Class 6 English Chapter 6 Pollution

Class 6 English Chapter 6 Pollution The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters Assam Board Class 6 English Chapter 6 Pollution and select needs one.

SEBA Class 6 English Chapter 6 Pollution

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Class 6 English Chapter 6 Pollution Solutions for All Subject, You can practice these here.


Chapter 6


Q. 1. Do you realise the importance of protection the environment from population? Check how much you remember by answering the following questions. 

(a) The air mixed with dust and smoke is polluted air. How does the air polluted in an industrial area? 

Ans : Released waste materials and smoke make the air polluted of an industrial area. 

(b) Why do we need clean and fresh air? 

Ans : We need clean and fresh air to breath. 

(c) What happens when the air becomes polluted? 

Ans : When air becomes polluted, then the polluted air goes into our lungs and make us ill. 

(d) Why is our environment getting spoilt? 

Ans : Because of smoke and foul smell our environment is getting Spoilt. 

(e) How can we protect our environment? 

Ans : We can protect our environment by planting more trees and making people aware not to cut trees. 

(f) How do green plants and trees help us and our environment ?

Ans : Green plants and trees enrich the air with oxygen. They use up the carbon-dioxide. In this way they help us and our environment. 

(g) What steps should we take to keep our environment clean? 

Ans : Industries and Factories must adopt measures to keep clean our environment. 

(h) how does water become polluted? 

Ans : Water become polluted when we dump garbage into the river or water. 

(i) How does soil become polluted? 

Ans : Soil becomes polluted as a result of using too much pesticides and dumping non degradable waste materials. 

Q. 2. In the lesson you read about some ways in which our environment gets polluted. In your note book make three columns like this.

Now write the causes of these different types of pollution in the proper columns, taking the help of information provided in the lesson. One has been done for you. 

Ans : 

Q. 3. Here’s a game for you Say the word ‘pollution’ to your friend. Ask him or her to say a sentences with it. Then your friend will have to make a sentence with it.  Continue the game using as many words related to pollution as you can think of. 

Ans : Friend : We should all try to stop air pollution. 

(i) We cannot live without air. 

(ii) Not only air but water and soil also become polluted. 

(iii) Dumping of garbages make water polluted. 

(iv) Industries and factories make water polluted by releasing waste materials to the rivers or water. 

(v) Dumping garbages and non-degradable waste on land and too much use of pesticides make the soil polluted. 

Q. 4. Read the text again and find out the words that you do not understand. Look up their meaning in the dictionary. Write down the meaning suitable for the sentence in the text. Waste, rubbish, especially, domestic, refuse 

Ans : Fumes :- strong smelling smokes, gas of vapour.

Automobile :- motor-car. 

Environment :- surrounding, circumstances, influences. 

Harmful :- causing damage, injury 

Q. 5. Find out the hidden words in the grid. They are all related to the environment. Hint : There are six words across and four down.

Ans : The hidden words are 

Words across :- noise, water, smoke, oxygen, cloud, waste. 

Words down :- pollution, air, carbon, river. 

Q.6. Work in groups of four or five. Discuss and write a few slogans to protect the environment in the space given below. Then write them on chart paper and hang the chart paper in your classroom.

Ans : 

Q. 7. Let’s learn some grammar. 

Now work in the pairs. Find some more active sentences and write in the bubbles on the left. Then write their passive forms in the bubbles on the right. 

Ans :   

Active Passive 
We read books.Book are read by us.
Cows eat grass.Grass is eaten by cows.
Garbage pollutes water.Water is polluted by garbage.

Now write the following sentences in passive voice, and write it on a chart paper to make a poster. You can colour it, write a heading and hang it in your classroom. 

Ans :             

Active       Passive 
• We need air . • Air is needed by us. 
• We need fresh water too.• Fresh water too needed by us.
• Some animals eat green lives. • Green leaves are eaten by some animals.
• Trees and plants breath the air that we breath out. • The air that is breathed by us is breathed by trees and plants. 
• They help us to breath fresh air. • We are helped by them to breath fresh air. 

Q. 8. Read this story called ‘Night River’ and complete the task that follows : 

‘Night River’ Long, long ago a night river flowed in the heart of the blue planet where we live. The river could dance and flow as it wished and was a friend of the people. The night river was home to different kinds of aquatic animals and plants. It provided pure water to the animals and the plant kingdom. It added beauty to the water. The river cooled the surrounding and made the soil fertile. It was used for water transport and gave us water for drinking, washing, cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc. The people on the blue planet were happy with the gifts given by the mighty night river. But one day, the night river turned yellow it was no longer a beautiful blue. 

Why do you think had happened?

In small groups, discuss and note three reasons. 

Ans : I think the people were not at all aware about pollution and so it had happened. 

After discussion we would like to note the following reason.

(a) People did not know about pollution and cleanliness of water.

(b) Factories may release waste materials to the water of river. 

(c) Perhaps people dumped garbages in the water of the river. 

Q. 9. Here is a class project for you. Talk to your parents and relatives and write three sentences on what to do and what not to do to make our environment pollution free. 

Ans : We should adopt the following measures to make our environment pollution free. 

(i) People should be encouraged and asked to plant more trees and not to cut trees. 

(ii) Garbages should be destroyed so that bad smell doesn’t come out. 

(iii) Industries and factories should take proper measure not to pollute environment. 

Q. 10. Draw a picture to show a clean and healthy environment. 

Ans : (Student will try with the help of the teacher). 

Q. 11. Read the words spoken by the headmaster in the morning assembly.

By using the sentences of the headmaster write a paragraph on the topic “Protection of the environment : you may add your own sentences. 

Ans : ‘Protection of the Environment ‘Everybody should be aware of protecting the environment. Unclear environment makes people ill. Some of the measures of protecting environment are noted below. 

Noises of factories and trains polluted our environment. One of the ways of protecting the environment is to make People aware of the world around us. Green plants which the air with oxygen. Factories must adopt 

Q.11. Environment protecting measures. The garbage that we dump into rivers pollutes the water. 

Choose and one of the headmaster’s statement on environment and design a poster. 

Ans :

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