Niketan Class 7 English Chapter 2 The Clever Shepherd

Niketan Class 7 English Chapter 2 The Clever Shepherd is the answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters Shankardev Shishu Niketan Class 7 English Chapter 2 The Clever Shepherd and select need one.

Niketan Class 7 English Chapter 2 The Clever Shepherd

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Also, you can read the Assam Board book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of Shankardev Sishu Niketan All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Shankardev Vidya Niketan Class VII English Chapter 2 The Clever Shepherd Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

The Clever Shepherd

Chapter – 2




1. Answer the following questions :

Q.(a) Why did king John dislike the Abbot ?

Ans :- King John dislike the Abbot because people say he is richer than the king.

Q.(b) How many servants did the Abbot have ?

Ans :- The Abbot had one hundred servants.

Q.(c) What three questions did the king ask the Abbot ?

Ans :- The three questions that the king asked the Abbot. First, how much is worth the king exactly not a penny more , not a penny less. The second, how long will it take for the king to ride round the world and the third one, what is the king thinking ?

Q.(d) What did the Shepherd ask for Abbot to help him ?

Ans:- The Shepherd asked for the Abbot to change his clothes because he wanted to pretend as the Abbot, so he asked to lend the Abbot’s rob for a few days.

Q.(e) Why could not the Shepherd work for the king as his Abbot ?

Ans:- The Shepherd could not work for the king as the Abbot because he already served the king by working under his master Abbot as he served the king.

2. Complete the following sentences –

(i) King John ruled over England.

(ii) One of the priests in the court was the Abbot of Canterburry.

(iii) The Abbot was helped by a Shepherd.

(iv) According to the Shepherd, the worth of the king was twenty- five shillings.

(v) The punishment decided for the Abbot for not giving answer to king’s questions was the Abbot’s death.

3. Match items in list A with their meaning in list B.

(i) KnightAbility to say things which are both clever and wearing.
(ii) ShillingsDress
(iii) WitA unit of money
(iv) Robe Look like
(v) ResembleA men of nobble rank


(i) KnightA man of noble rank
(ii) ShillingsA unit of money
(iii) WitAbility to say things that are clever and answering.
(iv) Robe Dress
(v) ResembleLook like

Working with language

1. The adverb form of ‘serious’ is ‘seriously’ and ‘immediate’ is ‘immediately’. Now write the adverb form of the following adjectives.


2.(a) Do you have a car ?

Ans :- SAA – Yes, I have

          SNA – No, I haven’t.

(b) Are you reading now?

Ans :- SAA – Yes, I am reading.

          SNA – No, I amn’ t.

(c) Will they come early ? 

Ans :- SSA – Yes, they will.

          SNA – No, they will’ t.

(d) Must he write the answers in ink

Ans :- SAA – Yes he must.

          SNA – No, he mustn’ t.

(e) Can she speak Hindi ?

Ans :- SAA – Yes, she can.

          SNA – No, she can’ t.

Word Note

Perforce                 –            ক্ষমতা, শক্তিশালী।

Loyalty                   –            আনুগত্য।

Loyal (adj)              –            বিশ্বস্ত, বাধ্য।

Trumpets                –            ৰণশিঙা।

Lords                      –            গৰাকী, প্ৰভু।

Knights                   –            যোদ্ধাসকল।

Abbot                      –            সত্ৰাধিকাৰ, সত্ৰ।

Seriously                 –            গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণভাৱে।

Worth                      –            মূল্য।

Ride                        –            ঘোঁৰাত উঠা।

Nobles                    –            সম্ভ্ৰান্ত লোক।

Court                      –             আদালত।

Resemble               –             অনুৰূপ, একে ধৰণৰ।

Robes                     –             কাপোৰ, সাজপাৰ।

Courtiers                 –             সভাসদ।

Excuse                    –             ক্ষমা।

Sovereign                –             সম্ৰাট।

Crowned                  –            মুকুট, ৰাজমুকুট।

Heaven                    –            স্বৰ্গ।

Any way                   –           যিকোনো প্ৰকাৰে।

Wit                            –           ৰসিকতা।

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