Class 8 English Chapter 6 A New Day, A New Way

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SEBA Class 8 English Chapter – 6 A New Day, A New Way

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Class 8 English Chapter – 6 A New Day, A New Way Solution – ইংৰাজী, Assam Board All subjects are available on our website for your convenience, you can provide all the material in PDF format as well as you can download the button for all classes with one click. Class 8 English Chapter – 6 A New Day, A New Way Solution.

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A New Day, A New Way

Lesson – 6

1) Answer the following questions from the lesson :

a) Why was Seema upset ?

Ans:- Seema was upset because her salary was delayed and she needed money for swati’s school fees.

b) What did Swati suggest to her mother ?

Ans:- Swati tells her mother about a lady from an NGO who visited their school. She suggested to her mother that they could try some help from an NGO. 

c) What happened when Seema met the lady at the office of the NGO ?

Ans:- When Seema met the lady at the office and talked to her about setting up a small business. The lady took her to a large room where a group of women were stitching soft dolls.

d) What did the women of ‘Brave Mothers’ do ?

Ans:- The womens of ‘Brave Mothers’ was a self-help group. They offer vocational training in a variety of fields like toy making, embroidery, tailoring, culinary arts, mobile repairing and many more.

e) What was Seema interested in doing ?

Ans:- Seema was interested in doing culinary arts, because she loves cooking.

f) How did the NGO help Seema ?

Ans:- The NGO helped Seema by providing her free culinary arts training. Moreover, they assured that she would be given a loan amount to set up her own kitchen at home, and based on her performance, she would be assigned more customers. Since Seema needed money immediately, the lady also assured her that her loan would be sanctioned even before her training. A saving account would be opened in a bank in her name where she would be able to deposit her savings.

2) Check your comprehension.

Find out the meanings of the words in italics and select the correct answers from the options.

a) Seema looked at Swati’s calm and resolute face.

i) sad.

ii) adamant.

iii) brave.

iv) determined, firm.

Ans:- iv) determined, firm.

b) “I would like to choose culinary training as a vocation.”

i) tailoring.

ii) toy making.

iii) embroidery.

iv) cooking.

Ans:- iv) cooking.

c) Her heart brimmed with new dreams.

i) lacked.

ii) overflowed.

iii) loaded.

iv) exhausted.

Ans:- iii) loaded.

3) Here are some more words from the lesson.

Read the words in column A and find out their meanings in column B. Draw lines to match each word with its meaning.

(a) edge(i) put one’s arms around somebody to hold them tightly, especially to show deep love or liking.
(b) adored(ii) wrote something quickly
(c) jotted(iii) loved somebody very much
(d) hugged(iv) a raised design on a fabric
(e) embossed(v) the outside limit of an object, a surface or an area


(a) edge(i) the outside limit of an object, a surface or an area.
(b) adored(ii) loved somebody very much.
(c) jotted(iii) wrote something quickly.
(d) hugged(iv) put one’s arms around somebody to hold them tightly, especially to show deep love or liking.
(e) embossed(v) a raised design on a fabric.

4) Sit in groups. Each group will take up one of the following points for discussion. The leader of each group will present the answers to the class on behalf of the group :

a) What, according to you, are the qualities of a good daughter/good son ?

Ans:- A good daughter/good son always stands by his/her parents in need. He/She should always listen to their parents and always respect them. He/she should provide them with positive suggestions and encourage them not to be worried.

b) Do you think Swati is a good daughter ? Why do you think so ?

Ans:- Yes, I think Swati is a good daughter.

Swati is a mature girl who knows how to take responsibility for her mother. She cares for her mother so much she listens to her problem and stands by her side and tries to console her by showing the solution of the problem.

c) What are the good qualities you have that match with Swati’s ? (Each member will write his/her good qualities as a daughter/son. )

Ans:- As a son I always render help to my father in his work whenever I am free from school and my studies. And whenever I get time from homework I go to the kitchen and help my mother in making food. Also I talk about how mother’s day was today. 

d) What will you do to become a better daughter/son?

Ans:- I shall do my best to become a better daughter/Son. There are some qualities discuss below:-

(i) Always listen to parents and obey their words.

(ii) Try to finish homework as soon as possible and I help my parents with their work.

(iii) I understand their problem and financial conditions of my house.

(iv) To become a responsible child.

(v) Always respect and by creating a great bond with parents.

5) Let’s learn some grammar :

Look at the underlined words in the following sentences from the lesson.

“Seema Deka drew the window curtains of her living room. Without switching on the light, she sat on the edge of her bed, lost in thought.”

The underlined words on, of and in are prepositions. A preposition is a word usually placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to a place, time, cause, purpose or means. Here are some common types of prepositions. They denote

a) Place or position : e.g. in, on, at, over, under, above, below, behind, between, beyond.

i) The book is on the table.

ii) He is at school now.

b) Time : e.g. at, on, in, for, from……….to, since, during, till/until.

i) She will go to office in the morning.

ii) She sat there for three hours.

c) Cause : e.g. because of, on account of, from, out of, of.

i) The match had to be stopped because of the rain.

ii) Our school is closed on account of Bihu.

d) Purpose : e.g. for.

i) I am waiting for the taxi.

e) Means : e.g. by, with, on, in.

i) I go to school by bus.

ii) I will cut the cake with this knife.

Now fill in the blanks with the correct preposition from the choices given in brackets.

a) Seema was upset …………………………… the information. (with/in/by)

Ans:- by.

b) Swati told her ……………………………. a lady who lived here. (about/of/for)

Ans:- about.

c) She asked Seema to see the lady …………………………… her office. (on/at/by)

Ans:- at.

d) She was the boss ………………………….. the NGO. (for/by/of)

Ans:- of.

e) Swati goes to school ……………………….. bus. (by/on/with)

Ans:- by.

6) As you know, there are different ways of presenting the same idea.

Find a sentence in the text that has the same meaning as each of the following statements. The first one has been done for you.

a) She was very wise for her age, Seema thought. She looked so mature, Seema thought.

b) He had expired a few years ago ………………………………………………………………………..

Ans:- He passed away nearly five years ago.

c) Depending on Seema’s success, she would be given more work ………………………………………………………………………..

Ans:- Based on Seema’s performance she would be assigned more customers.

d) Her heart was filled with new hopes and desires ……………………………………………………………………………

Ans:- Her heart brimmed with new dreams.

7) Read the lesson carefully once again. Working with your partner, use the information given in it to design a signboard for the NGO ‘Brave Mothers’ which will be displayed near the gate.

Ans:- Brave Mothers (an NGO that makes women self-reliant)

A.T. Road, Guwahati.

8) This is the copy of a letter that Seema wrote to the Branch Manager of Assam Co-operative Milan Bank for the sanction of a loan. Read it.


The Branch Manager

Assam Co-operative Milan Bank

Naharguri, Assam

Data : 1 January 2019

Sub : Application for sanction of a loan amount of Rs 10,000/-


I have been a customer with your bank for over five years. I would like to apply for a personal loan of Rs 10,000/- to set up a catering business. I have done the necessary market survey and have submitted all the necessary documents.

I will be very grateful if you could sanction the loan at the earliest.

Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully.

Seema Deka

Now, write a similar letter to ‘Brave Mothers’ asking for a loan to set up your toy making business. Careful note how to begin and end a letter. Also note how the date, subject line and salutation are written.

Ans:- To

The Manager

Brave Mothers

Naharguri, Guwahati

Date : 5 January 2019

Sub :- Prayer for a loan.


I am a member of your esteemed NGO. I have been taking training in your NGO for 6 months. Now I would like to start my small toys business. Please grant me a Rs. 50000-/ loan to start my business. Market survey is done.

I will be very grateful if you could sanction the loan at the earliest.

Thank you, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Seema Deka.

9) In the lesson, Swati tells her mother that she would call up the NGO, ‘Brave Mothers’. She would seek help from the representative from the NGO who had visited her school to create awareness on “Entrepreneurship Development and Self Reliance” .

Now work in pairs. Imagine one of you is Swati’s mother and the other is the lady from ‘Brave Mothers’. Write a telephone conversation between Swati’s mother and the lady. Note down the conversation and enact it before the class.

Ans:- Swati’s mother :- Hello ! Good morning. Am I talking to ‘Brave Mothers’ ?

The lady :- Hello ! Good morning. Oh, yes, I am from ‘Brave Mothers’.

Swati’s mother :- I am Seema Deka. My daughter told me about you. You came to their school.

The lady :- Ok. Now tell me how I can help you.

Swati’s mother :- I wanted your help. Because I wanted to start a small business of tailoring.

The lady :- Well, then come to our office tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock to discuss in detail.

Swati’s mother :- Thank you, ma’am. I am coming to meet you tomorrow.

The lady :- Okay, Thank you.

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