Biography of Nomal Chandra Borah

GNRC is now a landmark in the medical field of Assam. Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah is the managing director of this GNRC. Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah started a historic journey in the medical world of Assam through the establishment of GNRC. Dr. Borah is a wonderful example of humanity. One of the bright sun of the North East is Nomal Borah. Despite the advantages of  pursuing higher education and establishing it in any part of the world, he has been working in various ways at different times to strengthen Assamese roots by staying on the soil of Assam. 

Biography of Nomal Chandra Borah

Biography of Nomal Chandra Borah

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NameDr. Nomal Chandra Borah[1]
Date of BirthAugust 15, 1950
Place of Birth Dubia, Sonitpur  
Education 1/Vishwanath Chariali (Crossroads) High School

2/Guwahati Medical College

3/AIMS, Delhi

4/University of Michigan, United states
Awards1/Veerangana Sati Sadhani Award, 2015

2/ERDF Excellence Award, 2015

3/Janamitra Award

Personal & Early life

Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah was born on  August 15,1950 at Jarani village in Dubia, Gahpur, Vishwanath Chariali. Born in a farming family, Dr. Borah’s childhood was not as sweet as any other child. He spent time struggling hard times during the butterfly chasing age. At that time he ploughed the field, supported his parents in farming, climbed on the back of the buffalo and grazed cattle during leisure time. Borah, who fought poverty since childhood, grows vegetables, and walks 10 miles to Sunday market carrying a loads on his shoulder .

He also paid for his studies, as well his siblings by selling vegetables as well as betel leaf and betel nut. He even tried  to  remove the financial distress of the family by earning his own, he use to give a small shop of betel nut at the village temple when there is a Ras or Drama(Bhauna) and he use to earn his own (self financing).

Dr. Borah, who fought poverty in childhood and adolescence, never came second in the world between hard work and life struggle. While studying in Viswanath Chariali (crossroads) he use to earn his own cost of education by doing tuitions. He dreamt of being a ‘big man’ from his childhood even though he faced harsh realities in childhood. For which he started his life from zero through hard teaching and pursuit and was able to climb to pinnacle of success today.

Nomal Chandra Borah educated, depending on Educational Loan and Scholarship.    

He completed his MBBS education from Guwahati Medical College and later enrolled in AIMS in Delhi for higher education after completing his MD degree in Internal Medicine and from there he got DM degree in neurology subject. He also studied at  the University of Michigan in the United States on epidemiology and biostatistics.  

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Professional Life

Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah believed that Starting something, from nothing. Raising this he quit his lucrative job outside and joined the Guwahati Medical College job. And later in 1984, in Vellore started working for the first GNRC Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospital Guwahati Neurological Research Centre Limited  time in Northeast India in collaboration with the world’s most famous neurologist Dr. K.V. Mathai. Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah also worked as a registrar of Medicine department at Guwahati Medical College. He was a researcher student of the Us Academy of Neurology.  

Importantly he started the work of GNRC Hospital with just one bed and EEG machine in a rented house in Maligaon. But the positive thing is that there are currently five hospitals under GNRC Group of Hospitals. The GNRC located in North Guwahati is the only Private Health Care at the level of medical colleges. Positively, there is no doctor’s fees in GNRC, all but medical tests  and medicines are free. On the other hand, in addition to free ambulance services, patients get emergency free of cost 24 hours.  

Dr. Borah has now ushered in a revolutionary transformation in the health care sector. He is the only entrepreneur from Assam who has been able to set up hospitals outside Assam at Barasat in west Bengal.  

Importantly, Dr. Borah has introduced health care knowledge to the villagers through health alliances under Affordable Health Mission. Two thousand health allies in Assam and four hundred in West Bengal are working on health issues. These health allies have also taught on Preventive Health Care and informed the general public about how to stay clean and survive the illness. Not only this, Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah’s desire is to usher in a radical change in health issues that have created a million health alliances. He also started  Medishop  in 2008 with the objective of establishing Asian Institute of Nursing Education and youth in 2004.  

Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah is a doctor in Neurology subject. Nomal Chandra Borah was attracted to the issue of Neurology,  medical students were really stressed out because of a young mind that could challenge difficult tasks. However, this was another reason why Dr. Borah was interested in this subject, as Dr. Borah was studying neurology at Guwahati Medical College, people’s ignorance was high. At that time there was no any expert in neurology.   

So the students kept an unnecessary fear in mind on this issue. At that time doctors should have been brought from outside to treat patients in case of neurology problems. That is why Dr. KV Mathai of Vellore Professor came to Guwahati when Dr. Bora was a student. Attracted by  Dr. KV Mathai’s conversation and learning techniques, he decided to study neurology.  

While studying from Dr. Mathai, he felt that there were no people in Assam who could teach neurology. Which is why students have no interest in the subject. That is why he decided that he would study neurology.  

Importantly, after he went to study in AIIMS, he got a chance to read both neurology and physiology. On the other hand there  was also a way to establish early when you read the cardiology. Yet Nomal Chandra Borah chose the issue of neurology.  

According to him, doctors and patients have a sacred bond. The doctor should have empathy towards the patients. Doctors are God for patients like they are God for patients, so patients are also all God for doctors.  

Not only in the field of medicine but also Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah is involved in the field of literature. He has also been  publishing the magazine “GNRC Health” since 2007. He also authored several books, including “Doctor’s Notebook”, “Doctor and Patient Yoga Bandi”, “Health, Medical Science and Social System”. In addition, various articles of Nomal Chandra’s Borah have been published in various newspapers.  

Not only Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah but all the members of his family are associated with social service. His daughter Priyanka Borah is serving the people as the Deputy MD of Dispur GNRC Group of Hospitals while second daughter Shatabdi Borah in GNRC served as a six mile executive officer. On the other hand Dr.  Borah’s only son Dr. Madhurjya  is the CEO of north Guwahati GNRC Medical. On the other hand, Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah’s family member Dr. Jayashree Borah retired from Cotton College as a professor of geography but is currently working as a guest professor at Guwahati and Cotton Universities. Dr. Jayashree Borah is also involved in the literary field. She is a good writer. Several of  her books have already been published.


According to Dr Nomal Chandra Borah, “All people should be ready to take up challenges in life, people have nothing to lose, be ready to take any risk if they want to get it Everything needs to be done. It is the love of the common man that increases motivation and responsibility. There is  no end to human  suffering – pain and need, just as there is no end to the  work to be done. ”  

Doctors are considered god by ordinary people. The common man has immense and sincere respect for the doctor. One such doctor is Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah. However, ‘GNRC’ founder Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah is no longer the only renowned doctor, becoming a kind of legend-like figure in Assam’s health sector. His natural attractive personality and human qualities  are popular among people from all walks of life. Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah is no longer just a person he is a social event. Dr. Borah’s struggling story of life, his teachings, hard work, his pursuits are a source inspired by the new generation. He is the pride of Assam. 


1. When and where was Nomal Chandra Borah born?

Ans: Nomal Chandra Borah was born in 15 August 1950 at Dubia, Sonitpur district.

2. Who is the owner of GNRC Hospital?

Ans: Nomal Chandra Borah is the founder and the owner of GNRC hospital.

3. Name the magazine publishing by him since 2007?

Ans: He has also been publishing the magazine “GNRC Health” since 2007.

4. When did he won Veerangana Sati Sadhini Award?

Ans: He won Veerangana Sati Sadhani Award in 2015.

5. Name some of the books authored by Nomal Borah?

Ans: Some of the books authored by him are- “Doctor’s Notebook”, “Doctor and Patient Yoga Bandi”, “Health, Medical Science and Social System”.

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