Biography of Rajni Basumatary – Indian filmmaker and actress

Consecutive films creator, actress, director Rajni Basumatary is a familiar name in Assam and India. Basumatary is one of the most energetic and talented young people who has come out of the cinema world in Assam and India by giving evidence of artistic consciousness through the making techniques of cinema with social responsibility.

Biography of Rajni Basumatary

Biography of Rajni Basumatary

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NameRajni Basumatary[1]
Place of Birth Rangapara, Assam
EducationHindique Girls College, Guwahati University
AwardsFor Rag – The Rhythm of Love, she was awarded the Best Director and Best Screenplay award at the Prag Cine Award in 2014

Early Life of Rajni Basumatary

Rajni Basumatary is a powerful actress, director, screenwriter who has made a place in the minds of the audience through perseverance and hard work. Not only Assam but now Rajni Basumatary is a familiar name for the whole of India. Basumatary was born in Rangapara, Assam into a Boro family. Basumatary received her undergraduate degree in Assamese literature from Handique Girls College, Guwahati University.

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Rajni Basumatary became a familiar name for the whole of India with her role as Priyanka Chopra’s mother in the popular Hindi film “Mary Kom” in 2014. She is best known for her role of “Mary Kom’s” mother (Mangte Akham Kom).

Basumatary who has worked with various people including director Vidyut Chakraborty has composed the critically acclaimed Assamese film “Anurag”. The film titled “Anurag” has won 7 state awards in 2007.

Rajni Basumatary released her own story in 2014 with the aim of giving a new taste to the audience by transforming some of the traditional genre in the Assamese film industry as well as an Assamese film called “Raag – The Rhytm of Love” with her own direction. Released in Assam as well as Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai, the film was nominated for the Prag Cine Awards in 14 categories while Rajni Basumatary won best director and best screenplay award, The Best Actress award for the Film was won by Jereifa Wahid, who starred in the film, Best Supporting award for Keni Basumatari, Actor award and Adil Hussain won the Best Actor award.

Basumatary’s own directorial in 2019 made a Boro language film called “Jwlwi – The Seed”. Based on how gun culture brought disaster to thousands of families during the separatist insurgency in Assam. The film has won huge international acclaim from the audience and critics. The film “Jwlwi – The Seed” was selected for its recognition at several international film festivals including the 2021 Prag Cine Award Award for Best Film Award, the Best Screenplay Award for the Shaildhar Baruah Memorial Film Award in 2020, and several film festivals including Guwahati and Bengaluru. The film on the other hand was filed for the 67th National Film Awards.

Basumatary has also acted in films like “Shuttlecock Boys (2011)”, The Shaukeens (2014)”, “III Smoking Barrels (2017).” Basumatary who makes meaningful and elegant films through her hard teaching, hard work, wisdom is the role model of the younger generations.


1. Where was Rajni Basumatary born?

Ans: Basumatary was born in Rangapara, Assam.

2. Who is Rajni Basumatary?

Ans: Rajni Basumatary is an an Indian filmmaker and actress, best known for her role of “Mary Kom’s” mother (Mangte Akham Kom) in the 2014 Hindi film “Mary Kom.”

3. Name two films directed by Rajni Basumatary.

Ans: “Raag – The Rhytm of Love” and Boro language film called “Jwlwi – The Seed”.

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