Biography of Joyanti Chutia

Women are the main driving force of progress of a society. It is through the common efforts of women and men that a society moves on the path of progress. Despite the Indian Constitution empowering women in all spheres such as social, political, economic, education, etc., women’s society is lagging behind somewhere in states like Assam. But in the meantime, many women have made the entire nation proud with their skills and wisdom in the midst of various limitations. One such woman is Dr° Joyanti Chutia. In a state surrounded by various limitations like Assam, Dr° Joyanti Chutia has made many important contributions to the field of science as well as society by researching complex subjects like plasma physics.

Biography of Joyanti Chutia

Biography of Joyanti Chutia

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NameDr° Joyanti Chutia[1]
Date of Birth1st August, 1948
Place of BirthAmguri, Sivsagar
ParentsSonaram Chutia (Father), Kunjalata Chutia (Mother)
Education1/ Bachelor of Physics from Cotton College (1967)

2/ Bachelor of Physics from Guwahati University (1969).

3/ Ph.D. in Solid state Physics from University of Dibrugarh (1981)
Awards1/ Kamal Kumari National Award (2005)

2/ Sadhani Shaurya Puraskar (2005)

3/ Basanti Bordoloi Award (2002)

4/ Women Physicist Award (2010)

5/ Ghanshyam Goswami Award (2004)

6/Dulorve Young Memorial Award (1998)

Early Life

Dr° Joyanti Chutia is a notable physicist from Assam and India. Dr°Joyanti Chutia has also been playing an important role in the spread and promotion of science education through science literature. The wise woman was born on August 1,1948 at Amguri in Sivasagar district. Growing up in an educational environment, Dr° Joyanti Chutia’s father Sonaram Chutia served as headmaster of Amguri Boys School and mother Kunjalata Chutia was also a teacher. Apart from imparting knowledge to the students through teaching, Dr° Chutia’s father was closely involved in the social field as well as in the field of literature. Sonaram Chutia wrote several books. Importantly, Dr° Joyanti Chutia edited a collection called “An Extraordinary Common Man” with eminent writer Homen Bargohani combining many of Sonaram Chutia’s works.

As a notable Indian scientist and researcher, Dr° Joyanti Chutia studied solid-state physics and plasma physics. Plasma physics is a new branch of physics. She was the first woman director of Science and Technology Institute, Guwahati, one of the first research institutes in Northeast India. On the other hand she also received her deeds from National Academy of Sciences. In addition, Dr° Joyanti Chutia served as a scientist in the same post even after retiring in the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Positively, Dr° Joyanti Chutia’s name is included in the “Lilavati’s Daughters: The Woman Scientists of India” about 100 Indian women scientists published by Indian Academy of Sciences.

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Importantly, While studying in school, Dr° Joyanti Chutia was the first student of the school to choose mathematics as an elective subject. After graduating in Physics from Cotton College in 1967, she graduated from Dibrugarh University in 1969 with a master’s degree in physics. She later served as a teacher at Amguri Girls High School and later as a Duliajan College teacher after completing her master’s degree. Dr° Chutia received her Ph.D. in Solid state Physics from Dibrugarh University in 1981. Dr° Chutia served as the Post Doctorate Fellow of CSIR from 1981 to 1983 after completing her PhD degree. She subsequently worked in Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad and Institute for Plasma Research Gandhi Nagar to carry out various research work on plasma physics.

Professional Life & Achievements

Later, Dr° Joyanti Chutia established the Plasma Physics Laboratory in parallel with her duties as a professor of Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology. It may be recalled that Dr° Joyanti Chutia had done various research work in the Plasma Laboratory of Institute of Space and Astronautical Science located in Tokyo through deeds provided by the Japanese government in 1988.

Positively, Dr° Joyanti Chutia found a lot of emphasis on bio-medicine as well as biotechnology in her research. She played a key role in making a long-term and perishable product of pat muga through research. Dr° Joyanti Chutia, who has played an important role in the spread and promotion of Science education, has participated in several seminars, conferences held in various parts of India as well as abroad. In 1976, Dr° Chutia attended the International Seminar on Solid state Physics held in Kolkata for the first time in Ahmedabad, Indore, Hiroshima University of Japan, Jadavpur University, kolkata, New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU, Delhi), Williamsburg America, USA, University of Mumbai, Germany, Allahabad University, Malay University in Kuala Lumpur, Solalankaran University in Bangkok, Bangalore, London, Italy etc. She has been able to show her talented qualities by participating in seminars, workshops on various subjects under physics in different parts of the country and abroad and also brought glory to Assam. Even today, 156 research papers of Dr° Joyanti Chutia have been published in various journals and 92 research papers have been published internationally.

Positively, Dr° Joyanti Chutia has also written several books on subjects such as biographies of various scientists, scientific travel stories, etc. to take the subject of science easily to the common man. One of these are:

1/The working life of some of the most famous women scientists in the world of wisdom.

2/Science Talk from beginning to twentieth Century


4/Life and the world in the eyes of Artists

5/Madame Curie

6/Twentieth Century Physics’ 

7/In the Red Indian Country

8/Silent Talk etc.

In addition, Dr° Joyanti Chutia has translated a Haiku poetry book called “Haiku Yatra” by Matsuo Bus, the father of Haiku poetry popular among Japanese, into Assamese. This book, however, is a combination of prose and poetry. In 1987, Dr° Joyanti Chutia published the book “Madame Curie” with the life story of Mary Curie, the first Nobel Laureate and the first person to win the Nobel Prize twice. In the 112-page book, she contains the contribution of Wisdom to the human race in the midst of hard work. This book is an invaluable asset written in Assamese language with a history of the life of renowned scientist Mary Curie.

On the other hand, Dr.° Joyanti Chutia has beautifully reflected the working lives of many history-renowned women scientists through “The Working Life Story of some of the most famous women scientists in the world of wisdom. Dr° Joyanti Chutia’s other book “In The Eyes of The Artist in Life” and “The World” contains seven articles related to great paintings, sculptures, many great painters, etc. Apart from this many films and sculpture copies have also been added to this book. Dr° was also involved in literature, science and cultural aspects during childhood. She played ‘Behela’ and received Bishardo(expertise) in Behela.

Dr° Joyanti Chutia, known as a notable physicist across the country, has become the pride of Assam and India by taking every problem faced as a challenge and moving through its concentration and hard work.

Dr° Joyanti Chutia established her studies in the field of science by ignoring every problem at a time when science education was not expanded, states like Assam had no special facilities for science research.

Dr. Hiren Gohain opined that one of the scientists who has come out of the women of Assam and made Assamese women as well as the entire Assamese nation proud is Dr° Joyanti Chutia. She has made many fundamental contributions by researching complex subjects like plasma physics in the underdeveloped environment of Assam.


Dr° Joyanti Chutia is one of the notable names of Assamese who have a distinct status in the field of physics. Not only as a scientist but as a literary writer, as a strong (empowered women) she is an inspiration source for the younger generation. Possessing a common and powerful personality, this Assamese child is a familiar name not only for Assam but also for physics across India and the world. She is the pride of Assam. She has been making an outstanding contribution to the field of physics through research.


1. When and where was Joyanti Chutia born?

Ans: She was born in 1948 at Sivasagar, Assam, India.

2. Where is Plasma Laboratory of Institute of Space and Astronautical Science located?

Ans: Plasma Laboratory of Institute of Space and Astronautical Science located in Tokyo.

3. What is the subject she mainly studied?

Ans: As a notable Indian scientist and researcher, Dr° Joyanti Chutia studied solid-state physics and plasma physics.

4. What is plasma physics?

Ans: Plasma physics is a new branch of physics, an electrically conducting medium in which there are roughly equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles, produced when the atoms in a gas become ionized.

5. From where and when did Joyanti Chutia received her Ph.D. in Solid state Physics?

Ans: Dr° Chutia received her Ph.D. in Solid state Physics from Dibrugarh University in 1981.

6. Name some of the books written by Joyanti Chutia?

Ans: Some of the books written by Joyanti Chutia are- The working life of some of the most famous women scientists in the world of wisdom, Telescope, Madam Curie, Life and the world in the eyes of Artists, Silent Talk etc.

7.When did she won Kamal Kumari National Award?

Ans: She won Kamal Kumari National Award in 2005.

8. When did she won Sadhini Shayerya Puraskar?

Ans: She won Sadhani Shaurya Puraskar in 2005.

9. When did she won Basanti Bordoloi Award?

Ans: She won Basanti Bordoloi Award in 2002.

10. When did she won Women Physicist Award?

Ans: She won Women Physicist Award in 2010.

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