Biography of Tapan Das – Assamese actor

Tapan Das is one of the most popular actors in the Assamese acting world through his talent, hard work from the 80s to the present day.

Biography of Tapan Das

Biography of Tapan Das

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NameTapan Das[1]
Date of Birth11th January, 1962
Place of BirthGuwahati, Assam
Education1/ Sonaram High School
2/ Aryavidyapeeth College
3/ Assam Engineering College
AwardsRupkar Award, 2012

Early Life of Tapan Das

The ancestors of Tapan Das, one of the leading personality of the Assamese film industry, mobile theatre world, were actually residents of Barpeta district. They later became permanent residents of Guwahati. Das was born in Guwahati on January 11, 1962.

Tapan Das’s father was an employee of the PWD department. Das was fortunate to spend his childhood in different parts of Assam as a source of his father’s work. So he had studied in different schools in Assam. He spent his early time in Guwahati but shifted due to his father’s job to Vilasipara at the age of 4. He started his formal education in Vilasipara. He later spent his childhood in Karimganj, Nalbari etc. He also studied primary education at Dumduma, a place where his father was shifted due to Job. He also got a scholarship by appearing for the primary scholarship examination after pursuing class III and IV education in Dumduma.

Tapan Das later studied at Assam Engineering College after studying at Guwahati Arya Vidyapeeth College after studying high school from Guwahati Sonaram High School.

Tapan Das made a splash in the Assamese film industry while studying at Assam Engineering College. Das was also interested in studying drama at that time. However, he was suddenly involved in the mobile theatre world. Das starred on the stage of mobile theatre for the first time in 1993-94. However he has not had to stop since then.

Tapan Das, who is eager to gain knowledge on new subjects, also practiced literature. He was also interested in Photography in his teens and youth. However he was unable to complete his photography due to some difficulties.

Tapan Das has made the most of his talent by using his talent properly without any formal acting education. He had grown increasingly interest in drama since he was studying at Sonaram High School. Many people from Sonaram area were involved in drama at that time. Das received a lot of inspiration from those people who did drama while watching their performances.

Importantly, Tapan Das’s classmate at this time was the current popular comedian Hiranya Deka. The two of them studied together at Sonaram High School. Tapan Das did a play together while studying in high school with Hiranya Deka. At that time Tapan Das himself directed the dialogues and plays of the play. He along with Hiranya Deka performed in different regions as well as participated in drama competitions at that time. Das later became closely involved in acting by joining the “Surya Natya Group”.

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Professional Life

Tapan Das, who has been able to gain importance from audience acclaim with stage acting since his studies at Sonaram High School, first acted in films in 1983/84 while studying at Assam Engineering College. The first starring film is Pulok Gogoi directorial ‘Sindoor. Produced under the banner of Prag Films, the film starred Brajen Bora and Vidya Rao along with Tapan Das in the lead roles. Importantly, the film which was played by Das for the first time was also commercially successful.

Tapan Das has never had to look back after acting in ‘Sindoor.’ He has managed to make a distinct place in the minds of the audience by acting in over 35 films so far. The names of the films he has acted in are – ‘Sindoor’ , ‘Shakuntala and Shankar Joseph Ali’ , ‘Surya’ , ‘Puja’, ‘Shankalpa’ , ‘Sutrapat’ , ‘Pita-Putra’ , ‘Abhiman’ , ‘Pahari Koina, ‘Prabhati Pakhir Gaan’ , ‘Dristi Pratyaban’, ‘Awartan’, ‘Itihah’ , ‘Krishnasura’ , ‘Daag’ , ‘Gun Gun Gane Gane’ , ‘ Koinadan’, ‘Barudh’ ,’Dinabandhu’ ,’ Anurag’ , ‘Chakrabehu’, ‘Antahin Yatra’, ‘Kadamtole Krishna Nase’ ,  ‘Aghari Atma’ , ‘Ramdhenu’, ‘Samiran Baruah Ahi Ase’ ,’Ahetuk’ , etc.

Apart from Assamese films Tapan Das has also acted in Bengali language films. “Ekadin Pratidin” the film is a  Bengali language film starring Tapan Das.


Importantly, ‘Deenabandhu,’ directed by Munin Baruah, starring Tapan Das, was commercially successful and also won the 2004 National Award for Best Film in Assamese language (Rajat Kamal). 

On the other hand, the  film ‘Antahin Yatra‘  directed by director Munna Ahmed based on a story by Dr. Mamani Roysam Goswami was also screened at the Kolkata International Film Festival.

Another important film starring Das is the 1993 film ‘Dr. Bhavendra Nath Saikia’s Avartan‘, which was selected for Indian Panorama and won the National Award for Best Film in Assamese language (1994) at the 41st National Film Festival (1994).

In a film ‘Itihah’ starring Tapan Das as well as Nikumani Baruah won won the Kamal Award for Best Film in Assamese language in regional film at the National Film Festival. Released in 1996, the film is the last Assamese film directed by Dr. Bhavendra Nath Saikia.

Apart from these films Das has acted in a film titled “Rajniti” with the story of Abhijit Bhattacharya. ‌However this film is yet to be release. The new film which will be released along with Tapan Das, there are stars like Varsha Rani Adhikari, Zubin Garg, etc.

Apart from the film it is worth noting Tapan Das’s strong performance in mobile theatre. His lively performance swells the minds of the audience. Das has performed on the stage of several mobile theatres including Kohinoor Theatre, Bordoisila Theatre, Shakuntala Theatre, Rajtilak Theatre, Theatre Surjya, Hangul Theatre etc. Das is also involved in directing plays in addition to acting.

Das is also very popular among the public as an artist. Written by Pranab Kumar Varman and many poems recited by Tapan Das received respect among the general public. Among them are: Handique Collegeor Tumi Sagarika Bordoloi, Gaonbur Kot Ase, Borokhunor Dinburot, Devdas, Jalukbariloi Ahile Muk Log Nokorakoi Najaba, etc are important.

Das is also a poet who has been hailed as a reciter. Koloi Ahilu, Bappu etc. are Das’s remarkable poems. These poems have been recited by Tapan Das himself and helped the audience to reach out more.

Tapan Das as writer

Tapan Das, popularly known as a popular actor, reciter, poet, also has a special identity as a storyteller. The story of Das first appeared in Assamese magazine name ‘Vishmaya.  His three story collections have been published so far. They are respectively ‘Dighola Baruah’s Dalan’ and ‘Othello’ (Jointly with Prashant Kumar Das and in August 2019, Tapan Das’s selected story collection ‘GalpaGuchh’ has been published.

Critics like Pradeep Acharya, Debabrata Das, Imran Hussain, Munin Bayan and Dharani Lahan have made important comments about the story of Tapan Das.

Devabrata Das has expressed his views on Tapan Das’s story as follows: Das’s stories are not typically traditional stories available in Assamese literature …Tapan’s ‘Meghmallar’, ‘Bulb’, ‘Clap’ And ‘Gogopanti Lakratua’ Such stories can easily claim a place in the line of excellent stories in Assamese language. The subject-vast variety of Tapan’s stories also introduces the literary nuances of the author.” (Stories pages 297-298)


Tapan Das, who sometimes adds a smile with strong and powerful acting, sometimes tides of tragic, is undoubtedly a popular actor in the Assamese film industry, the mobile theatre world. He is also popular among the masses as a reciter and storyteller. He is the ideal of the younger generation who has been able to get the love of the people by using his concentration, pursuit  and skills properly.


1. When and where was Tapan Das born?

Ans: He was born on 11th January, 1962 at Guwahati, Assam.

2. Who is Tapan Das?

Ans: He is an Indian film actor, director and story writer in Assamese cinema and mobile theatre.

3. Name some of the films where Tapan Das has acted?

Ans: Some of the films he has acted in are – ‘Sindoor’ , ‘Shakuntala and Shankar Joseph Ali’ , ‘Surya’ , ‘Puja’, ‘Shankalpa’ , ‘Sutrapat’ , ‘Pita-Putra’ , ‘Abhiman’ , ‘Pahari Koina, ‘Prabhati Pakhir Gaan’ , ‘Dristi Pratyaban’, ‘Awartan’, ‘Itihah’ , ‘Krishnasura’ , ‘Daag’ , ‘Gun Gun Gane Gane’ etc.

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