Biography of Uddhab Bharali

Uddhab Bharali a familiar name become a familiar name not only in Assam but also in the country and abroad due to his talent, intelligence and wisdom. Padma Shri Uddhab Kumar Bharali has made a special contribution to the society through about a century and a half of technology innovations in his sincere efforts.

Biography of Uddhab Bharali

Biography of Uddhab Bharali

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NameUddhab Kumar Bharali[1]
Date of Birth7 April 1962
Place of BitrthNorth Lakhimpur
Age59 years
EducationJagannath Barooah College, Jorhat, Jorhat Engineering College
Awards1/ ‘Srishti Samman’ (2007) of the National Innovation Agency

2/ President’s Award for Innovation (2009),

3/ ‘Meritorious Invention Award’ (2011) of the Ministry of Science and Technology,

4/ Second prize in NASA’s ‘The Create the Future Design Contest’.

5/ Padma Shri Samman (Padma shri award, 2019) from the Government of India.

6/ ‘Jagruti 2019’ Won the ‘Roll Model Award’ for The Establishment of Indian Science at the All India      Festival.

7/ The title of “Technology-Ratna” of Assam Sahitya Sabha (2010)

Personal life

A person who has built the foundation of a new revolution is Uddhab Kumar Bharali. Bharali who is just busy with new innovation techniques has established a new ideal in the society. Born on April 7,1962 in North Lakhimpur, though Bharali lived a struggling life through hard work, teaching, Udhhab Bharali had an inquisitive mind since childhood by inventing many new new things.

However, like any other children, Bharali, who emerged in childhood, at maina parijat had a lot of control over the subjects of speech, arguments, etc. He always gets the first position in a casual/extempor speech. Apart from this, Bharali, who loved reading information-rich and mysterious books, read the book ‘Dasyu Bhaskar’s Pa-Fu Series’ in childhood. On the other hand he loved reading books as well as playing football during his childhood.

Bharali who started his education at Government Higher Secondary School in Lakhimpur studied at Jorhat Engineering College but could not complete the engineering course. On the other hand he subsequently enrolled in Institute of Engineers-Madras in Chennai but due to his father’s death he could not finish the course at the same time.

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Bharali, who went through poverty after his father’s death, invented a polythene making machine in 1988 to get rid of poverty through his innovative mind. The polythene manufacturing machine at that time was worth around Rs 7 lakh. But with his hard work, worth of Rs 67,000 he made a polythene manufactured machine.  

Later, Bharali invented a new technology for specially abled people to move around, eat and drink through which disabled people can themselves do what they need or want to do.

Uddhab Bharali invented Dheki(husking pedal) through which Bharali developed a close relationship with people.

He easily Designed Brick Making Machines to make strong bricks from cement. On the other hand he also invented machines that could Grow Rice Unconventionally. Apart from this, some of the machines he has built are Mini CTC Tea Plant, Betel Nut Skin Peeling Machine, Ginger Peeling Machine, Threshing Machine etc., are his popular innovation.

However, it was the Pomegranate Seeds Peeling Machine that he built in 2006 that brought him the first international recognition. Bharali won the second prize in NASA’s The Create the Future Design Contest for pomegranate seeds peeling machine (benchtop pomegranate de-seeder).

However, earlier in 2005, Bharali was met by the Ahmedabad-based National Innovation Agency (National Innovation Foundation) after receiving a connection with his innovations. In addition, Uddhab Bharali has been invited five times so far on the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) platform.

Significantly, the innovations of the emerging Bharali are designed to facilitate the lives of the general class of the society, for the people who are living a laborer life and the physically or mentally challenged people. It may be recalled that he has invented a Rice Plant Growth Machine for the farmer’s, A Threshing machine, A Green Tea Making Machine, A Banana Seed Separating Machine, Low Fuel Consumption for Poor People. In addition to inventing Fish Skin Peeling Machines, etc. Reusable Napkins for poor women.

Apart from these, Bharali has invented several equipment’s to help physically challenged people. He had also invented a tools for the handless people who can eat on their own without anyone’s help as well as tools that can perform toilet functions without the help of others and also made dental brushing equipment.

As of now about 40 patents are in the name of the innovation Bharali who has invented more than 154 devices. Not only has he invented various equipment’s but The Emerging Bharali has been imparting training in technology innovation to at least 50 students from different parts of the country and abroad every year. Through training he has continued to try to train for technology innovation to solve various problems related to real public life.  

He also served as Guest Director at the technology innovation training center of Dibrugarh University and Tezpur University, the leading Educational Institution in Assam, as well as several Indian Institutes of Technology (I. I. T.), I. I. E. Many other institutions like Guwahati have also given technology training to students.

The positive thing is that in parallel with innovation, he spent a part of his income on old age home and orphanages as well as to pay for education to many poor students, below the poverty line. He has introduced the human needy mind through activities such as family support, building equipment for the self-reliance of physically challenged people as well as financially supporting them as needed as a person. Importantly, he has managed an old age home with his complete personal efforts and with his own income. He has taken full care of about 25 families from different parts of Assam with his own income, giving about seven disabled people Rs 2500 monthly and about 10 widows have been helped by providing money monthly.

One of the burning examples of the humanity of the emerging Bharali is that Vasanta Kumar Deka of Noonmati in Guwahati lost his hands in an accident on a railway line in 2012. In 2014, when contacted to Uddhab Bharali, Bharali invented a tool for water uses while doing daily work as well as inventing tooth brushing, food-eating equipment and provided it to him.

The emerging Bharali who is regularly conducting research in various fields is continuing various research essays for disabled people to work. Other than this he is doing special research on the potential and effectiveness of various agricultural issues. He has also participated in various programmes as an innovator in different parts of the state and abroad.

Discovery channel approached Uddhab Bharali, which received the highest Padma Shri honor for innovation. Another international channel, History, also broadcast about his work as well as BBC World to make a Documentary on the basis of his life and work. He was given the title of “Technology Ratna” by the Assam Sahitya Sabha in 2010. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science (DSc) degree by Assam Agricultural University in 2014. Apart from these, he has been conferred with various honors at various times. Kaziranga University in 2018 offered a Prestigious Doctorate Degree to eminent innovator Uddhab Bharali.

The momentum has not stopped despite thousands of challenges. Bharali who gave every step of life positively has been taking life for granted since childhood. He also worked on all the challenges because of his great desire to do something since his school days. Life and hope for him are the head and tail of a coin. He loves to do something for others at every time, involving public happiness and lack of complaints.

The U K B Agrotech Research Center has set up a new platform in North Lakhimpur city to make life easier for the people who are leading an ordinary life.

Importantly, the innovations in the form of proposing to him have not been handed over to any other commercial company. Because doing this may not make it possible to get the tools invented in the hands of the common man at a lower price as it is today’ that is why he has rejected many proposals of large commercial establishments.

Uddhab Bharali, who is busy starting a work and getting busy till it is over, has also been able to work continuously for seventy-two hours (72 hours). The main mantra/slogan to work for the new generation, the emerging Bharali, which is very optimistic about the new generation, is ‘If you can do that, why not we’.


The life, work and goals of Uddhab Bharali are the capital of progress of social life. Overcoming the difficult challenges, it is very important that the new generation and every person in the society follows the emerging reality of being able to achieve in society and not by personal life, by ushering in a new revolution.   


1. When and where was Uddhab Bharali born?

Ans: He was born in 7 April 1962 at North Lakhimpur, Assam.

2. When he was awarded with Padma Shri Award?

Ans: He was awarded with Padma Shri Award in 2019.

3. When was he awarded a Honorary Doctorate from Assam Agriculture University?

Ans: He was awarded a Honorary Doctorate of Science (DSc) degree by Assam Agricultural University (AAU) in 2014.

4. When he was awarded with SRISTI Samman/Award?

Ans: He was awarded with SHRISTI Samman/Award in 2006.

5. When he was given the title of “Technology Ratna” and by whom?

Ans: He was given the title of “Technology Ratna” by the Assam Sahitya Sabha in 2010.

6. When did Uddhab Bharali invented Polythene making machine and why?

Ans: He invented a polythene making machine in 1988 to get rid of poverty.

7. Name some of the inventions of Uddhab Bharali?

Ans: Some of the inventions of Uddhab Bharali are- Polythene Making Machine, Invented Machines that could Grow Rice Unconventionally, Mini CTC Tea Plant, Betel Nut Skin Peeling Machine, Ginger Peeling Machine, Threshing Machine, Dheki (husking pedal), Pomegranate Seeds Peeling Machine etc.

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