A Short History of the United States PDF

A Short History of the United States

A Short History of the United States The economy was mostly agricultural, that is, hunting and gathering. But these natives were limited in what they could do by the fact that they had not invented the wheel; nor did they have important domesticated animals, such as the horse and cow.

A Short History of the United States Pdf Download

A Short History of the United States PDF

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There are many intriguing mysteries surrounding the peopling and discovery of the western hemisphere. Who were the people to first inhabit the northern and southern continents? Why did they come? How did they get here? How long was their migration?

A possible narrative suggests that the movement of ancient people to the New World began when they crossed a land bridge that once existed between what we today call Siberia and Alaska, a bridge that later disappeared because of glacial melting and is now covered by water and known as the Bering Strait. It is also possible that these early people were motivated by wanderlust or the need for a new source of food.

Perhaps they were searching for a better climate, and maybe they came for religious reasons, to escape persecution, or to find a more congenial area to practice their particular beliefs. Who knows?

Of course, some scholars have argued that these ancient people came by sea, and several modern adventurers have sought to demonstrate how it was accomplished. But if a land route did provide the gateway to this New World, when did it happen? How long ago? The best guess— and it is a guess—is that it took place 50,000 years ago if not more.

But was it a single long migration stretching over a number of years? Or did it come in fits and starts during an extended period of time? Scholars have suggested that the migration continued until 2,000 years ago and that extended families came in groups.

Over time, these people settled into every habitable area they could find, penetrating the most southerly region and even occupying the many islands off the coast, especially the eastern coast.

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