Jagat Kalpana (জগৎ কল্পনা) – Story & Poems Book In Bengali

Jagat Kalpana (জগৎ কল্পনা) – Story & Poems Book In Bengali

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Jagat Kalpana by Yogi Purnangsu Nath Mazumder is a captivating Bengali fiction book that transcends age boundaries. This anthology seamlessly weaves together a diverse collection of Bengali poems and stories, providing a rich tapestry of literary experiences. With its universal appeal, the book invites readers of all ages to explore the intricacies of life, emotions, and cultural nuances through the lens of Yogi Purnangsu Nath Mazumder’s storytelling prowess. A literary journey that promises to engage and resonate with a broad spectrum of readers.

Jagat Kalpana

The school examination plays the most important role in the life of any student. But this book is not only for a student but also for people of all ages. Also in today’s scenario, the importance of school examinations is maximum as ever, the government has fixed the weightage of these examinations in this process to any level production program.

Jagat Kalpana (জগৎ কল্পনা)

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But this book is not academic. This book can be read when you are disturbed, disappear, depressed happy, sad, or other emotions. This’ জগৎ কল্পনা’ book does not exist in your Academy certificate but it must be erect in your life or mentality. I wrote this book. For all ages, people can read it. This book changes and increases your brain capacity. My 17 years of experience in my village and other places are written in this book. This book is made up of not only my experience but also my emotions.

I am highly thankful to YOGI PRAKASAN, MEERUT for giving me Sach an excellent opportunity to write this book. Huge efforts have been made from every side to keep this book error-free, but despite that, if any error whatsoever is skipped in the book then that is purely incidental, I apologize for the same, and please write to me about that so that it can be corrected in the further edition of the book. The role of the YOGI DTP Unit and Proof Reading Team is praiseworthy in the making of this book. Suggestions for further improvement of the book will also come.

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