The Secret History Of The World PDF

The Secret History Of The World

The Secret History Of The World This book of revolutionary importance is essential reading. With this original work, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shares with us her prodigious discoveries that put into question History as well as our habitual observations concerning the myth of the “Grail”.

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The Secret History Of The World PDF

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The term “Cassiopaeans” appears in several places in this book. While the information contained in this book could also be given without referring to this term, it is better to point out the source of the inspiration. The name Cassiopaea was given by a source contacted by LKJ in 1994 after a two-year-long experiment in superluminal communication.

The source identified itself by saying “We are you in the future”. Modern physics does not provide us with practical means for this type of communication and theories on this subject are not well developed; they are, in fact, inconclusive and controversial.

When interpreting “we are you in the future” in an oversimplified way, we are faced with causal paradoxes. On the other hand, from the theoretical papers published in physics journals, we can learn that, with a proper and careful interpretation, and taking into account quantum uncertainties, communication into the past cannot be dismissed as impossible.

Improbable perhaps is the right word, but there are many things that are improbable and yet happen. The more improbable a given phenomenon, the more information is carried by its occurrence, and the more we can learn from its study.

That is why we did not dismiss the “we are you in the future” as impossible and therefore ignorable. Instead, we decided to continue the “communications” as a form of a controlled experiment in “superluminal thought transfer” – even if it was clear that the term should be considered as a tentative indication of only one out of several possible interpretations.

The information received from this experiment is presented in the context of broad-ranging historical, scientific, and other metaphysical material and offers the clues that have led to the worldview and inferences presented by us in our numerous publications on the Web and in print. Perhaps it is only our own “subconscious mind” that presents itself as a “source”, but even if it is so, does that tell us more? Do we really know what the “unconscious mind” is and what is it capable of?

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