Analytics for managerial decision making

Analytics for managerial decision making

Table of Contents

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Analytics for managerial decision making

Analytics for Managerial Decision Making: Budgeting and Decision Making
1st edition
© 2010 Larry M. Walther, under nonexclusive license to Christopher J. Skousen & All material in this publication is copyrighted, and the exclusive property
of Larry M. Walther or his licensors ( all rights reserved).
ISBN 978-87-7681-577-6


  1. Cost Characteristics and decision-Marking Ramifications
  2. Business decision Logic
  3. Capital Expenditure decisions
  4. Compound Interest and Present Value
  5. Evaluation of Long-Terms projects

Content Details

1. Cost Characteristics and Decision-Making Ramification
1.1 Sunk Costs VS. Relevant Costs
1.2 A Basic Illustration of Relevant Cost/Benefit Analysis
1.3 Complicating Factors
2. Business Decision Logic
2.1 Outsourcing
2.2 Outsourcing Illustration
2.3 Capacity Considerations in Outsourcing
2.4 Illustration of Capacity Considerations
2.5 Qualitative Issues in Outsourcing
2.6 Special Orders
2.7 Capacity Constraints and the Impact on Special Order Pricing
2.8 Discontinuing a Product, Department, or Project
2.9 The 80/20 Concept

3. Capital Expenditure Decisions
3.1 Management Stewardship
3.2 Logic Justification of Capital Decisions
4 Compound Interest and Present Value
4.1 Compound Interest
4.2 Future Value of Annuities
4.3 Future Value of an Annuity Due
4.4 Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity
4.5 Present Value
4.6 Present Value of an Annuity Due
4.7 Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity
4.8 Electronic Spreadsheet Functions
4.9 Challenge Your Thinkin

5. Evaluation of Long-Term Projects
5.1 Net Present Value
5.2 Impact of Changes in Interest Rates
5.3 Emphasis on After Tax Cash Flows
5.4 Accounting Rate of Return
5.5 Internal Rate of Return
5.6 Payback Method
5.7 Conclusion

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