Permaculture Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles

Permaculture Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles ‘A Resource Book for Permaculture – Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles” and “The Facilitator’s Resource Book for Permaculture Training and Assessment. These workshop techniques include knowledge and practical techniques for environmental rehabilitation and sustainability, strengthening community resilience and local economies.

Permaculture Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles

Permaculture Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles

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This Permacultures Facilitator’s Handbook is designed to work in conjunction with ‘The Permacultures Reference Book’, which covers a wide range of information about the Principles of Permaculture and how they can be applied in many practical ways.

It was developed for Permaculture trainers, facilitators, and designers to be able to deliver effective Permaculture workshops which will help people apply the practical ideas in the Permaculture Reference Book.

The practical and effective way that the contents of this handbook are presented are useful for any Permacultures teacher as a reference before, during, and after training are conducted.

This is an extensive handbook, it is systematic, user-friendly, and has been developed to be easy to read and use so as to make it as practical as possible for Permacultures trainers.

The contents of the books in the Permaculture series have been derived from a wide range of experiences of Permaculture trainers and designers from many different areas, including local and international practitioners, over an extended period of time.

This handbook will be most effective if used for the purpose for which it was designed: as a Handbook for Permaculture design training.

Even though the contents of this book have already proven effective in field application, this does not mean that the manual is complete, it is open for updates, inputs, and reviews.

Just as nature is constantly in a dynamic process of change and evolution, this Facilitator’s Handbook is very much a living document open to new ideas and inputs so that it can be made even more useful over time.

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