Class 9 English Grammar Synonyms and Antonyms

Class 9 English Grammar Synonyms and Antonyms, NCERT/SCERT Class 9 English Grammar Notes to each Syllabus wise provided in the list of SEBA Class 9 English Grammar Synonyms and Antonyms can be of great value to excel in the examination.

Class 9 English Grammar Synonyms and Antonyms

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Class 9 English Grammar Question Synonyms and Antonyms cover all the exercise questions in Assam Board SEBA Textbooks. The SEBA Class 9 English Grammar provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.





abode (n) : house, home, dwelling, place

absurd (adj) : ridiculous, foolish, silly, stupid,senseless, crazy

acquit (v) : absolve, exonerate, discharge,release

adept (adj) : proficient, skilful, expert.

abduct (v) : kidnap, carry off capture, seize.

abolish (v) : eradicate, exterminate, quash,nullify, repeal. 

adept (adj) : proficient, skilful, expert.

adulterate (v) : debase, degrade, spoil, contaminate 

affluent (n) : rich, wealthy, well-to-do,opulent

aggravate (v) : worsen, inflame, intensify,increase, heighten.

aide (n) : assistant, helper. 

allegiance(n) : fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness

ample (adj) : enough, plentiful, abundant,bountiful.

apt (adj) : suitable, fitting, appropriate.


barren (adj) : infertile, sterile, arid.

bizarre (adj) : strange, weird, peculiar, odd.

bona fide (adj) : genuine, authentic, real,true.

buffoon (n) : clown, jester,comedian.


candid (adj) : frank, open,honest, forthright,truthful.

cease (v) : stop, discontinue, finish.

chaos (n) : disorder, confusion, mess,pandemonium.

colossal (n) : huge, immense, enormous,mammoth.

combat (n) : battle, fight, conflict, skirmish.

commotion (n) : chaos, mess, disturbance,uproar, rumpus.

compassion (n) : tenderness, pity, concern, kindness. 

counsel (n) : advice, guidance, direction.

counterfeit (n) : fake, copy, forgery,imitation, sham.


deadlock (n) : stalemate, impasse,standstill, stand off.

deceit (n) : deception, duplicity, fraud, cheating. 

doom (n) : ruin, downfall, end, decline.


eminent (n) : great, distinguished,prominent, famous.

enchanting (n) : charming, delightful,captivating, alluring.

enthusiasm (n) : eagerness, keenness,ardour, fervour, zeal. 

exquisite (adj) : beautiful, lovely, elegant,charming.


foresee (v) : anticipate, envisage, predict.

fury (n) : rage, ire, wrath, anger.

fuss (n) : ado, commotion, chaos,confusion.


gaiety (n) : merriment, joy, happiness, delight, mirth. 

gallant (n) : brave, bold, daring, valiant,heroic.

grandiose (adj) : ambitious, extravagant,pompous.


haughty (adj) : proud, arrogant, conceited.

havoc (n) : devastation, destruction,damage, ruin.

hoard (v) : store, stockpile, amass.

hoax (n) : joke, jest, prank, trick.

hostile (adj) : antagonistic, opposed, inimical.


ignominy (n) : shame, dishonour, disgrace,infamy.

Immaculate (adj) : clean, spotless,unsoiled, neat.

Impede (v) : hinder, obstruct, hamper, block.

insane (n) : mad, deranged, crazy, lunatic.

Invade(v) : attack, assail, assault, raid.


jeopardise (v) : endanger, imperil.

Jubilation (n) : exultation, triumph, elation, euphoria.


knack (n) : talent, aptitude, gift, flair.

know-how (n) : expertise, skill, proficiency, adeptness.


lament (v) : grieve, sorrow, wail, moan.

lapse (v) : decline, fall, deteriorate, worsen.

legitimate (adj) : legal, lawful, licit, authentic.


malaise (n) : illness, sickness, infirmity,discomfort.

mandatory (n) : obligatory, compulsory,binding.

mania (n) : craze, obsession, fascination,fixation.

manifestation (n) : show, display, exhibition.

massacre (v) : slaughter, butcher, slay,murder, kill.

meek (n) : patient, forbearing, gentle,docile.

meticulous (adj) : scrupulous, punctilious,exacting.

myth (n) : saga, tale, story, folklore.


naive (adj) : innocent, childlike, simple.


obscene (adj) : indecent, pornographic,vulgar, filthy.

obsession (n) : preoccupation, fixation,craze, phobia.

obstinate(adj) : stubborn, headstrong,inflexible.

offend (v) : affront, incense, displease,irritate.

offence (n) : crime, breach, wrongdoing,misdeed.

oppress (v) : tyrannise, suppress, repress.


pact (n) : agreement,treaty,deal,settlement. 

panorama (n) : spectacle, overview.

paramount (adj) : predominant, preeminent, outstanding.

perplexing (adj) : puzzling mystifying,confusing.

picturesque (adj) : beautiful, pretty,lovely,charming.

pomp (n) : ceremony,display.pageantry. 

provoke (v) : annoy, anger, incense, enrage,irritate.


qualms (n) : misgivings,hesitation,doubts.

quandary (n) : dilemma,predicament.plight,muddle.

quash (v) : annul,nullify,invalidate,cancel.


ravage (v) : devastate,ruin,destroy,plunder.

realm (n) : kingdom,country.state.empire.

rebellion (n) : revolt,revolution, insurrection,uprising.

recuperate (v) : recover,convalesce,improve.

robust (adj) : healthy, strong,vigorous.


scar (n) : mark,blemish,blotch.

shrewd (adj) : astute, sharp,cunning,artful.

slaughter (n) : kill,butcher,massacre,slay.

solemn (adj) : serious,grave,formal,dignified.

spectacular (adj) : magnificent, splendid,breath-taking.

splendid (adj) : magnificent, charming,impressive.

steadfast (adj) : faithful, loyal,devoted,staunch.


tacit (adj) : implicit,understood, implied.

tranquillity (n) : peace, restfulness, calm,stillness.

turmoil (n) : agitation, confusion, disarray,chaos.

 tyranny (n) : despotism, oppression,suppression.


valiant (adj) : brave, courageous, gallant,heroic.

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