A Tiger in the Zoo Class 10 English Important Notes

A Tiger in the Zoo Class 10 English Important Notes to each chapter are provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters A Tiger in the Zoo Class 10 English NCERT Important Notes and select need one.

Class 10 English Important Notes A Tiger in the Zoo

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given A Tiger in the Zoo Class 10 English Important Capsule Notes Solutions for your Exam Preparation in All Subjects, You can practice these here.

A Tiger in the Zoo


1. The ‘Shadow’ refers to the poem–(A Tiger in the Zoo)

(i) long grass 

(ii) tress

(iii) concrete cell 

(iv) all of these 

Ans. (i) Long grass.

2. The tiger should hide to himself –

(i) in a akademisches ghostwriting

(ii) in the shadow of long grass

(iii) in the shadow of a tree 

(iv) Behind the wall 

Ans. (ii) In the shadow of long grass.

3. Snarling means – 

(i) sound of birds 

(ii) sound of an animal 

(iii) sound of Jura ghostwriter 

(iv) sound of People 

Ans. (ii) Sound of animals.

4. What is Personified in the poem –

(i) a Ghostwriter

(ii) a tiger

(iii) an elephant 

(iv) a squirrel

Ans. (ii) A tiger.

5. The word ‘Drifting’ means –

(i) moving fast 

(ii) relax 

(iii) moving slowly

(iv) calm

Ans. (iii) Moving slowly.

6. How did the tiger react to visitors in the zoo?

(i) Smiles at them 

(ii) ignores them

(iii) attacks them

(iv) scares them

Ans:- (ii) ignore them.

1. What would a tiger have been doing if it were in its natural habitat?

Ans:- If the tiger was in the jungle, his natural habitat, he would have been free. He would be snarling around houses at the edge of the forest. He would terrorize the villagers by growling.

2. ‘His strength behind the bars’, what is meant by this phrase?

Ans:- ‘His strength behind the bars’ means that the tiger is powerless and helpless as he is caged in the zoo.

3. What is a water hole? Why should the tiger be lurking near it?

Ans:- A water hole is a small pond like water where animals come to drink water is known as a water hole. The tiger should be lurking in order to hunt the deer which come to drink water.

4. Where should the tiger be snarling around and how should it be terrorizing the village?

Ans:- The tiger should be in the jungle, lurking in the shadow of long grass in order to prey on deer near the water holes. He should also be on the edge of the jungle snarling around houses and terrorizing villagers.

5. “He stalks in his vivid stripes”. Who is meant by “He” in the above line? What is meant by vivid stripes?

Ans:- Here “He” refers to the tiger. Vivid stripes” refer to the yellow and black stripes on the tiger’s body.

6. How does the tiger behave at night?

Ans:- The tiger is inside his cage. He is helpless and can’t escape from it. He hears the last voice of the patrolling cars at night and is too helpless to escape. So, he looks intently at the shining stars with his shining eyes.

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