Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 10 Demon And Pythias

Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 10 Demon And Pythias is the answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters Shankardev Shishu Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 10 Demon And Pythias and select need one.

Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 10 Demon And Pythias

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Also, you can read the Assam Board book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of Shankardev Sishu Niketan All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Shankardev Vidya Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 10 Demon And Pythias Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

Demon And Pythias

Chapter – 10




A. Tick the most appropriate answer –

1. ‘If Damon did not go to visit pythias then pythias came to see Damon’.

This sentence from the text shows that

(a)  Damon and pythias lived in two different places. 

(b) Damon and pythias were very good friends. 

(c)  Damon and pythias were great friends and hardly lived apart. √

(d)  Damon and pythias did not like the places where they lived. 

2. Pythias thought Dionysus was foolish because he

(a)  did care who was punished…… √

(b) ruled through fear……….. 

(c) was cruel………. 

(d) did not punish anyone……… 

3. Dionysus put pythias in prison because. 

(a)  he did not like pythias………. 

(b)  He was angry when pythias said in public that 

Dionysus was a wicked ruler……. √

(c)  Pythias had pelted stones at him…… 

4. Dionysus allowed Damon to take pythons’s place because he

(a)  did not care who was punished……. √

(b)  felt pythias deserved to die…….. 

(c)  was angry with pythias……………. 

(d)  was more upset with Damon…….. 

5. Dionysus did not expect pythias to return because he 

(a)  had to go far away…… 

(b)  didn’t think Damon was a true friend……… 

(c)  couldn’t imagine anyone coming back to die………. √

(d)  was sure that pythias was cunning……….. 

6. Before he died pythias wanted to return to his country to

(a)  visit his old mother and younger sister and say goodbye them……… √

(b) make arrangements for his onwards journey………. 

(c) make arrangements for a lawyer who could fight his case……… 

(d)  None of the above…………. 

B.  Write the answer :

1. Who were Damon and pythias? What is the main theme of this story? 

Ans: Damon and pythias were two friends. The main theme of this story is friendship. 

2. What problems did pythias face on his journey back to Syracuse? 

Ans: Pythias faced a lot of problems on his journey back to Syracuse. He ran into storms and wild animals and then into thieves. The thieves took everything he had and left him tied up in ropes. 

3. When did Damon get ready to be executed? 

Ans: Damon got ready to be executed on the day for the execution when pythias did not return. 

7.(a)  ‘Tell me that you have dared to say against my name. “

(1) Whom do ‘me’ and ‘you’ refer to? 

Ans: ‘me’ refers to king Dionysus and ‘you’ refers to pythias. 

(2) What was said against the speaker’s name? 

Ans: It was said against the speaker king Dionysus that he was a wicked ruler. 

(3) What was the consequences of daring to speak against the speaker? 

Ans: As a result of speaking against the speaker pythias was sentenced to death. 

8. ‘I begged them to take every thing but let me be free. “

(1) Whom do ‘I’ and ‘them’  refer to? 

Ans: ‘I’ refers to pythias and ‘them’ refers to the thieves. 

(2) Why did the speaker beg ‘them’ to be freed? 

Ans: The speaker begged the thieves to be freed because he had to reach Syracuse in time. Otherwise his friends Damon would be executed. 

(3) Was the speaker set free? What would have happened if he wasn’t set free? 

Ans: The speaker was not set free. But he had freed himself. 

If the speaker had not been freed, his friend Damon would have been executed. 


1. Damon agreed to be in prison in place of pythias. What does this tell you about Damon? 

Ans: Damon was a real friend of pythias who did not hesitate to be in prison for his friends. He had complete faith in his friend pythias and believed that pythias would return. 

2. How did pythias and Damon prove that they were true friends indeed? 

Ans: Pythias and Damon proved that they were true friends. They were together all the time. Damon was ready to sacrifice his life for his friends. On the other hand, pythias in spite of all the problems he had faced on his way, somehow reached Syracuse to save Damon. Their faith in each other is also genuine and for each of them their life is more important than their friends life. 

3. What do you think was the lesson that the cruel ruler Dionysus learnt in the end? 

Ans: The cruel ruler Dionysus learnt in the end that though he had a lot of wealth, a huge army and a kingdom but he was inferior to these two friends pythias and Damon. Because their genuine friendship is more valuable than wealth and power. 

4. Circle the correct meaning of the following phrases. 

1. Dared to say

(a)  cowardly (b) disrespectful (c) Meek. 

2. Insolent 

(a) lies (b)  rude  (c)  true

3. Against the law 

(a)  lawful (b) (unlawful)  (c)  stupid

4. Spare his life

(a) look after (b) (release)  (c) do without 

5. Beyond belief 

(a) very true (b) a big lie (c)  hard to believe 

6. To go the same way

(a) suffer the same fate  (b) travel together  (c)  take the same rout. 

7. Make it on time 

(a)  reach somewhere on time

(b) start something on time

(c) take some time. 

8. Well it on time

(a) be on the dot  (b) early enough for something (c) get well on time. 

Additional Grammar Practice

1. Find out the countable and uncountable nouns from the followings. 

boy, hair, grass, milk, train, bag, ink, water, bottle, tea. 


boy, train, bag, bottlehair, grass, milk, ink, water, tea

2. Learn the singular and plural form of the following countable nouns. 


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