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Edible Wild Plants PDF, As the idea of eating more food produced near where one lives grows in popularity, a logical extension to obtaining food from local farmers is turning to nature’s garden, the wild edible plants that grow in woods, prairies, parks, and even in one’s own backyard. However, whereas everyone knows what a tomato, a squash, and pepper look like, and many people can also recognize the plants that produce these vegetables, most of us never learned what can be eaten from wild plants, except perhaps a few fruits and berries.

Edible Wild Plants Pdf book Download

Edible Wild Plants Pdf book Download

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This guide will help you identify some of the most common wild edible plants that can be found growing in and around Grinnell. The idea for this guide originated with Jordan Scheibel, a 2009 graduate of Grinnell College, who in collaboration with the staff at the college’s Center for Prairie Studies researched and wrote it as a postgraduation project.


This guide is intended to generate interest in and provide information about some of the most common species of edible plants that are readily identifiable by beginners and relatively easy to harvest and use.

It is written by a relative beginner for beginners. Speaking from experience, I can say that your understanding and enjoyment of foraging will be enhanced by focusing first on only a few species rather than trying to catch every edible plant as it comes into season.

Reasons for Eating Wild Plant Foods

Foods produced by the methods of so-called “industrial agriculture” are often raised using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, are bred for quick ripening or the ability to store well after being picked rather than for nutrient content and are often highly processed.

Wild edibles, if selected carefully, are naturally “organic” and chemical-free. Harvested at peak ripeness and consumed shortly thereafter, they retain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may have been bred out of cultivated varieties.

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