NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 3 Deep Water

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NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 3 Deep Water

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Chapter: 3




Q. 1. How did the instructor turn Douglas into a swimmer?

Ans. The instructor started working with Douglas five days a week, an hour daily. He put a belt around Douglas. A rope was attached to the belt that went through a pulley, running on an overhead cable. The instructor held on the end of the rope. He taught Douglas to put his face under water and exhale, and to raise his nose and inhale. Repetition of exercises and practise under the careful supervision of the instructor turned Douglas into a good swimmer.

Q. 2. How did Douglas make sure that he conquered the old terror?


How did the instructor make Douglas a good swimmer?


How did Douglas finally get rid of his fear he had of water?

Ans. The instructor piece by piece built Douglas a swimmer and told him that he could swim, dive off and crawl stroke. When Douglas tried and swam the length up and down, small traces of the old terror of the pool would return. He was not sure that all the terror had left. So he went to Lake Wentworth, dived at Triggs Island, swam two miles across the lake to Stamp Act Island. He swam and had different stroks. Once he was in the middle of the lake and put his face under water he saw nothing but bottomless water, he was overpowered by terror. He had to say, “Well Mr. Terror! What do you think? What can you do to me?”

At his first opportunity he hurried west and swam across the Warm Lake and back. He shouted with joy. Now he was sure that he had conquered his fear of water.

Q. 3. Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of water?


Why was Douglas keen to overcome his fear of water?


How did Douglas’s misadventure at the YMCA pool affect his later life?


How did the incident at the YMCA pool affect Douglas?


What effects did Douglas make to get over his fear for water?

Ans. After his misadventure in the pool, Douglas wanted to get into the waters of the cascades but the old fear overpowered him. His legs would become paralysed and icy terror would grab his heart. He could not enjoy the sports games like canoeing, boating and swimming. He tried to get rid of this fear yet it held him in its firm grip. So he decided to get over his fear of water by engaging an instructor.

Q. 4. How did Douglas feel and do when he was pushed into the swimming pool?


What were the series of emotions and fears that Douglas experienced when he was thrown into the pool? What plans did he make to come to the surface?


When Douglas realised that he was sinking how did he plan to save himself?


Why did Douglas fail to come to the surface of the pool as he hoped to?

Ans. William Douglas was thrown into the pool by a muscular boy. He got frightened but did not lose his wits. He was suffocating and grew panicky. The nine-feet deep pool looked like ninety feet deep. He thought to blab to the surface like a cork but he moved slowly. In the end he made a plan to come up to the surface by making a big jump when his feet touched the bottom. He came up slowly. He saw water everywhere. He felt paralysed and grew panicky. He cried but all in vain.

Q. 5. What is the “misadventure” that William Douglas speaks about?


Write briefly about the misadventure William Douglas had?


How did Douglas’s experience at YMCA pool affect him?

Ans. At the age of ten or eleven William O.  Douglas decided to learn and swim at the Y. M.C.A. pool because it was only two or three feet deep at the shallow end. He had an aversion to the water but he felt comfortable when he paddled with his new water wings in the water. One day he went to the pool when no one else was there. He was waiting for others to come. Then there came a big bruiser of a boy and yelled; “Hi, skinny! How’d you like to be ducked?” With that he picked Douglas and tossed him into the deep end. He landed in a sitting position, swallowed water and went at once to the bottom. He feared to be drowned. This misadventure caused a last of trouble to Douglas.

Q. 6. This experience created a haunting fear in Douglas. What is the experience?


How did the near drowning experience at the pool affect Douglas?

Ans. He feared water and whenever he went back to the pool, terror seized him. A slightest exertion upset him. He avoided water as far as he could. As and when he tried to enter water, the stark fear would seize him. His legs became paralysed and icy terror would grab his heart.

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