Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 13 The Hack Driver

Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 13 The Hack Driver, Class 10 English MCQ Question Answer, Class 10 English Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT English Class 10 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 13 The Hack Driver Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 13 The Hack Driver

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Table of Contents

SCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 13 The Hack Driver Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 13 The Hack Driver provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

The Hack Driver

Chapter – 13

Multiple Choice Questions & Answers


1. “Bill seemed to_____ Lutkins” talent for dishonesty. 

(a) disapproval 

(b) detest 

(c) hate 

(d) admire 

Ans. (d) Admire.

2. There was only one sight that’s were pleasant. What was it? 

(a) delivery man 

(b) the waiter 

(c) shopkeepers 

(d) None of the above 

Ans. (a) Delivery man.

3. The author went to New Mullions by_____

(a) bike 

(b) train

(c) cab

(d) bus

Ans. (b) Train.

4. Oliver Lutkin was other name of_____

(a) Gustaff

(b) Fritz

(c) Bill

(d) Gray

Ans. (c) Bill.

5. They Had lunch from_____ house.

(a) cafe

(b) Bill’s home

(c) Community meal

(d) hotel

Ans. (b) Bill’s home.

6. For Playing____ game Oliver had given fifty cents to Bill.

(a) cricket 

(b) poker

(c) bike race

(d) all of them

Ans. (b) Poker.

7. What was the case about in which a summon was out dot Oliver Lutkin?

(a) robbery

(b) killer 

(c) Avoiding

(d) as a witness

Ans. (d) As a witness.

8. Bill owned______

(a) Bicycle

(b) car

(c) hack

(d) bike

Ans. (c) Hack.

9. Total number of time narrator visited to new Mullions_____

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 4

(d) 5

Ans. (b) 2.

10. The narrator was once again sent New Mullion city for______

(a) to arrest Lutkins

(b) to serve the Simmons to Oliver Lutkins 

(c) to live permanently in New Mullion 

(d) all of the above

Ans. (b) To serve the Simmons to Oliver Lutkins.

11. What was Bill’s real Name?

(a) Fritz

(b) Oliver Lutkins

(c) the narrator 

(d) Haugs

Ans. (b) Oliver Lutkins.

12. ______was playing a role of Hack Driver.

(a) Fritz

(b) Mill

(c) Oliver Lutkins

(d) Gray

Ans. (c) Oliver Lutkins.

13. The hack driver was very______ to the narrator.

(a) friendly

(b) Arrogant

(c) Aggressive 

(d) cold

Ans. (a) Friendly.

14. The real job of narrator was to serve______.

(a) summons 

(b) fight cases 

(c) prepare legal briefs

(d) all of the above

Ans. (a) Summons.

15. When Lutkin Mother saw his son she ran after him with_______ in her hand

(a) agun

(b) a pistol

(c) an iron rod

(d) None of the above

Ans. (c) An iron rod.

16. After taking the food where they went for the lunch

(a) Wade’s hill

(b) Bill’s home

(c) Griffin’s home

(d) Oliver’s mother’s farm 

Ans. (a) Wade’s hill.

17. After going to Swede’s shop they ______went towards

(a) Gray’s barber shop

(b) His mother’s house

(c) basement

(d) Gustaff’s barber shop 

Ans. (a) Gray’s barber shop.

18. The author hate the most______

(a) city side

(b) unpleasant work

(c) both of these

(d) None of the above.

Ans. (c) Both of these.

19. After completing his graduation, the author get a job of______

(a) Doctor

(b) lawyer

(c) Engineer

(d) junior assistant clerk

Ans. (d) Junior assistant clerk.

20. The author of The Hack driver is______

(a) Claire Boiko

(b) Sinclair Lewis

(c) K.A.Abbas

(d) Guy de Maupassant 

Ans. (b) Sinclair Lewis.

Very Short Type Question & Answers

1. What was Bill’s real Name?

Ans. Oliver Lutkins was Bill’s real Name.

2. What type of man was the hack driver?

Ans. The hack driver was a friendly man.

3. Who was the author of The Hack driver?

Ans. Sinclair Lewis was the author of The Hack driver.

4. I was glad the fare money would go to this good fellow. I managed to bargain down to two dollars an hour, and then he brought from his house nearby a sort of large black box on wheels. He remarked, “Well, young man, here’s the carriage”, and his wide smile made me into an old friend.

(a) What made the narrator glad?

Ans. The narrator became glad to find out that a delivery man was willing to help him in finding out the hack driver.

(b) Did the other person charge anything from the narrator?

Ans. He charged two dollars an hour for his work.

(c) What does the word ‘bargain’ mean?

Ans. Negotiate the terms and conditions of a transition.

(d) What was the landmark of his house?

Ans. A large black box on wheels.

5. I even considered fleeing to my hometown, where I could have been a real lawyer right away, without going through this unpleasant training period.

(a) Who was ‘I’?

Ans. ‘I’ was narrator, Junior Assistant Clerk.

(b) How did T suffer during the training period?

Ans. During his training period, he was sent to the dirty and shadowy comers of the city to serve summons n a man, called Oliver Lutkins witness in a law suit.

(c) What do the word, ‘fleeing’ mean? 

Ans. ‘Fleeing’ means ‘running away’.

(d) Which word is the antonym of happy in the passage?

Ans. Unpleasant is the antonym of happy in the passage.

6. What does Bill say about Lutkin’s mother?

Ans. The hack driver told the young lawyer that Lutkin’s mother was quite a terror. She was nine feet tall and four feet thick. She had the ability of a cat and could talk a lot.

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