder that he too was a murderer. He showed him artificial moustaches. In this way, he engaged him in conversation. He took the Intruder to the garage. There he asked to look outside if police were coming. Then he pushed him into a cupboard and locked it. Gerrard called in the police and got him arrested.

(iii) What are the two pieces of evidence that make the intruder believe Gerrard’s story?

Ans: Gerrard cooked up a story. 

He made the following evidences that made his story believable:

(i) The disguise outfit with the moustaches. 

(ii) The telephone call

(iv) Who is the more intelligent of the two: Gerrard or Intruder? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans: Gerrard is more intelligent than the intruder. He does not lose balance of mind at the sight of a revolver. He maintains his cool and welcomes the intruder. He told the intruder that he had already killed a man and the police were after him. The intruder could not understand the trick of Gerrard. He took him to his garage and asked him to look out if the police were there. As the intruder looked out, Gerrard pushed him in a cupboard. He locked him and called in the police. The police came and arrested him. In this way, Gerrard proved smarter than the intruder.

(v) Which of the following words describe Gerrard and which one about the Intruder? Put them in the right column.

Boastful, well-dressed, clumsy intelligent, theatrical, witty, uncultured educated.


The IntruderGerrard

Vocabulary Enrichment

A. One word can have more than one meaning. 

Example: (i) The president placed a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier. (a place where someone is buried)

(ii) With a grave look Mr. Birla told his employee, “You must never whistle while working” (serious)

Ans: grave (i) a place where some one is buried.

(ii) serious looking.

1. Select the correct meaning of the underlined word Is and write them against the sentence:

1. (a) You have been at the computer all morning, you deserve a break.

Ans: stop for a brief period.

(b) I came back to the house to discover that thieves had broken in and stolen everything. 

Ans: steal into a locked house.

2. (a) The motion to increase college fees was unanimously rejected. 

Ans: proposal on plan.

(b) The slow motion of the bullock cart lulled  him to sleep.

Ans: movement.

3. (a) She was a leading figure in the movement against child labour.

Ans: person.

(b) Without looking at the figures we can not say whether the company is running at a loss.

Ans: accounts.

4. (a) The audience burst into wild applause .

Ans: uncontrolled, excited.

(b) Lions that have been living in the wild usually do not thrive in zoos.

Ans: in natural conditions.

B. Find out more such words and use them in your daily language use.

(b) Natural conditions.

Example: She made up a wonderful story to explain why she was late …………. (invent).

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