A Tale of Custard The Dragon Class 10 English Important Notes

A Tale of Custard The Dragon Class 10 English Important Notes to each chapter are provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters A Tale of Custard The Dragon Class 10 English NCERT Important Notes and select need one.

Class 10 English Important Notes A Tale of Custard The Dragon

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given A Tale of Custard The Dragon Class 10 English Important Capsule Notes Solutions for your Exam Preparation in All Subjects, You can practice these here.

A Tale of Custard The Dragon


1. The word ‘languid’ means______

(i) relaxed

(ii) sad

(iii) excited

(iv) angry

Ans:- (i) relaxed.

2. The pirate fired ______ bullets.

(i) four

(ii) two

(iii) three

(iv) five

Ans:- (ii) two.

3. What happened to the pirate?

(i) He got hurt by a dragon 

(ii) He got a new ship

(iii) He got hurt by a lion

(iv) He was killed by the dragon. 

Ans. (iv) He was killed by the dragon.

4. Who faced the pirate bravely? 

(i) Blink 

(ii) Custard 

(iii) Ink 

(iv) Mustard.

Ans. (ii) Custard.

5. What was the name of Belinda’s little black kitten? 

(i) Blink 

(ii) Custard 

(iii) Ink 

(iv) Mustard

Ans. (iii) Ink.

6. Who is the poet of the poem “The tale of Custard the Dragon”?

(i) Carl Sandburg 

(ii) Ogden Nash 

(iii) Carolyn Wells 

(iv) Walt Whitman.

Ans. (ii) Ogden Nash.

7. What is the meaning of ‘realio’ and ‘trulio‘?

(i) In fact.

(ii) Practically.

(iii) Correctly.

(iv) Really, truly.

Ans: (iv) Really, truly.

8. Belinda was brave like –

(i) Bears.

(ii) Barrel full of bears.

(iii) Tigers.

(iv) Lions.

Ans: (ii) Barrel full of bears.

9. What did they call the dragon? 

(i) Percival.

(ii) Ink. 

(iii) Blink.

(iv) Mustard.

Ans: (i) Percival.

10. Why did he gulp some grog? 

(i) To fight the dragon.

(ii) To get more energy.   

(iii) To gather courage.

(iv) To fight.

Ans: (iii) To gather courage.

11. Who proved himself to be really brave? 

(i) Belinda.     

(ii) Ink.

(iii) Blink.         

(iv) Custard.

Ans: (iv) Custard.

1. Name Belinda’s pets.

Ans:- The names of Belinda’s pets were Ink, a little Black kitten, Mustard, a little yellow dog, Blink, a little grey mouse, and a Dragon whose name was Custard.

2. How did Belinda and her pet behave when they saw the pirate climbing the window?

Ans:- Belinda and her pets were completely terrified of seeing the pirate. Belinda became pale with fear. She started crying for help. The dog Mustard fled with a terrified yelp. Ink went to hide in the bottom of the house. Blink ran into a hole in no time. Only the little dragon who was called a coward had the courage to face the pirate.

3. Give a description of the fight between the custard dragon and the pirate.


How did Custard the dragon save Belinda from the pirate?

Ans:- When they saw the pirate climbing the window of Belinda’s little white House, all the pets, except the dragon fled from the spot. But the dragon boldly faced the pirate. He jumped upon the pirate and fired two bullets but they did not hit the dragon. At last Custard the dragon completely gobbled the pirate.

This Custard the dragon saved Belinda from the pirate.

4. How was the Custard dragon received after he had killed the pirate?

Ans:- After killing the pirate, the custard dragon was given a wore reception. Belinda approached him and hugged him. Mustard licked him to show his affection while Ink and Blink started dancing around Custard out of happiness.

5. Where did Belinda live with whom? Why did Custard cry for a new cage?

Ans:- Belinda lived in a little white house, with her four pets. The name of the little black kitten was Ink, the little grey mouse was Blink, and the little yellow dog was Mustard. 

Custard cried for a nice, safe cage because it was a coward. It is called a ‘cowardly dragon’ because everybody else in the house is brave.

6. Why is the dragon called a ‘cowardly dragon’? Give a description of custard, the pet dragon.

Ans:- Custard cried for a nice and safe cage because he was a coward. Being a dragon, he was meant to be brave and fierce. However, he was not. So, he called ‘Cowardly Dragon’ and all the animals laughed at him.

Custard looked like a real dragon. He had big sharp teeth. He also had spikes on top of scales underneath. His mouth was like a fireplace and his nose was like a chimney. He had draggers on his toes.

7. How did Custard the dragon attack the pirate?

Ans:- Custard the dragon fought bravely against the pirate. Making some fearful sounds they attacked the pirate like a Robin at a worm. He made different sounds to terrorize the pirate. The pirate drank some wine and fired two bullets at Custard which failed to do any harm to him. At last, Custard gobbled him up in an instant.

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