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How to Grow More Vegetables In the early days at Chez Panisse, forty years ago, we had to scrounge for decent beans, pick lemons from neighbors’ trees, and hunt far and wide for a variety of products of any quality whatsoever. But farming has evolved in California. We now work with, at last count, nearly “for local, small-scale, family-run farms that grow – organically and sustainably – the seasonal fruits and vegetables that are the foundation of our cooking. In large part, we have John Jeavons to thank for this.

How to Grow More Vegetables Pdf Book Download
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How to Grow More Vegetables Pdf Book Download

Betsy Bruneau, Rachael Legler, Tom Walker, Craig Cook, Rip King, Bill Spencer, George Young, Claudette Paige, Kevin Raftery, Marion Cartwright, Paka, Phyllis Anderson, Wayne Miller, Paul Hwoschinsky, Dave Smith, Steve and Judi Rioch, Louisa Lenz, Bill Bruneau, Dean Nims, Tommy Derrick,

Carol Cox, Cynthia Raiser Jeavons, Rose Raiser Jeavons, Dan Whittaker, Shirley Coe, David Basile, Jed Diamond, Sensei, John Raiser, Helen Raiser, Jennifer Raiser, Phill Raiser, Victoria Raiser, Sheila Hilton, Mia Walker, Bill Somerville, John Beeby, Salvador Diaz, Bill Liebhardt, Jack and Virginia

Jeavons, John Doran, Emmanuel Omondi, Joshua Machinga, Sandra Mardigian, Fernando Pia, Juan Manuel Martinez Valdez, Mercedes Torres Barrons, and, especially, Jennifer Ungemach, Carol Vesecky, Vicci Warhol, Mary Zellachild, William Wardlaw and Patricia Arnold, Maryanne Mott, and Herman Warsh.

Richard Rathbun, Mike, and Diane Griggs, Steve and Carol Moore, Clancy Drake, Jasmine Star, Langtry Williams, Mark Larratt-Smith, Gayle Fillman, Jed Diamond, Karina McAbee, Julian Gorodsky, Ellen Bartholomew, Brian Bartholomew, Randy Fish, Dawn Gri3n, Marie Laure Bartholomew, Randy Fish, Dawn Gri3n,

Marie Laure Roperch, Jake Blehm, Mark House, Robert de Gross, Patricia Becker, Don Larson, Veronica Randall, Betsy Stromberg, members of Ecology Action, and friends have all made important contributions to the book’s content and spirit. We assume responsibility for any inaccuracies that may have been included; they are ours and not Alan Chadwick’s or Stephen Kafka’s.

This book is not intended to be an exhaustive work on the subject, but rather one of simple completeness. Most of us at Ecology Action is only beginning- to intermediate-level GROW BIOINTENSIVE gardeners. The purpose of this book is to turn on as many people as possible to a beautiful, dynamically alive method of horticulture and life.

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