NIOS Class 12 History Solutions – 2024 | NIOS History Class 12 Notes [315]

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NIOS Class 12 History Solutions – 2024 | NIOS History Class 12 Notes [315] can be of great value to excel in the examination. NIOS Senior Secondary History Solutions gives you a better knowledge of all the chapters. You can get solutions to questions of both basic and advanced levels. One of the best ways to excel in your board exams is by practicing NIOS Class 12 History Question Answer.

NIOS Class 12 History Solutions

NIOS Senior Secondary History Solutions provided are as per the Latest NIOS Curriculum and cover all the questions from the National Institute of Open Schooling Textbooks. Access the detailed solutions provided here and get a good grip on the subject. Access the NIOS Class 12 History Solutions of English in Page Format. Make use of them during your practice and score well in the exams.

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NIOS Class 12 History Solutions

Chapter 1Prospects And Problems of Tourism
Chapter 2The Geographical Setting and Pre-Historic Cultures of India
Chapter 3The Harappan Civilization
Chapter 4The Vedic Age (1500 BC-600 BC)
Chapter 5From Janapadas to Empire
Chapter 6Post Mauryan Developments
Chapter 7The Guptas and Their Successors (A.D. 300-750)
Chapter 8India Between AD 750–1200
Chapter 9Establishment and Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate
Chapter 10Establishment of the Mughal Rule
Chapter 11Emergence of Regional State in India: Twelfth to Eighteenth Century
Chapter 12Administrative System and Institutions
Chapter 13Economy
Chapter 14Cultural Development in Medieval India
Chapter 15Understanding Eighteenth Century India
Chapter 16Establishment of British rule in India till 1857
Chapter 17Economic Effects of British Colonialism
Chapter 18Social Changes in Modern India
Chapter 19Popular Resistance to Company Rule
Chapter 20India National Movement & Contemporary India
Chapter 21Indian National Movement
Chapter 22The World in 1900: The Nineteenth Century Legacy
Chapter 23World War-I And The Russian Revolution
Chapter 24The Inter-War Period and The Second World War
Chapter 25The Cold War Era And Its Politics
Chapter 26National Liberation Movements, Decolonisation and Development 1945–Present
Chapter 27Social Transformation
Chapter 28Change In The Twentieth Century
Chapter 29Towards The Formation Of The State
Chapter 30Early States
Chapter 31The Medieval State
Chapter 32Colonial State
Chapter 33Contemporary Cultural Situation
Chapter 34Cultural Production
Chapter 35Cultural Communication

NIOS Class 12 History Solutions

NIOS Study Materials for Class 12 History Solutions covers all the exercise questions in NIOS Textbooks. The NIOS History Notes PDF Class 12 provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams. All the NIOS Solutions here are provided by subject experts as per the Latest NIOS Guidelines. You can click on the Chapter wise NIOS Solutions for Class 12 History Free and Premium them for practice.

NIOS Class 12 Question Answer

About NIOS

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an autonomous organization that provides various educational courses, including vocational, life enrichment, and community-oriented courses, as well as general and academic courses at the secondary and senior secondary levels. The institute was established in November 1989 by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Government of India, in accordance with the National Policy on Education 1986. It also offers elementary-level courses through its Open Basic Education Programmes (OBE).

NIOS has been granted the authority by the Government of India, through a gazette notification, to examine and certify learners enrolled in pre-degree level courses, whether academic, technical, or vocational. Additionally, the Association of Indian Universities has recognized the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination of NIOS as equivalent to their own, as indicated in their letter dated 25 July 1991 (reference number EV/11(354)/91/).

Advantages of NIOS Class 12 Books Solutions

You will have tremendous benefits in solving NIOS Class 12 Study Material for History. Some of the notable benefits include…

  • NIOS Study Material Class 12 History provided help you get command of the subject.
  • Refer to the Chapter-wise Solutions and clear all your queries and revise the syllabus.
  • Solve your homework and assignments on time with our Class 12 NIOS Study Material History.
  • Step by step approach provided for the solutions helps you get more confidence while attempting the exam.
  • Build Strong foundation skills on the subject using our NIOS Study Material of Class 12 History.


  1. Where can I get NIOS Study Material for Class 12 History Chapter Wise?

You can get NIOS Study Material for Class 12 History Chapter-wise on Dev Library. Use them as a reference during your preparation and score well.

  1. Which is the best site to get the NIOS Study Material for Class 12 History Solutions?

Dev Library is a genuine and trustworthy site that offers reliable information regarding NIOS Study Material for Class 12 History Solutions.

  1. How to learn Class 12 NIOS History?

You can learn NIOS Class 12 History by practicing through our quick links. Make the most out of these resources and prepare accordingly.

We hope the NIOS Study Material for for Class 12 History provided on this page helps in your board exam preparation. If you have any questions, ping us through the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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