The Immortals of Meluha Pdf Book Download

The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha ‘The story is gripping and well-paced. An essentially mythological story written in a modern style, the novel creates anticipation in the readers’ mind and compels one to read with great curiosity till the end. The end, however, is a cliff-hanger and leaves one thirsting for more.’

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The Immortals of Meluha Pdf Book Download

The Immortals of Meluha Pdf Book Download

They say that writing is a lonely profession. They lie. An outstanding group of people has come together to make this book possible. And I would like to thank them. Preeti, my wife, a rare combination of beauty, brains, and spirit who assisted and advised me through all aspects of this book.

My family, a cabal of supremely positive individuals who encouraged, pushed and supported me through the long years of this project. My first publisher and agent, Anuj Bahri, for his absolute confidence in the Shiva Trilogy.

My present publishers Westland Ltd, led by Gautam Padmanabhan, for sharing a dream with me. Sharvani Pandit and Gauri Dange, my editors, for making my rather pedestrian English vastly better and for improving the story flow.

Rashmi Pusalkar, Sagar Pusalkar and Vikram Bawa for the exceptional cover. Atul Manjrekar, Abhijeet Powdwal, Rohan Dhuri and Amit Chitnis for the innovative trailer film, which has helped market the book at a whole new level. And Taufiq Qureshi, for the music of the trailer film.



Mohan Vijayan for his great work on press publicity. Alok Kalra, Hrishikesh Sawant and Mandar Bhure for their effective advice on marketing and promotions. Donetta Ditton & Mukul Mukherjee for the website.

You, the reader, for the leap of faith in picking up the book of a debut author. And lastly, I believe that this story is a blessing to me from Lord Shiva.

Humbled by this experience, I find myself a different man today, less cynical and more accepting of different world views. Hence, most importantly, I would like to bow to Lord Shiva, for blessing me so abundantly, far beyond what I deserve.


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