Biography of Tayabun Nisha

At a time when there was no proper environment as well as facilities to move forward in the field of sports, at a time when the curriculum was secondary, there were many challenges in front of women players to move forward in parallel with men, in the nineteen seventies (1970s), a player from Assam recorded her name at the national level with golden letters. The player who has recorded her name in golden letters at the national level is Assam’s pride and Sivasagar’s child Tayabun Nisha. Tayabun Nisha set an example in the society by highlighting her work that no one can create hangs in achieving the goal if one has indomitable will power, passion for work. She has never stopped from achieving her goal despite facing many setbacks in her personal life. Tayabun Nisha is a strong woman who has been able to achieve success by accepting a lot of hardships and sacrifices and showing her skills through concentration and perseverance.

Biography of Tayabun Nisha

Biography of Tayabun Nisha

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NameTayabun Nisha[1]
Date of Birth1953
Place of BirthSivasagar, Dhai Ali
Awards1/ In 1971 won Bronze medal at 9th Inter-State Athletes Competition (Inter State Athletic Meet) held in Ahmedabad.
2/ In 2014 from Education Research & Development Foundation won Excellence Award 2014 Award.
3/ In 2016 won Woman of Substance Award.
4/ In 2018 won Assam’s Best Award for Contribution to the World of Sports.

Early Life

Tayabun Nisha is one of the brightest stars in the sports world of Assam. But Tayabun Nisha’s childhood was not as sweet as that of other children. She had to face various problems during her childhood. But even in the midst of various problems since childhood, she was able to shine because of her own concentration and perseverance. She will become the pride of Assam, a source of ideals and inspiration for the younger generations of Assam.

Tayabun Nisha loved eating chocolates during her childhood. But at that time her family could not afford to fulfill her taste and thirst like any other child. 

It was because of her craving for chocolate that she was attracted towards game. Because various competitions were organized in their villages to develop the skills of students in various festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Bihu etc. The students who win’s the competition were given a chocolate box award at that time. It was because of her weakness towards chocolate that Tayabun Nisha was forced to work harder. Because they were not able to buy chocolate because they were not financially transparent. So she was mentally satisfied with the chocolate she receives as a reward. But later Tayabun Nisha felt that that award gives recognition. Which is why she focused on the game seriously.

But not only in financial distress but her journey was not easy initially, even though Taybun Nisha later lit up in the sports world. Because being born into a conservative Muslim family, participating in various sports stood out as a tough challenge before her. But only because of her determination of mind she reached her destination after all the challenges.

In the meantime, Between social barriers and financial difficulties, Tayabun Nisha lost her father. Her father lost his life after suffering from heart attack. When her father died in 1970, Tayabun Nisha had to face many other challenges. She was a class VIII student at the time of her father’s death. Due to the untimely death of her father, she had to shoulder many responsibilities at an early age. At a very young age, due to her father’s death she had to fulfill her brother’s and sister’s duties as well as of her’ s as a senior. At that time no one came forward to extend a helping hand to the family of Tayabun Nisha. However these challenges made her more stronger. She tried to become self-reliant by removing financial difficulties in the aftermath of her father’s death.

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Professional Life

Tayabun Nisha worked on the Railway in 1970 at a salary of only Rs 250. She received a lot of inspiration from her father while he was alive. Which inspired her to remain very courageous and strong in moving forward in the future.

Importantly, there was not a proper atmosphere in the 1970s to showcase its expertise in the world of sports. Because at that time, there was no expansion and promotion of curriculum education. There was even a lack of adequate facilities for proper practice at that time. It was only because of mental toughness and strong personality that Tayabun Nisha could lead the race for success during this period.

Athletic Life & Achievements

In 1971, Tayabun Nisha participated in the 9th Inter-State Athletic Competition held in Ahmedabad. Positively she was able to make history by winning a bronze medal in this event. Because she became the first woman player from Assam to win a medal at the National Championship by participating in the competition.

It later broke the national record by participating in the National Competition held in Jaipur in 1974. Because Tayabun Nisha set a new national record by breaking the twelve-year-old national record by throwing a Discus Throw at a distance of 29.32 meters.

Tayabun Nisha participated in the Asian Games of 1982, but was not able to bring success. Doing so could not hamper her mental toughness even if she did not won a medal. In addition to these Nisha also participated in many other national competitions.

Tayabun Nisha also played Kabaddi, Hockey and Volleyball. According to her, “Athletics” depends heavily on personal effort and commitment. It is only through personal effort and concentration that success can be achieved in athletics. 

Tayabun Nisha had to do a lot of practice to achieve success. Because of her constant practice she was able to achieve success. Manipur’s Surendra Kumar Singh also inspired her a lot to achieve success. Tayabun Nisha also accepted Arjuna award winner Bhugeshwar Baruah as an inspiration.

Various celebrities have commented on Tayabun Nisha in various ways :

  • According to former Assam Sahitya Sabha president Imran Shah, Tayabun Nisha is an icon for the new generation.
  • According to Rajesh Bora (assistant railway sports officer), Tayabun Nisha is a strong player from Assam as well as the North East. She is the role model for the youth of Assam and Northeast India.
  • According to the National Athletics of one – time Girish Deka, players like Taybun Nisha are very few in India.
  • According to former National Athletics Abdul Barek, Tayabun Nisha’s skills are very high.   

According to Tayabun Nisha, Assam is yet to get a lot of importance in the field of sports, with a variety of facilities which are still not available in the sports arena. Which is why there are various challenges before a player to elect sports as the only career. However, at present the government has seen various facilities being provided to the players. But in the midst of various problems and challenges, according to Tayabun Nisha, a player can achieve success. For this it requires a hard work. In recent times, Shiva Thapa, Mary Kom  etc. of the North East have been able to show their skills in sports.

According to Tayabun Nisha, winning medals in athletics requires at least four or five years of continuous effort and rigorous training just as it takes years of training and experience to achieve success in different professions. She believes that young people in rural areas have the determination, courage and commitment to achieve success in athletics internationally. According to her if any agency provides training to the youth of rural areas then definitely success can be achieved.

According to her, interest can lead the race for success even by starting practice from zero in the field of athletics. For this it requires a firmness of the mind. At present, there are various facilities available in the field of athletics in the sports world of Assam but many people are not seen to be interested in athletics even today.

Next period of life as an Athlete

After retiring from the Indian Railway Service Department, Tayabun Nisha has been closely involved in imparting training to students at Nishad Physical Training Centre located at Adabari in Guwahati as well as Assam Olympic Association, Maharana Club and Assam Athletic Association. Importantly, Tayabun Nisha also served as vice president and general editor of Assam athletics association.


Tayabun Nisha, who has been able to strengthen and identify her position in the society by her talent, through her concentration, pursuit and perseverance, is a source of inspiration for the younger generation. She is also a role model for women’s society, who have been able to create a new trend in the world of sports by going from a very conservative family and winning medals at the National Championship. Tayabun Nisha’s hard life struggle proves that having determination, courage, concentration, intelligence, to reach the goal cannot hinder any factor from moving forward.


1. When and where was Tayabun Nisha born?

Ans: She was born in 1953, at Sivasagar, Dhai Ali.

2. Who is Tayabun Nisha?

Ans: Tayabun Nisha is an Indian former athlete from Assam and a first woman athlete from Assam to win a medal at a national championship.

3. When and where did Tayabun Nisha participated in the 9th Inter-State Athletic Competition

Ans: In 1971, Tayabun Nisha participated in the 9th Inter-State Athletic Competition held in Ahmedabad.

4. What is Athletics according to Tayabun Nisha?

Ans: According to her, “Athletics” depends heavily on personal effort and commitment. It is only through personal effort and concentration that success can be achieved in athletics. 

5. When did she won Excellence Award from Educational Research & Development?

Ans: In 2014 from Education Research & Development Foundation she won Excellence Award 2014 Award.

6. How Tayabun Nisha is popularly known all over the India?

Ans: She has been known by her performance when she broke a National Record in Discuss throw in 1974 and also represented the country in several international events.

7. When did she won Woman of Substance Award?

Ans: In 2016 she won Woman of Substance Award.

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