Class 9 English Grammar Idioms

Class 9 English Grammar Idioms, NCERT/SCERT Class 9 English Grammar Notes to each Syllabus wise provided in the list of SEBA Class 9 English Grammar Idioms can be of great value to excel in the examination.

Class 9 English Grammar Idioms

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Class 9 English Grammar Question Idioms cover all the exercise questions in Assam Board SEBA Textbooks. The SEBA Class 9 English Grammar provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.




A false alarm: a wrong warning 

The first rain gave a false alarm about the forthcoming monsoon.

A far cry: something which is not easily obtainable or achievable.

The demand of Pakistan to ansfe Kashmir to it is a far cry.

A red letter day: A highly memorable day

August 15, 1947 is a Red letter day in the history of India.

All of a sudden: without notice 

The rain came down all of a sudden.

At daggers drawn: Strained relationship. The two parties were at daggers drawn.

By and large: on the whole, considering everything. 

By and large India is counted as a major developing country.

By dint of: by means of; through 

By dint of sheer hard work Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri became Prime Minister of India. 

By hook or by crook: by any means

Some people want to earn money by hook or by crook

Carry out: to do, execute

We should carry out our duties to the best of our abilities. 

Dark horse: unexpected winner

Neglected by the selectors, Sanjeev emerged a dark horse.

For good: for ever

Mr Shashi gave up his job as manager of the factory for good.

Hale and hearty: healthy and strong.

We should exercise daily to remain hale and hearty.

Hand-to-mouth: Just enough money to purchase the bare necessities of life

Daily wage earners are living a existence hand-to-mouth existence. 

Hue and cry: to make loud noise

Some people raise a hue and cry over trivial matters.

In a nutshell: concisely.

To put it in a nutshell, Mother Teresa is the symbol of kindness. 

In black and white: in writing 

All rules must be put down in black and white.

In spite of: even though

In spite of several failures he again decided to contest the elections.

In the long run: eventually

In the long run, communalism will break-up India. 

Nip in the bud: to stop something at the very beginning. 

The habit of smoking should be nipped in the bud.

Open secret: known to all.

That he drinks daily is an open secret.

Put out: stop a fire, extinguish 

The engulfing fire could not be put out due to strong winds. 

Take off: to start

Mr Jain’s plan of setting up a new factory failed to take off for want of local support.

To and fro: to and from

What is the train fare to and fro Calcutta and Guwahati?

To fall flat: to have no effect 

All my advice to my friend to stop drinking alcohol has fallen flat

To make up one’s mind: to decide

Ravi could not make up his mind about which college he should apply to. 

To take after: to resemble

Rakesh takes after his father.

Tooth and nail: with all might.

We should fight tooth and nail to remove terrorism from the land.

Turn down: to reject 

The extremist organisation turned down the government’s offer for peace.

Wear and tear: Loss and damage resulting from use. 

You should pay for the wear and tear of the machine.

Within a stone’s throw: very close byThe market is within a stone’s throw from my house.

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