Jews and Judaism in World History Pdf

Jews and Judaism in World History

Jews and Judaism in World History This book is a survey of the history of the Jewish people from biblical antiquity to the present, spanning nearly 2,500 years and traversing five continents.

Jews and Judaism in World History Pdf Download

Jews and Judaism in World History Pdf

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Opening with a broad introduction that addresses key questions of terminology and definition, the book’s ten chapters then go on to explore Jewish history in both its religious and non-religious dimensions.

The book explores the social, political, and cultural aspects of Jewish history, and examines the changes and continuities across the whole of the Jewish world throughout its long and varied history. Topics covered include:

• the emergence of Judaism as a religion and way of life, from the world of the ancient Israelites, as recounted in the Hebrew Bible through to encounters with the Greco-Roman civilization, and with Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Islamic and Christian rule.

• the development during the Middle Ages of Judaism as an all-encompassing identity.

• the effect on Jewish life and identity of major changes in Europe and the Islamic world from the mid-sixteenth through the end of the nineteenth century.

• the complexity of Jewish life in the twentieth century, the challenge of anti-Semitism and the impact of the Holocaust, and the emergence of the current centers of world Jewry in the State of Israel and the New World.

Exploring the overarching themes that bind this complex history, while also taking care to note the broad diversity of the Jewish experience, this book will be a vital tool to all students of world history.

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